Almost the Pope

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With a bit of luck and the application of the law, cardinal Pell will be in a cell tonight. There might be a God after all! One wonders how this will be faced by this man who for years denied justice to those child victims subjected to terrible abuse. I never like the man. Each time he was on TV I could not help but feel he was a man devoid of feeling. The Pope has now been given a list of 6000 paedophile priests. Those priests are still alive. The Pope in his celestial wisdom announced they were ‘The Tools of Satan’.  Even now, he is not willing to face the terrible truth that each of those abusers should have been dealt with by the law. The Catholic church still prefers to hide the fact that for decades the only thing the church was interested in was to hide the truth of rampant paedophilia. The victims were secondary in this whole debacle.

Cardinal Pell was the third highest in the hierarchy of the catholic Church. Almost a Pope. The Catholic church now has a crisis on its hands. It can no longer persists in one of its strongest dogmas of its insistence on celibacy. People have sex. The denial of that is just plain stupid. Of course, abuse of children is not just concentrated by the catholic church. It happens everywhere but, the catholic church is the one religion which stands out above all the others in its treatment of the victims.  The hiding and moving paedophile priests to other parishes was a matter of routine. It seems unbelievable that that was the norm. Pell seemed to blame the victims of abuse. A callous man devoid of compassion and empathy.

It is now seen as an institution run by feeble old men run for feeble old men. You look at those images of all those old purple clad men huddling together eager to kiss the withered hand of a shaky mitered Pope in Rome. Where are the women in all this? There needs to be a revolution by the catholic church.

In any case, Pell will be locked up tonight. One can only wonder what he will be thinking. Is there going to be a moment, just a split second, whereby he will acknowledge within his frosty heart, the terrible deeds he now has been found guilty of?

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30 Responses to “Almost the Pope”

  1. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    Amen to that, Gez. Ahem 😊

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  2. rangewriter Says:

    Well said, Gerard, especially the part about celibacy. It is lunacy!

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  3. Big M Says:

    Of course here, in the Hunter Valley, the Catholic Church is paedo Central, with known paedophile priests being protected by the clergy as well as Catholics high up in the police. The current Australian cardinal talks about the church rebuilding trust. I know card carrying Catholics who refuse to go to church, thanks to decades of being ignored.

    I hope the cardinal meets a nice boyfriend in jail, well hung!

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    • algernon1 Says:

      What hope when the legal system protects other nonces. I heard Kristina Keneally, who has a Bachelor of Theology, this morning, at a loss what to do. Apparently its Holy Week in the Catholic church (whatever that is in catholic dogma), she won’t be attending church.

      Yet there are those who don’t believe it to be true.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        I noticed that our former PM John Howard gave a character refence to Pell.
        I wonder too about those with fervently held opinions that refugees should remain locked up indefinitely. There is something terribly evil going on there as well.

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      • algernon1 Says:

        And visit him Gaol too. Power corrupts power. I see that skidmark Bolt and that moron Divine both think he’s innocent, akin to the Lindy Chamberlain dingo trial.

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      • Big M Says:

        One would think that Devine and Bolt were in the sacristy of Melbourne Cathedral on the day.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      It’s all coming unstuck now, Big M. Right now he (Pell) is being led to the cell below the courts.

      It’s funny how those forever banging on about the evils of homosexuality, same sex marriage, birth control, abortions, single mothers and more…end up being so sneaky, abusing children.

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  4. algernon1 Says:

    That’s it Gez, Cardinal Rock Spider could have been Pope going onto protect fellow Rock Spiders around the world.

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  5. gerard oosterman Says:

    Breaking news
    Cardinal George Pell has had his bail revoked in the County Court in Melbourne. He has been remanded in custody


  6. Big M Says:

    When we were holidaying in Rome, we were chatting to a retired Australian priest. He reckoned that the current Pope had a South American Cardinal locked up in the Vatican prison who had committed around ten thousand acts of paedophilia. Of course he will never be tried by a secular judge, and who knows what the Vatican prison is like. It could be a grand hotel.


  7. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    I sure hope so! And I hope it rocks him to his core!

    I agree with everything you’ve said/shared here, Gerard. This is a powerful and important post. Thank you!

    Such things have touched my own family and it has been devastating, sad, impossible to put aside, etc. 😦

    A movie that shares about this subject and the Catholic church in America is “Spotlight”. If you get a chance to watch this movie, please do.

    Thank you, again.
    And (((HUGS)))

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Give a thought for those who go through live firmly believing in the sanctity of the church. It has given them strength and a reason to accept the good and the bad that most lives entail. And now, all over the world thousands upon thousands of priests sexual abusing the most vulnerable, our children.
      The worst part surely is the dogged determination to keep covering it up, even today.
      Surely, proof of this, is the letter of reference and good character by our own ex-Prime minister, John Howard AFTER Pell had already been found guilty. He seems to still be defending Pell.

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  8. auntyuta Says:

    This is what Jesus said:

    “Be on guard against the yeast of the Pharisees — I mean their hypocrisy. Whatever is covered up will be uncovered and every secret will be made known. So then, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the broad daylight. Luke 12:1”

    “Jesus warned against men like Cardinal Pell. His message could save the Church”

    By Robert Gascoigne

    “In so many ways, Pell was the archetypal Pharisee, strictly observing and parroting dogmas while luxuriating in his superior sanctity, indifferent to the human toll. . . .”

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Jesus could have done a bit more than just warning us about the Pharisees, Uta.

      He could have insisted the church change its dogma about celibacy by including marriage and more women, lots of them, within the hierarchy of the church.

      With the damage caused to the lives of innocent children by the church I would not be surprised that people will take a big detour around any church.

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  9. Big M Says:

    Today’s defense, ‘It’s just a plain vanilla sexual penetration case.’ Are there other flavours? I saw that a bloke in Darwin had raped a woman with a beer bottle. In his defense, he claimed to have seen worse than that. It’s either India Pale Ale, or chocolate with hazelnuts, so it seems.

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  10. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Finally, a bit of justice. The very tip of a huge iceberg. –Curt

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, I was surprised the extent of paedophile priests in the US too, Curt. It has been happening for as long as the churches have existed. The insistence by the Catholic church of celibacy and that this is actually possible to achieve, would have to be the biggest lie of them all. Of course the priests have sex, either with themselves, with each other, with boys and girls or whatever they can find and make available.

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  11. Forestwood Says:

    The people who are declaring he is innocent appear to all beCatholics or lapsed Catholics who do not want to believe a priest could do this. They need to face up to reality and not question the jury on what they heard. A bitter pill for then to swallow but what if he gets off on a technicality in an appeal? They will be cheering for him. With that many paedo priests, it is clear if he was innocent, he was still complicit. Awful.


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