Gentle rain and Islamophobia.

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Jessica Whelan with Australia Prime Mister, Scott Morrison.

Our garden is getting a whisper of rain, gentle caressing the leaves and growing grasses quenching their thirst after a long and hot summer. The sky above is grey and coloured  lead with the promise of more to come. I can’t say that I dislike rain. It lifts the spirit of future growth and beckons the first of spring growth already noticeable amongst the withering Japanese windflowers. They are the Irises’ spikes that appeared  overnight when I wasn’t looking. We are having a most unusual autumn that so far has been more like a summer.

Between the gazing at our patch of growing and withering garden, and with the Manchurian pear now serious in dropping their crimson gold-leaf edged  foliage I undertook the task of cleaning our windows. It is not my most favourite domestic task which still is cooking of food. Mind you, with all the medical appointments, root canal treatment, hearing tests and cardiac investigations, we are now more likely to eat out somewhere. It seems appetites too get less with age, and with a lunch- out we might just forego a cooked dinner and instead have a salad with a piece of fish backed up by some crackers with Boursin before the comforting embrace by doona with pillow.

I have discovered that the spraying of the windows by the blue glass cleaner and wiping the glass with a soft cloth does a much better and quicker job than using the window wiper and bucket of water. Helvi swears I should not wash the windows with a sun bearing down on the glass. I refute that claim and reckon it is just an old house-wife’s tale. I proved it by blatantly (without further ado) cleaning a set of double glass doors in the full sun and they looked so sparklingly clean afterwards. No ovation from Helvi though. Does ageing make for better marital accords or do we become more entrenched in our believes, including prejudices?

Talk about radicalisation of our politicians. Who is responsible of the radicalisation of so many politicians who vent their hatred of Islam. We had this dreadful act of terrorism in New Zealand, killing 51 people and injuring hundreds, all of the Islamic fate… And yesterday the rant of a Liberal candidate in Tasmania. I am talking of Jessica Whelan.

Here some of the anti-Islam comments she made on Twitter and Facebook. “Round them up Donald, cut their clitoris’ off & sell them to Muslims in Muslim countries & cancel their passports. You’ll make a mint,” it stated.

Here another one of Jessica Whelan posts.

One called for a national vote on banning Muslim immigration and the other argued Tasmania should not accept refugees from Syria and Iraq. “Don’t bloody send them to Tasmania. We don’t want them,” it said.

And then there were those two men from One Nation Party, Pauline Hanson, who ventured to America to wax favours with the NRA in order be ‘donated money’  from the NRA in order to weaken Australia’s very effective gun laws while also making derogatory comments about Sudanese refugees raping and clubbing ‘decent’ Australians.

The question has to be asked who radicalised those politicians into this dreadful Islamophobic stance? Was it Dutton or Abbot with a nudge nudge from our PM Scott Morrison? It doesn’t come from nowhere. Who is behind it all and is it being investigated?

It seems the Liberal Party is riddled with Islamophobics and hatred.

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18 Responses to “Gentle rain and Islamophobia.”

  1. lifecameos Says:

    Yuk ! To put it politely. Another victim of the Christchurch shootings has just died after seven weeks in hospital and several operations. Our New Zealand racist underbelly continues its sneaky attacks on Muslims, Maori, Asians, etc etc etc.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I don’t know where New Zealand’s underbelly of racism stems from. Perhaps it starts with the English way of education with sledging and bullying a major feature, which later on grows into attacking anything that is a bit strange or different.

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      • lifecameos Says:

        Could well be. A few academics who study the white supremacists say that in common with other western countries, our white supremacists include many white men who are unemployed, poorly educated, socially adrift from their families, and especially young men under forty. For long time they were anti semitic.. Then the refugees started arriving, including the Muslims who now live in New Zealand. Nearly all the Muslims here either arrived as refugees, or were born here to refugees.


  2. berlioz1935 Says:

    This is the reality in Australia today. The Liberals have to. The 18. May can’t come soon enough.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      One becomes very tired and despairing of politics. It is supposed to be a privilege and the pinnacle of our democratic right to vote, but do things really work better than say in China or Kazakhstan?


      • berlioz1935 Says:

        I don’t know much of what is happening in Kazakhstan. Our news media doesn’t know that country even exists. China is a different matter, people there seem to be happy with their government. The comparable small group of people who are not are being locked up..

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Yes, Peter. China is now a world leader, at least economically. I am not sure how many people are locked up in China, but I do know that the US has one of the largest incarceration rates in the world easily outdoing Russia per capita.
        As far as Kazakhstan, interesting reading from Wiki;
        It enjoys one of the strongest economies in central Asia and was the first nation after the breakdown of the USSR to repay its debt to the International Monetary Fund.
        It enjoys a democratic system but doesn’t rank vey high in its human rights records.

