The way forward to a more rounder and softer future.


Etching by G. Oosterman

It seems hard to believe but the past is so much larger than the future. Joining the army or the police force is now definitely off my agenda. From my previous abode in Bowral I used to see a large crane helping to build a new hospital. I could have been a crane driver, but that did never eventuate. Mind you, I did work on swinging stages on multi story buildings and was lucky not to suffer from fear of heights, and it paid well.

Each day that crane almost towers over me when meeting my new friends at the cricket park where we queue for a coffee first before sneaking round the back to sit in the grandstand. It is a very sunny grandstand. There are many chairs whose seats are spring-loaded and of a faded green that I think might well have something to do with the game of cricket. Perhaps it helps the patrons seated on those chairs to see the cricket ball clearer as that has a dark reddish-brown colour. A matter of contrasts perhaps to the chairs? The spring loaded part gets a bit snappy and for those with the male propagation equipment it calls for some caution when getting up. One doesn’t want to be tethered to the seat of a chair that is bolted to concrete.

Six months have passed. Living on my own has been painful but also rewarding in that I am still alive. It surprises me daily. If grief was capable of causing mortal wounds I would surely have died many times over. On the contrary, I am now having moments of great happiness and joy as well as those on the opposite scale of feelings. I feel, therefore I am, even sometimes catch the sound of laughter coming forth just like that. The miracle of friendship with others and especially during the lockdown has been a blessing and will be treasured. Overcoming has been successful, so grateful!

Not only laughter springing forward but thoughts about a friendship of the more intimate nature. Would that still be possible? Care has to be taken not to assume that things are still the same as before. It has been noticed for a while that the awakening in the mornings, and situated underneath the doona, are not so gloriously filled and swollen as used to be in the past.  I can hear a refrain from those from the so lovely and more softly endowed opposite or female gender; ‘It is not important, there is more to life or love than your stupid state of tumescence on your awakening.’ Yes, that is true, but even when faced with mortality getting closer, I am not totally sex-dead yet. I still get twinges and even suffer (at infrequent times) thoughts of a clearsighted sexual clarity and vividness that can be utterly mouth-watering. Perhaps I am bragging, in truth my sexual clarity would probably be pretty meek and limp towards the need for a hug and a kiss more than anything.

Even so, I am now giving vent to thoughts of romance and a possibility no matter how faint and ridiculous, in trying to find a person of the softer, rounder and more opposite, nubile sex that can forgive and put up with a less than mouth-watering male.  We shall see. I am no Ferrari with twelve cylinders, more of a smoky Goggomobil with worn out rings. You have to be attracted to the simple things in life. (like men)

Goggomobil 250 Limousine.jpg

Just in case!


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33 Responses to “The way forward to a more rounder and softer future.”

  1. lifecameos Says:

    You are doing well, thinking of moving on.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, moving on is the only way. No good waiting forever at the bus stop when one gets offered a hike on the back of a Harley Davison.
      I like your poetry and hereby post one here..

      A Bumper Crop

      May 7, 2020| lifecameos|poetry mandarin tree birds|

      A cool wet summer
      expelled our usual drought
      to the disgust of those
      preferring baking
      temperatures, bright blue
      skies, blazing sunshine.

      Now in icy winter
      the neighbours’ mandarin
      tree at our fence
      surprises us with a
      heavy crop of little
      juicy orange citrus gems.

      It used to sprout these
      little fruits randomly under
      its leafy canopy. Green leaves
      would quiver, flip upside down
      as green silvereyes dived into
      its orange clusters for a
      succulent feast of insects
      and irridescent ladybugs.

      Now the silvereyes shelter
      from icy winds and freezing
      rain while we harvest this
      bumper crop as best we can.

      Previously posted July 2017.

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  2. DisandDat Says:

    If I tell you to keep it up it will have at least two meanings !

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  3. auntyuta Says:

    This Goggomobil is a nice little car. Unfortunately it is not being produced any more, or is it?

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  4. freefall852 Says:

    Little dreams of a moth.

    I have little dreams,
    They are quiet and shy.
    I dream of primrose days
    And the patterned wings of butterflys…

    Sometimes I dream of thee,
    And sometimes I dream of us,
    But come the Primrose light of day
    My dreams fall back to dust.

