Helvi from Finland has passed away.

It’s with a heavy heart that am now telling you that my dearest Helvi has passed away on the 29th of October at 6pm. The next day was going to be our wedding anniversary! We married in 1965.

She blew her last breaths on our bed and at home. A few day before she was begging me to get her out of the hospital. We shared our most loving moments declaring our undying love for each other.

Those last few days will for sure sustain me for the rest of my life.  They are now a a beautiful garden of memories. Helvi was always good at gardening.




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65 Responses to “Helvi from Finland has passed away.”

  1. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Oh no, Gerard, I am so very sorry about your dear sweet Helvi. I am in shock. The love of your life, so sweet, and so talented and filled with a zest for life. It is not fair, dear God. I know that memories will sustain. Sending warm thoughts.

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  2. freefall852 Says:

    My deepest, deepest sympathy, Gerard…

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  3. Yvonne Says:

    Oh, Gerard, our hearts break, along with yours. You had a very special woman in your Helvi. May you find some solace in the loving memories of her and your life together.

    Your news was like a blow to my soul, you must be devastated. Love to you and Milo.

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  4. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Oh, no, Gerard! 😦 I am so very very very sorry to hear this. I am so shocked and saddened. I can’t even imagine how devastated you are . 😦
    Beautiful Helvi! I know you will miss her every moment of every day. I hope you can find peace in the beautiful memories you shared with her over the amazing 54+ years you lived and loved.
    She will always be with you in heart, mind, and spirit.
    (((HUGS))) and ❤ to you
    PATS and ❤ to little Milo

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  5. Julia Lund Says:

    Dear Gerard,
    I am so very sorry to read this. I send you love along with my deepest condolences.

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  6. Jane Says:

    Dear Gerard, I haven’t ‘known’ you long, but I have so enjoyed reading about the life you shared with Helvi, and I am so very shocked and sorry to read this devastating post.
    I am sending you the warmest thoughts at this sad time and I hope that your wonderful memories will help to sustain you. Jane

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  7. berlioz1935 Says:

    Dearest Gerard,

    the suddenness of Helvi’s passing came as a great shock to us. Please accept our deepest condolences. Uta and I, we still can’t believe it. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    Peter and Uta

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  8. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    Dearest Gez

    Please accept our deepest condolences.

    No words.

    Love from Emm and FM.

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  9. Angela de Groote Says:

    Dear Gerard, Helvi’s idyllic garden at Rivendell helped inspire my love of gardening. She also inspired me as a woman and I feel lucky I got to meet her. To me she seemed to possess such a unique blend of composure, passion, intelligence, kindness, warmth, contemplation and strength. The kindness you both showed to a lonely young pregnant woman tucked up in the bush around the riverbend is something I always hold dear. Thinking of you, your family and Milo, Angela de Groote.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Those 14 years on the farm at Rivendell were wonderful years. We often dwelled on that period and remembered you and John with great fondness. Our three grandsons will forever remember ‘life on the farm’. with Oma and Opa.
      Helvi was such a special woman. You are so right. Thank you Angela.


  10. Mark Says:

    Sadness overcomes me Gerard at this terrible news. Love from Hung and Tutu.

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  11. shoreacres Says:

    I can’t keep away the tears, Gerard. I’m so sorry. I’m sending great love with my condolences — there just are no words.

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  12. Robert Parker Says:

    I am so sorry, my deepest sympathy

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  13. algernon1 Says:

    Oh Gez, I’m deeply upset to hear this news. My deepest sympathy. Algy.

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  14. jennypellett Says:

    Sending you love and deepest sympathy from across the world, dear Gerard. I’m so very sorry.

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  15. Big M Says:

    Gerard, so sorry to hear this.

    Love from ark and Bernadette.

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  16. lifecameos Says:

    I am so so so sorry to read of Helvi’s passing, i have been following your blog for a few years now and she was very much part of you and the blog. Her passing leaves a great void even though I never met her. May she rest in peace. may you have plenty of support from friends and family in the day to come.

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  17. GP Cox Says:

    I know words do not fill the void which you feel right now, but know that I am here, should you wish to talk.

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  18. stuartbramhall Says:

    Gerard, I’m so terribly sorry. My thoughts are with you.

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  19. vivienne29 Says:

    Dear Gerard, so sorry to hear this. I know how much you love Helvi.

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  20. bkpyett Says:

    I have just read your post and was so pleased that you and Helvi spent the last few days at home together. Thank you for sharing this special journey together and I’m sure you’ll continue to feel her presence. Surrounding you in white light and love, Barbara

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  21. Lilith Says:

    Oh Gerard,.I am so sorry to read of Helvi’s passing. My thoughts are with you at this sad time Warm regards,.Jan

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  22. catterel Says:

    That is such sad news. I am very sorry to read that Helvi is no longer here, though forever in your heart. My very deepest sympathy, Gerard.

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  23. elisabethm Says:

    So sad to hear this horrible news, Gerard! I wish you sterkte!

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  24. rangewriter Says:

    Oh Gerard, I am so sorry to read this beautiful horrible words. I can’t even imagine how you get through each day with this enormous hole in your heart. A virtual hug is no enough.

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  25. freefall852 Says:

    Still here for you Gerard…

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  26. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Yes, we just want you to remember we are still here with love, condolences, and (((hugs))) for you, Gerard. So many people care about you.

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  27. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    Oh Gerard, I’m so sad for you. You have been such a loving couple and told us all so much about your darling Helvi, that she is very real to us still. Please accept hugs, sympathy and warmth from me although they have to travel across oceans to reach you.

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  28. J.Chron.Ltt.&Sci. [JCR] Says:

    Reblogged this on Journey Chronicle in Letters and Science.

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  29. Brothers Campfire Says:

    I am sorry for your loss.

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  30. leggypeggy Says:

    Oh dear Gerard, I don’t know how I missed this post. So sad to hear of Helvi’s death but think it was wonderful that she could be at home with you. One of these days we must drive to Bowral and take you out for a meal.

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  31. rod Says:

    I was very sorry to hear this, albeit late in the day.
    (I have been out of circulation for a couple years).
    You have made it clear what a wonderful woman Helvi was,
    and remains with you in your mind.

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