How to apply for garbage bins.

IMG_0933garbage binsIn the past before modernity took hold, society had no garbage. Everything was used and the words of ‘rubbish’ and ‘garbage’ were yet to be invented. The closest words to describe those items were perhaps ‘left-overs, or too much yarn or cloth, manure, sand, water and so more’. There was no plastic during the era of Siberian mammoths or indeed the Chinese clay warriors.

Plastic came about during the cultures of MacDonald’s quarter pounds, Coca Cola and many  Peter Duttons. Even the salami slices, and simple sausages are now vacuum packed or, as is the case of screws or hardware, packed in such sturdy plastic one risks cutting fingers trying to free those items from plastic.

In any case, no matter how we turn towards trying to minimise rubbish, most households now depend on a weekly garbage collection. I had to apply to council for my bins. No simple matter. You can’t just amber up go to the Shire Chambers and apply to get bins. No, it took four pages to arduously fill in to give  information. This is then given to Domestic Waste Services to mull over.

I hope I get approved and receive the bins. Please keep fingers crossed.

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  1. Big M Says:

    The council adjacent to ours tried to go back to fortnightly collection of rubbish, as they collect recycling and green waste, as well as offering free composting kits for households. There was an an outcry. Why? The baby nappies (diapers) in the bin will stink before the fortnight is up. I, stupidly. suggested that parents of young babies go back to processing cloth nappies the old fashioned way. Hence the effluent from the child goes into the sewerage system. There was an outcry against me. How did I expect parents of two or three children to find the time to process so much waste? Did I lack empathy? I replied that I had managed to work full time and process cloth nappies for three children. No reply

    Meanwhile the same facebbookers are berating households for not using seaweed based scourers or bamboo tooth brushes.

    Good luck with the bins. I’m sure there’ll be a wait!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, they make it very complicated. There is a form that you get on-line. You have to fill it in (on-line) then, print it (online), scan it (on line) and then e-mail it back to council. (on-line)
      The forms are not interactive which means you can’t fill it in and return it on-line. Very complicated. I nearly gave up sobbing with rage.

      You get a menu of the different bins; Red lidded, Green lidded, Black lidded. Then a mixture of different coloured bins. And then you have different sizes of bins. Large 80L, Very large 240L

      And that’s not all, you then have to choose a weekly collection or fortnightly. This involves a lot of maths because you get rated at different prices for different sizes and different frequencies of collecting.

      Oh, I could go on forever Big M. I bet a lot of couples end up fighting because of garbage-bin stress.

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  2. leggypeggy Says:

    Good heavens, a long time to wait. Good luck.

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  3. Robert Parker Says:

    Domestic Time-Wasting Service. If you have pizza boxes, Chinese food containers, even McDonald’s styrofoam clamshells, that’s all foreign to Australia – – maybe you can apply to the International Waste Services for quicker action. Sheesh, in my village, the process for recycling bins is: you go to the office, and ask for them, and they give them to you. The big rolling bins for garbage, there is a charge, but they’ll drop them off that afternoon.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Oh, don’t worry Robert. We do have a fairly good collection system. It is just difficult to get it going for the first time. It is sub-contracted out to private contractors and they drive maniacally in order to cut time and make some money.

      On collection day all the bins are lined up along the kerbs, like expecting brides waiting for future husbands to turn up. It is like a large wedding party. Sometimes when there are cars competing for the space the bins are not collected which is a real disappointment for the owners.

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  4. auntyuta Says:

    Gerard, since you have lived in your new place for a while already, I wonder, how you managed so far without any bins?

    I assume, you have a compost bin? We have a compost bin and also a worm farm. Both have been going since 1994 when we moved into our present home!

    For recycling paper, glass bottles, cans and certain plastics the council gave us a bin with a yellow lid as soon as we moved in in 1994. This stuff gets collected by the council once a fortnight.