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  3. shoreacres Says:

    Vinegar and water are a great combo for windows, too. I can remember my mother and her friends using newspaper somehow when I was a kid. I don’t think I’d try that now. I suspect that back then the quality of the paper and ink were much higher. Today’s might cause more of a problem than it would solve.

    I love rain, except for the times when it causes me problems at work, or comes in quantities that are hard to deal with. But a nice, easy rain? Perfect. It goes well with home-baked cookies and books.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      My mother used a chamois and as a child the noise that it made on the glass fascinated me. I can’t remember my father washing the windows but he did make nice pancakes and appelflappen. They are a sweet treat made of sliced apple dunked in a dough and then deep-fried in oil. They would then be sprinkled with icing sugar.

      The appelflappen were a ‘must’ at Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
      My dad spent all day making them for a family of eight, after which he would sit down and smoke a cigarette in his own comfy chair.

      Rain forecasts are always greeted with joy, especially by drought stricken farmers. Good soaking rain is what is most welcome. Sometimes there are floods and people are seen filling sandbags.
      We have a steel corrugated roof, and I love hearing the rain even though my hearing is impaired.


  4. stuartbramhall Says:

    Shoreacres is right. Vinegar works much better and doesn’t leach nasty chemicals into the environment.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I tried to find out what is in those blue coloured window washing bottles. They do say to not drink it and keep away from eyes. Anyway, one bottle lasts about a year so hopefully I am not adding too much nastiness into the environment.


  5. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Such deep sadness from all of the shootings around the world. 😦

    My mom insisted on window cleaning…of course she had us kids do that chore. 😉 She gave us a spray bottle filled with water and vinegar and some newspaper or a soft old cloth (possibly a old pair of someone’s undies! 😮 😀 )

    I applaud you for even trying to clean all the windows, Gerard. I don’t like to do windows. When I was a little girl, all of the maids on comedy television shows always said when interviewing for a job, “I don’t do windows.” So I made that my motto, too! HA! 😉 😛

    I LOVE rain! Sometimes it’ cleans the windows, sometimes it makes the windows spotty and in need of a good cleaning! 😀

    HUGS for you and Helvi!!! 🙂
    PATS and RUBS for Milo!!! 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Most of our neighbours don’t wash windows and in a way I admire that too. Each to their own, I reckon. It is just that I have taken on a few things that I don’t like doing s a washing windows. I haven’t as yet steeped that low as to wash our car. I get it done for $45.- and that includes vacuuming the inside which is quite a task with Milo’s hair sticking to everything.
      He loves sitting in the car right next to us on the console. Helvi thinks his breath smells especially after he had a raw chicken neck.

      The rain we had yesterday wasn’t nearly enough but more is forecast next week.
      Hugs to you too,

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      • doesitevenmatter3 Says:

        We sometimes still was our own cars…but the car wash does such a great job! And I like riding through and watching all the action…sudsy soap, swirly swirls, powerful air, etc! 🙂

        HA! on raw chicken neck breath! 😀 I snort-laughed! 😛

        Hope you get more rain. 🙂
        More HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. freefall852 Says:

    I “inherited” a big dog when I was younger that would sit on the back seat behind me and rest its head on my left shoulder as I drove the car…which I didn’t mind mostly, except when I would look to the left to see if there was any oncoming traffic, it would think I was looking at it and would slap and flop its big tongue around my face…which made for some moments of quite exciting driving!

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  7. gerard oosterman Says:

    Milo doesn’t lick. They, Jack Russell, are not good in that department. He uses the console to spot motor-bikes and if he does, goes berserk. He hates motor-bikes or the noise they make. Inside the car though one can hardly hear them. It might be a childhood problem or something deeply buried.
    He is getting old now and any counselling would be wasted.

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    • freefall852 Says:

      Yes…I’ve had a couple of Jack Russells..or at least the family had…My first wife “claimed” them when we got divorced..I didn’t object as the kids belonged to the dogs and they too went with her half the time…I gave big dogs away after that dog I mentioned above got run over one day as it dashed across the road chasing a horse in the paddock…wrote itself off along with the Mack truck that hit it!…cost me a fortune in legal fees…but luckily I was able to prove that the horse provoked the dog by pulling a long face at it over the fence…I have always donated to “The Impoverished Lawyers Benevolence Society” since.


  8. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Peggy cleaned windows yesterday with Windex and paper towels, but did make sure to do it in the shade. 🙂 As for the hatred and bigotry, you can hear the perpetrators goose stepping down the road. –Curt


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