Is democracy a failed experiment?

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It seems strange that Donald Trump is so opposed to things foreign. He has had two out of three wives  from Eastern Europe. He has German and Scottish genes in his background. Yet, he so desperately wants America only for the Americans.  Perhaps he is answering my question about his anti-foreign behaviour by wanting another women. This time a real good one, an American. Who knows? Something seems to bug him. He has a reputation as a misogynist. Remember that awful conversation he had about grabbing women?

He is also an unashamed liar, a bully and sociopath. Yet, he has passed two years as President, which most critics said he would not. I did not really want to venture into Trump phenomenon but his attack on the CNN reporter Jim Acosta  was so telling. It gave unassailable proof of his inability to see things away from himself. I just can’t figure he was chosen as a president.

Just going through his background and how his father formed the Trump empire. It was all built on tax avoidance, dodgy deals and schemes, transferring properties to his children well below their true value.  A true lesson in achieving riches through terminal materialism. An example in becoming a money driven spiritually dehydrated man. He directed the estate agents to not rent out his properties to black tenants! His son, Donald Trump is now the President of America. His father’s son through and through.

But, it is not just in America. There is a move to extreme right happening in many other countries again. Germany is veering towards anti-foreigners, and so are Austria, Hungary, Poland, Holland  and even Sweden, Italy, Greece. All are again flirting with excluding people based on colour and ethnic backgrounds. There is a movement to nationalism that attracts those that are dissatisfied. A longing for what has been.

America wants to be great again. But great again, based on separating children from their parents? Locking up those with a different nationality? Deporting those that don’t fit in? Shoot at those desperate people running the US border, the country of freedom?

Taking away the pass of Jim Acosta to practise his profession is how Trump responded to a question of why he used the racist card to advance his political position in the latest voting.

Acosta wanted to know about the (ABC Wires) “anti-immigration dog-whistling during the campaign, and specifically why he had referred to the so-called “caravan” of migrants moving through Mexico from Central America as an “invasion”, asking the President whether he had “demonised migrants”.

What will Trump do if he really gets pushed into a corner? It doesn’t bear contemplating. Trump is a ruthless megalomaniac and in my opinion competing with North Korean Kim Jong Il.

Australia is the same. The children that were catatonic with suicide ideation will be returned to Nauru soon after finishing their hospital treatment. The prime mister confessed ‘crying on his knees’ praying for the children but… he said; we must stop the people smugglers! And locking up people for years on end seems to be alright after you said your payers.

All is forgiven in the name of democracy. It seems. I don’t get it.




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24 Responses to “Is democracy a failed experiment?”

  1. Robert Parker Says:

    Democracy is threatened, and is also displaying its dark side, but it has not failed. The House of Representatives at least, is now controlled by the party in opposition to Trump. That won’t fix everything, but it’s a a significant check on czarist tendencies. At some point, emotional appeals to people’s worst instincts will pall, and most of the antidemocratic elements will crawl back under their rocks.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Your optimism gives hope, Robert.
      America, apart from everything else, is faced with the phenomenon of the rise of China. Their achievements of raising hundreds of millions out of poverty is in such a relative short time is astonishing.
      How could this happen without enjoying the benefits of a true ‘democracy’? Well, it did. China is now heading towards being the biggest economy. Its people are now driving SUV’s, listening to their headphones, going shopping, and buying properties all over the world.
      These are interesting but dangerous times. Let’s hope sanity prevails.

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  2. GP Cox Says:

    I do believe it is more of a legality issue rather than foreign issue. Pretty much like me – I welcome any and all immigrants here – just do it legally!

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  3. leggypeggy Says:

    I don’t get it either.

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  4. gerard oosterman Says:

    On an early morning walk I saw a man on a park-bench reading the Daily Telegraph. He was frowning. Perhaps a good sign?

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  5. rangewriter Says:

    I share your dismay. And I wake each morning with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, knowing that mop is still the leader of my country. I LOVE your description of his father: money driven spiritually dehydrated man. As fitting for the son as for the father.

    You are correct about the craziness being larger than America. I wonder if it isn’t at least partially a result of climate change which is changing lifestyles and economies all over the world, pushing populations into different regions.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Poor Melania. Can you imagine waking up next to Trump and first thing you see is that huge scowling chin jutting above the sheets? No wonder she often looks frightened and unhappy.
      The devastated regions in the Middle East is why so many have left. No one really wants to leave their homes and family unless out of desperation.


      • rangewriter Says:

        I’ve heard Melania sleeps in another room. I was feeling sorry for her myself….until I got a TEXT from her phone number (supposedly) imploring me to support her slob of a husband. Of course she didn’t send it, may not even know it went out under her name, but it made me livid.

        The Middle East is ravaged, but so are huge swaths of Africa and Central America. I suspect if we examined the reasons these countries are struggling we’d find climate change and political manipulation (that larger countries have allowed or encouraged) at the heart of the problem.
        And you are absolutely spot on. No one leaves behind their home, larger family, their country unless they have no options left.

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      • Therese Trouserzoff Says:

        China it seems hasn’t forgotten Africa or Oceania. It pains me to say this rangewriter but as much as I fear the American Empire, I fear the alternatives more.

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      • rangewriter Says:

        It’s hard not to believe that we are all f—-ed. I keep coming back to the planet: over populated, abused, needing to change the life balance. Perhaps humanity will go extinct along with the Polar Bears and the great Manatees. 😢


      • Therese Trouserzoff Says:

        True. Really true. I think so much malfeasance is symptomatic of overpopulation. Starvation, war, toxic environment. Madness.