    But when next I lay abed,
    Eyes clos’d by night’s velvet glove,
    Return to me quiet dreams,
    My shy dreams..
    My dreams of sylth’n love.

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  5. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Ha! Yes. Honestly, in my life, the simple things (men) are the best things. 🙂
    Wonderful write, Gerard. I smiled. I giggled. I sighed.
    I am so glad you are still alive. I would bet Helvi wants you to be not just alive, but finding joy in each day…looking forward to day ahead. 🙂
    I wish you THE bestest softest roundest future ever! 🙂 Take one day at a time! Enjoy the adventures ahead!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PATS and RUBS to Milo! 🙂
    PS…I always enjoy when you post your artwork!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      So glad you smiled. It is the best reward and always makes my day. Thank you, Carolyn. How are you travelling?
      I do dream at times of softness and some roundness but don’t want to exclude slimness either because even a skinny female has kindness, softness and generosity.
      I should not talk about roundness as I am very slim. People walk into me and say; ‘sorry, I did not see you.’

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      • doesitevenmatter3 Says:

        I’m doing well! Thank you for asking!
        I am so very grateful for all the good people and good things in my life. So appreciative to be able to self-isolate in safety and comfort. 🙂

        Sorry people walk into you 😮 , but that got a giggle from me! 😀

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Yes, the self isolating is not good for dating. I suppose one could blow kisses and keep distance but physical closeness usually ignites the spark to future dates.
        I don’t want to get smacked though.

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  6. Curt Mekemson Says:

    “I am no Ferrari with twelve cylinders…” Laughing. Single men are in high demand, or so I have heard, Gerard. Nothing wrong with a little longing or fun. And even more, companionship. –Curt

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Single men might be in high demand but one has to be so careful. One wrong move and she might press charges and the next thing I might get slung into the paddy wagon. Could the longing be better than the reality?
      I do want to make morning’s coffee for a nice woman and make her chicken curry which might bring tears to her eyes. (if I use enough chilli)


  7. janesmudgeegarden Says:

    So funny, Gerard, you can advertise yourself on one of those websites as having a GSOH! I think you’re doing so well and surely you’ll find a softer rounder future before too long.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes Jane. You are so kind and your words gives me hope. I had to go to Google to discover GSOH.
      I don’t have much self confidence and or experience in dating. Do you shake hands or give flowers and what about when they say yes to something? Should I tell them to think it over?

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  8. berlioz1935 Says:

    Gerard we saw a French movie in which a widower went on a dating site and made contact with a younger woman. But he send a boyfriend of his daughter to met her and so on it was hilarious. I think Uta wrote a block about it.

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  9. petspeopleandlife Says:

    I figured it was a matter of time before you felt the need for female companionship. I hope you find the right lady who will not take advantage of you- yes, I mean that literally and figuratively. Stay safe from the virus and I happy to know that you are laughing again and have made new friends.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Don’t worry. There have been so many exposures on TV about love gone wrong by scammers. As soon as money is mentioned by a suitor you will see me running towards Central railway clutching my wallet. It is the banana skin in many a future love disaster.
      There is nothing as pathetic as chagrined looking elderly men walking with much younger ( and shorter) women.

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  10. leggypeggy Says:

    Hoping you find some good companionship. Goggomobils have a lot going for them.

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  11. auntyuta Says:

    Mr Stein Goes Online / Un profil pour deux (2017) – Trailer (English Subs)

    “Pierre, a retired widower, hasn’t left his house in two years. He discovers the joys of the Internet thanks to Alex, a young man hired by Pierre’s daughter to teach him computer basics. On a dating site, a gorgeous young woman, flora63, seduced by Pierre’s romanticism, suggests they meet. Pierre, in love, starts living again. But his profile sports a photo of Alex and not of him. Pierre must convince Alex to meet Flora in his stead.”

    Gerard, Peter and I recommend this movie. It might give you some hints! 🙂

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  12. freefall852 Says:

    Well, Gerard…some men have been known to wait a lifetime to have that special moment they dreamed of in their youth…


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