A case made for change.

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With the present heat-wave seemingly continuing, it presses home climate change. People were shown on TV, cooking eggs on their car roofs. In one case someone was also baking butter-cookies on the bitumen road. The Government through radio and TV urged people to conserve energy, not use the washing machine, TVs, irons, and limit hot water. They feared electric outages. That fear was realised when in Victoria there were electric outages affecting 200.000 people for up to two hours. But, to start cooking on the top of cars or on the hot bitumen is not for the elderly. We can go without cookies or eggs for two hours. In any case, here in Bowral we had no outages and did not see any outdoor cooking by pensioners.


It is absolutely astonishing that in Australia with so much sun and wind, governments have neglected to provide for such a comparative small population enough energy to not run short during hot days or very cold days. One of the reasons is of course, that this government is of a horse and buggy era. They believe in a flat earth and chicken feather future telling. It is so neglectful I wonder if a court case could be mounted by a clever lawyer suing the government for neglect? People are dying out of climate change neglect, and the government is responsible.

All housing, with proper planning, could have double glazing and reverse-cycle air-conditioning as being part of standard construction. Dark roofs should be banned, especially in the hot northern states. I notice that seas of charcoal roofs on houses are spreading around Sydney’s outer edges. Are the inhabitants going to fry eggs on their roofs, or make a lamb-curry (with lots of turmeric) on the dark concrete driveway? Is this what Messrs. Dutton, Abbott, and Morrison want?

Anyway, folks. The end of being deprived by reasonable Governments is nigh. Ministers of the Liberals are lining up in resigning. The few women in this government have left of bullying by rogue males. Some wit wrote, ‘that the only woman left in parliament is Christopher Pine. Very witty, I thought. Let’s hope that the Liberals will be gone for at least ten years and that the Labour will fulfil at least the obligation to wholeheartedly fund renewable energy. It’s not rocket science. It is proving itself all over the world. We should be leading not lagging.

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13 Responses to “A case made for change.”

  1. Dorothea Jahnes-Oosterman Says:

    Its certainly time…I’m afraid when new government are elected all their time will be spent reversing all the bad distructive decisions of the LNP.

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    • berlioz1935 Says:

      Not only that, the losing establishment will make the political life for Labor hell. The media will aid the conservative forces with invented and overblown misdeeds by Labour. The best weapon the Capitalists have is non-investment. They will hold us all for ransom.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Hopefully,the LNP will be so badly injured in May that they might need a major transplant. They have demonised taxation to such an extent that it will be hard to get revenue to pay for what is so badly needed.
        A normal country would have had an increase in GST, alcohol, cigarettes and a sugar tax long ago. Many countries have done that and when people see the benefits they don’t mind.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Thanks Dorothea, bad LNP indeed.

      What more proof is needed of solar power when eggs can get fried on the roof-top of ‘n SUV? It is criminal that this form of energy hasn’t been used on a much greater scale.
      On a private scale solar energy has been taken up with great enthusiasm but as always, the energy companies are loath to pay power to be returned to the grid because since they were privatised profit is the name of the game. We have some of the highest electricy bills. People suffer cold and heat because they can’t afford to pay the extortionate rates.


  2. leggypeggy Says:

    Yes indeed, the end is nigh.


  3. stuartbramhall Says:

    I am a long term advocate of locally produced distributed energy – which is far cheaper and more efficient and reliable than our current grid system. Both the Australian and the NZ government need to be supporting local communities in developing locally produced sun and wind energy. That’s what we’re fight for here.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Local communities are already popping up here and there. I am trying to garner support for our 8unit compound to go solar. It does mean forking out about $5000.- per townhouse. It would pay for itself after 5 years giving a return of 20%.
      But, most of the residents don’t want that advantage.
      All new housing, ought by law, to include sound insulation and solar roof panels.

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  4. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Oh, “leading not lagging”…that so true of too many countries.
    I wish Australia a wonderful future…and that the changes that need to be made can be made.
    It’s sad when people have to endure such weather/heat. And then have power outages on top of that. 😦
    I hope you and Helvi and Milo are safe and cool.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I love your cheerful and boundless good-will to others and now even includes countries, Carolyn.

      I foster the hope a group of forward looking people will pull Australia out of the dark ages concerning our lack of action on climate change, and improve viability for the future and a sustainable world fit for our our grandchildren to live in.

      Did I hear that Germany, is now by law, planning to do away with all coal generated power stations?

      So glad to hear your visit to the doctor gave you good news.
      Hugs too. Gerard

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  5. Master of Something Yet Says:

    I read that if it hadn’t been for rooftop solar, the power outages would have been even worse. I’m with you, Gerard. It astounds me that they won’t support renewable energy when this country is built for it.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      It is more than amazing. It is criminal. Do you think that this Westminster system with holding each other to ‘account’ is the villain?
      I mean, they seem to spend most of their energy shouting at each other. Then there is this man on a large elevated chair, shouting ‘order, order’ all the time.

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