    We also have a ‘green’ bin provided by the council that gets collected once a fortnight. The green bin is for garden refuse and has a green lid.

    Our very small garbage bin gets collected on a weekly basis: One fortnight together with the recycling bin, the other fortnight with the green bin.

    We usually end up with very little garbage, so that our small garbage bin is never very full. Any bones or left-over meaty things we don’t put into the bin straight away, but collect it in a little plastic bag in the freezer. This frozen stuff then ends up in our little garbage bin on collection day. We believe, this avoids bad smell in our bin as much as possible.

    This coming Sunday we hope to get some visitors for Fathers Day. This is going to make a Happy Day for us. Dear Gerard, we wish you a Happy Fathers Day too! 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, I do compost by throwing scraps around the plants. So far no mice yet! The bins are for next door which I am letting.

      It is a long story but when Helvi died my pension was taken away. The Government figured I had assets beyond the amount that allows a pension. Luckily it did not effect my Dutch pension. In fact, I received a letter of condolences after Helvi passed away from the Dutch social services.

      None forthcoming from Australian Government though, except a curt and cold letter informing me I was no longer entitled to a pension.

      So, I now get an income from the place next door which should see me out. I live frugally and wisely, still enthusiastic about things.

      How about you two? Hopefully you will have some good times together.
      Thank you for the Father’s day wishes. I forgot totally about that but it explains now why Aldi all of a sudden has a lot of shaving gear and man’s perfumery. Good heavens, what next?

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    • auntyuta Says:

      Thank you for asking, Gerard. As you know, Peter has been in and out of hospital recently, but always only for brief periods. That he always could be sent back home, is really a blessing. But he is going through some extremely difficult times, no doubt about it. Still, there are moments, when he can still enjoy life. Also, it is very important for both of us, that we can still be together. 🙂

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  5. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Got all my crossable parts crossed for you!

    Hope you get the bins soon! Keep us updated!

    When we moved to our house they gave us three huge bins that look like the ones in your photo…all different colors…one was for trash, one for recyclables, and one for tree, grass, etc, trimmings. Of course, we pay rentals on them monthly.

    I remember as a little girl we had the metal trash cans with lids. And parents would get upset when the trash cans or lids got dented. 😮

    HUGS and PATS and RUBS for you and Milo!!! 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, the metal ones were the best and we just had one per family. I remember seeing a very good music and dance show which used metal garbage drums.
      There is just so much stuff. Going to restaurants and clubs, those massive meals of which often the patrons only eat half. Such a waste of food.
      No wonder we now have multiple trash bins. Some are so big one could live in them or use as a holiday cottage.

      Rubs and hugs to you too, Carolyn.

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  6. shoreacres Says:

    In truth, metal outperforms plastic when it comes to such bins: at least, in the country, where everything from raccoons to coyotes to who-knows-what wants a look inside. But new forms of collection have made the plastic more practical, so plastic it is.

    I hear rumors of dissatisfaction with the waste collection services in our town from time to time, but I have a different sort of system. Every apartment here has an individual trash container. If we put it out before 8 a.m., the staff comes around and collects it for us, Monday through Friday. We’re free to tote it to the large compacter ourselves, which I do from time to time on the weekend, but otherwise it’s part of the regular service. There always are some who don’t follow the rules, and they get notes from management. If they persist, fines will follow. It’s a rather nice system, actually.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, garbage collecting is a huge business. Australia was selling its garbage to Indonesia till they found out that our garbage had bad soiled nappies mixed in with the rubbish. The Australian rubbish was used by Indonesians as fuel to fire ovens in which they made tofu.

      Keen journalists caught onto it and made public the scandal of Australia offloading its rubbish to a poor country who then burned and polluted their already impoverished environment very badly.

      My trash bin has a colour that gets collected fortnightly, but not any fortnight, no, it has to be a specific day when the bins with the yellow lids get collected as well. It all has to be synchronized now.

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