        It ends up badly with another cycle of most of the carbon-based life forms dying out and turning into coal and oil.

        And so the long cycle starts again. Will it be dinosaurs next lap ? Why not – that scenario played out for millions of years more than puny mankind.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        And the reason why Trump is not a bedraggled refugee trudging though Mexico seeking a better life is the luck of his birth, nothing more.
        We owe it to others we share and show compassion. To threaten the caravan with violence by sending in the army is terrible. Wish America would show same diligence and ban those guns that kill 40 000 yearly.
        That is the issue above all else that needs resolving.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        A dreadful prospect, Trouserzoff.

        Does that mean I could end up being shown around in parliament reincarnated as a lump of coal?


  6. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    I don’t understand either and I share your concerns, Gerard.
    It seems the world is taking steps backwards instead of moving forward. 😦
    If someone had described to me…6 or so years ago…what is going on today and said it would be our future…I would have been shocked and said, “No way! Won’t happen.”
    And I would have been so wrong. 😦

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Trump seems perpetually angry. His face contorted in a scowl and his body language is harbouring malice towards others. And all that with over $3 billion in his bank account.
      Poor Melania when Trump storms home wearing that long black coat. Full of resentment, he hurls his attaché case on the floor. No kindness or hugs for her. There is a terrible hugging drought in the White House, Carolyn. For sure!

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      • doesitevenmatter3 Says:

        There is that, Gerard!

        Just thinking about him makes me sad, angry, frustrated, etc! 😦 Decades before he became president of the USA, I read about him, and heard him speak on TV and on the radio…and I was amazed that someone could be so egotistical, mean-spirited, etc. 😦 Sadly, he reminds me of a bully on a school playground. 😦

        I don’t think it’s asking too much to have leaders who are mature, compassionate, good listeners, willing to work hard and do what is right/best, etc.

        I am reminded of the old saying, “People will probably not remember everything you did or said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” A lot of people aren’t feeling so good these days. 😦

        Okay, I’ll stop now, ’cause I could go on forever about all of this.

        Great post, Gerard!

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        The absence of appreciation of beauty and love needs rekindling. I wonder if Trump has ever considered a daisy or a sea-gull in flight? Does he have moments of doubt or clearsighted despair?

        To threaten the caravan with the army and shootings is just so totally wrong. Compassion seems to be in short supply. America is being split with a chasm dividing its people. The Government is angry and with such a volatile and cranky President ramping up xenophobia and distrust it’s quickly losing respect. Anxiety is getting a hold around the joint.

        You are right, Carolyn. It doesn’t make for good feelings.

        Here a hug; Gerard


  7. stuartbramhall Says:

    The notion that any society running a capitalist economy can operate as a democracy is a myth. Under capitalism, the elite who control the means of production and the monetary supply will always run things – ordinary people will have no say.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      It is not working. Professors versed in the science of money with shiny doctorates in economy and finance come out with figures that are astounding. Eighty precent of US wealth is in the hands of ten people or so.
      It\s getting more unequal.


  8. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    Thank you for this piece, Gez. Some days I think the whole planet needs a stronger anti-depressant. We humans are doing a pretty shit job – not for the first time either.

    Here’s my 2 cents worth. The fact that complete counts* run things and that dickwits like Trump voters – poor people and every female Trump voter clearly did so AGAINST THEIR OWN INTERESTS, shows the massive lie about so-called democracy.

    The Greeks did a far better job. Not perfect but better than this shit excuse for government.

    In Ancient Greece, not every hominid was allowed to vote. Slaves and women, for example.

    Nowadays, people who are so dumb as to vote against their own interests do not deserve a vote because they clearly are not fit to have a say in how they are governed.

    People buy any old bullshit.

    And what do we have here in Australia ? Someone yesterday in the Saturday paper called Morrison “Trump Lite”. And I gather that the happy clapping Christian Scomo – who just suddenly appeared from the bushes while everyone was watching Abbott, was apparently sacked from his previous position of CEO of Tourism Australia for incompetence and dodgy dealing. It takes real talent to fuck up a shrimp on the barbie campaign.

    So the Libnats made him Treasurer and then Prime-Minister and we all sat around and let it happen. The “we” is of course inclusive of “Showbag” Bill Shorten. Don’t even mention Luke Foley. FFS !

    *remove the vowel of your choosing.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, a good anti-depressant is not reading the news. We wander in and out of our house and look at the latest flowers or take the jar of bird seeds and feed the galahs. Their screeching is soothing compared with our PM Morrison’s latest verbiage.

      His admittance of having knelt, prayed and even cried for children kept in detention on Nauru makes Trump a mother Theresa. He is the one who is keeping them there. May he be turned around, down and down, when banging on the Pearly Gates.

      He has the power to release the children. He won’t, and is still using the argument that labor is likely to let the refugees and the resulting floodgates into Australia. This hard-line approach is supposed to give him extra votes for next May’s election.

      The latest form of our ‘democracy’ and its technique by expert faux leaders in contorting lies and fiction into facts relevant to voting freely, makes it a mockery. With compulsory voting we are made into slavish cohorts and participants in a form of opposites what a true democracy might have been.

      You wrote a good post, Trouserzoff.
      Thank you.
      greeting to FM et all.


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