Are these Australian values?

The death of Iranian asylum seeker Hamid Khazaei.


” Coroner Terry Ryan found 24-year-old Mr Khazaei, who died in a Brisbane hospital in September 2014 after he contracted a leg infection in Manus Island detention centre, would have survived had his rapid deterioration been recognised.

Mr Khazaei suffered severe sepsis from a leg infection and was first moved to Port Moresby before being flown to Brisbane where nothing could be done to save his life.

Mr Ryan found the failures included not clearing Mr Khazaei for a timely medical transfer to a Port Moresby hospital from Manus Island, where the level of health care was “not commensurate with a clinic in remote Cape York”.

He found the Department of Home Affairs needed to enforce new policy that put the clinical needs of detainees first when medical transfers required the approval of Australian immigration officials.

Mr Ryan also called on the Federal Attorney-General to establish a new framework ensuring independent judicial investigations of deaths in Australia’s offshore detention system.

Mr Khazaei was pronounced brain dead at Brisbane’s Mater Hospital after a worsening systemic infection caused cardiac arrests at the Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby.

Mr Ryan said his death occurred in the context of Australia’s policy of deterring asylum seeker arrivals by boat through offshore detention and highlighted the practical problems of ensuring adequate health care in remote tropical locations such as Manus Island.

“It would be possible to prevent further deaths by relocating asylum seekers to other places like Australia and New Zealand,” he said”

For how much longer will the Australian Government continue in the torture of hundreds of refugees, including over a hundred children? Those people have done no wrong. Australia continues to flaunt international law regarding refugees. A shameful period in Australian history. We insist on new migrants including refugees to adhere and understand Australian values before granting residency. But, does that include the torture of refugees including children?

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11 Responses to “Are these Australian values?”

  1. janesmudgeegarden Says:

    I was glad this morning to hear the coroner’s report and that he made some pointed remarks (as much as he could) about the imprisonment of asylum seekers. People shouldn’t be dying, in fact they shouldn’t be there at all in my opinion. It’s so unfair, and from a country that prides itself on being the land of a ‘fair go’.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Thank you Jane. You might find this information interesting

      An academic from Iran, Mr Behrouz Boochani, at present imprisoned on Manus island has written a book. ‘No friend but the Mountains.’

      “Behrouz Boochani graduated from Tarbiat Moallem University and Tarbiat Modares University, both in Tehran; he holds a Masters degree in political science, political geography and geopolitics. He is a Kurdish-Iranian writer, journalist, scholar, cultural advocate and filmmaker. He is currently a political prisoner incarcerated by the Australian government in the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre (Papua New Guinea) since 2013.

      ‘Mr Boochani’s book will be launched on the 2nd of August.
      The venue for this event has changed. Due to high demand we are moving to a larger venue, the Ritchie Theatre, still on the UNSW Kensington Campus.’


      • janesmudgeegarden Says:

        Thanks Gerard, I read about this in the Guardian today. I hope plenty of people will take an interest. Just think, he could have been here in Australia 5 years ago.

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  2. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Sad indeed.

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  3. stuartbramhall Says:

    Send them here to NZ. We’re still waiting.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, New Zealand offered to take 150 refugees from Manus and Nauru but Australia is not accepting this humane offer. It can only be seen as an attempt by Australia to continue the torture of refugees.
      My poor country.


  4. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    So very sad.
    Thank you for sharing this, Gerard.
    And for the links.
    People must continue to speak up, speak out, and put pressure on those who seem to be in charge.

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  5. gerard oosterman Says:


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