We are solar ready, almost!



We have had twenty solar panels installed on our roof and all we have to do now is getting the energy provider to connect it to the grid via our meter box. Oddly enough the company that is supplying  me the electricity now wants me to supply them with the number of the meter box, so that they can make the connection.

Fair enough, you would not want the connection and the benefits of solar energy go to some other meter box and customer. It still begs why they are asking me for the number when they are the ones sending me the quarterly bill, and they obviously do that by reading the meter box in order to bill me for the usage of the electricity.

This is what the energy company sent me and I quote;”

AGL has received your request for the solar meter alteration at the above address, however, the following amended documents are required for the work to proceed:
  •     Kindly provide us NMI number for further process your request.” unquote.

For a lay person to make sense of this is asking a bit much. For a start; they don’t explain what NMI is. I sleuthed the AGL website and to their credit they do have a ‘chat’  facility in which you get the opportunity to ask questions. ‘The NMI is the number of the meter box specific to your account’ I was chatted to. Hallelujah. I was given my meter box number which I gave back to my AGL service provider who gave me the number in the first place. And yet they asked me to give them the number!

The world often is a lot of fun and even though it doesn’t at times pass the logic test, at least it amuses us.

Here is a serious bit of satire. Adult language!


20 Responses to “We are solar ready, almost!”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Does the power generated by your panels remain at your residence, or is it fed to a ‘pool’ and then redistributed? I’ve read that there’s not a 1-1 correspondence in some areas of our country; people install the panels thinking they’ll get the full benefit, and then discover the power they generate is being shared. I really don’t know much about it.

    However! I am now all up to speed with the NMI. I found this nice, clear online article. If I’m ever living in Australia and need to switch power providers or question my bill, I’ll know where to get my NMI!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Linda. Each of our ten townhouses (villas) have own meter boxes but all in the one space which makes reading by the meter-man an easier task. So my solar energy won’t be shared around.

      I thought you would snoop around the NMI query and trust you to solve it all the way from Texas! I have to laugh now. No one will put it over you I guess.

      I still haven’t been connected to the grid but I wait in anticipation. I can see on my converter how much electricity is being generated at any given time. A little green light shows the wattage/voltage in numbers which changes constantly depending on the fierceness of the son, overhanging clouds. The converter is in my garage, so I keep popping in there to check it.

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  2. janesmudgeegarden Says:

    We have sixteen panels on our roof and recently realised that after six years of solar power we have recouped only a tiny percentage of the outlay. I doubt we’ll recoup all of it in the time we have left to live. Unfortunately the paltry amount of money per kw we get from selling back to the grid doesn’t go very far towards reducing costs. You might be better off than us with a smaller house ( I think you downsized), more panels and one person using electricity.
    I remain quite happy that we put the panels on the roof because it makes me feel we’re doing something for the environment.

    It seems to me that climate change is something that has been quietly slipping under the government radar since the pandemic took hold. Or should I say, they’ve been letting it slip? Convenient!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, I have heard disappointing numbers of solar returns too. Also good reports.

      I was told to run appliances during the day and when the sun is out. I never use, dish washer, (the plastic is still on the door) nor cloth dryer, or do any ironing and have instant gas hot water. I don’t often bake or use electric oven. But, the largest user of electricity is the air conditioner which I use from 6am till 11pm. My quarterly bill hovers around the $350.- or so and a similar amount in gas bill.
      I was told by Origin Energy who were the solar installers I should save about $ 250.- per quarter. with a time period of 5-6 years to return initial costs of $ 6000.-

      Of course , we too have a Trumpist type of Government who don’t want to to hear about climate change and are at full speed encouraging the coal and gas industry. We are about the worst loafers when it comes to encouraging electric cars or paying a more reasonable rate for solar export from homes into the grid.

      Even so, I feel good about the solar.


  3. Forestwood Says:

    Isn’t it always typically ironic?

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, The horse and carriage crowd are still in control with a few flat-earthers sticking around as well.

      Isn’t it shameful that Dutton now wants to pass a bill taking mobile phones away from refugees locked up in indefinite detention camps. What next, take away their spectacles, shoes?

      What does this remind me of?


      • Forestwood Says:

        Indeed, Gerard. It does sound very familar to the middle 20th century megalomaniac’s policy. Taking away their only means of communication with the outside world and loved ones is completely shameful and will lead to more damaged human beings and pain. Control is at the heart of what he wants. I was just told by someone who lives in his electorate that he has two black SuV’s with bodyguard/minders escorting him everywhere he goes. Little wonder – he is hated with justification.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Yes, he must just lay awake thinking up new plans on how to punish the most vulnerable.


  4. leggypeggy Says:

    Isn’t red tape grand/

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  5. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    UGHS on red tape!
    GREAT vid!
    And so so SO good to see Milo! He brings the joy! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Be interested to hear how your solar panels work out, Gerard. PS, I don’t have a lot of faith in traditional power companies. Loved the video. My best to Filo. –Curt

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  7. rangewriter Says:

    And around and round we go. Great vid.

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  8. petspeopleandlife Says:

    I have seen this same sort of redundancy right here in good old Texas. I am thinking that it is on my computer generated form for pre check in for a physician’s office visit. I must admit that when ever I find something to be redundant, it tends to make me question my own sanity. I hope all your electric matters are sorted out before long.

    Solar panels would not work for my home because there is too much shade. But I am sure if one has a home with few trees the benefits would be good- eventually. The panels are not cheap that is for sure.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Everything is now in place, Ivonne. The next item will be getting the bill. That will show that the proof is in the pudding. But at the moment they charge me more than twice for electricity that I get delivered through my wires than what I put back through the solar panels.
      The governments are of course out to support the big boys in town and think nothing of shafting the voters.
      I know that I can’t change the government but at least I can prevent governments changing me.
      All the best Ivonne. You are a wonderful supporter and have been for many years. Thank you.

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      • petspeopleandlife Says:

        You are most welcome, Gerard. I do like reading your posts and I feel like I am the winner because I learn about an environment and way of life that, even though it is similar to the USA, it is still different. And I do enjoy your writing style.


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