How to become more Australian.


You can tell that the elections for a Government are getting close. Politicians are ramping up a bit of nationalism by proposing that emigrants acquaint themselves with a ‘true Australian culture’. At the same time are hints about that  Australia is slipping away from its unique Australian culture. Even in far-away England an Australian politician, Alan Tudge is suggesting we are at risk of ‘veering’ away from our special uniqueness. It is useful, especially before elections, to try and get extra votes by suggesting foreigners are the cause for us slipping away from our special Australian uniqueness.

Here is part of what he said;

“Australia will consider adding a “values test” for those considering permanent residency in order to protect its “extraordinarily successful” multicultural society, Malcolm Turnbull said.

The prime minister confirmed what his citizenship and multicultural minister Alan Tudge told the Australia/UK Leadership Forum overnight, where he floated the idea of a “values” test to fend off “segregation”.

Tudge told his London audience “our ship is slightly veering towards a European separatist multicultural model and we want to pull it back to be firmly on the Australian integrated path”.

Whenever someone espouses Australian uniqueness one can rest assured that not a single definition or sample of this special Australian culture will come forth. How can it? Are the people in Italy or Norway without freedom of expression? Are the Dutch forbidden to have a choice in how or where they live. Do the French not have laws protecting them from exploitation by banks or crooks? Are Germans denied sauerkraut?  One thing that stands out separating Australia from the rest of the world, is that in our unique culture, we in Australia only, still don’t have a Bill of Rights.

If we are supposed to be well versed in Australian values and even go so far as insisting that those considering residency here to do some kind of Australian culture ‘test’, how come that our head of state is a British subject? With all that Australian uniqueness we still haven’t got our own Head of State. Why?

It were the American forces who saved Australia from Japanese occupation 1945, not that of Britain. We are guaranteed protection by our Anzus treaty foremost, and would be silly to think English troops coming to our rescue in case of wars.

This ploy to try and ramp up a freaky form of Nationalism using anti-foreign rhetoric is so typical of our state of degradation on the political front. We might get our politicians to do a test instead.

We should all despair and show it at the next election.

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10 Responses to “How to become more Australian.”

  1. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    The US and Australia seem to have a lot in common. The news here is like a snake charmer’s buddy in the basket. Difficult to take your eyes off in case it bites.

    On a livelier note however, the good Dr. and I have sat through all episodes of the lovely Miss Fisher, and are now involved with the handsome Dr. Blake. If we had a decent American show other than Mr. Trump’s ridiculous play acting, we would watch it gladly.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      We now have a TV that can show movies. It is called a ‘smart’ TV. We did not use the ‘smart’ section of the TV. It was too difficult. It insisted I enter a ‘password’. ‘Oh no, not the dreaded password again,’ and I went to bed.
      My younger brother finally helped me out as he has an identical TV that is smart.
      We now watch Scandinavian noire crime dramas and love it. Anything to get away from Trump and Turnbull.

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  2. Forestwood Says:

    I am all for showing your feelings at the election. To not do so, is flagrant violation of hard fought for suffrage. This latest suggestion by Turnbull sounds like another despicable incarnation of a Whit-ish Australia policy. My voting shoes are on!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Dutton and Turnbull both would never pass the residency test if compassion and inclusion were necessary criteria.
      Instead future migrants are supposed to acquaint themselves with cricket, and famous race horses, as well as genuflecting whenever an English queen passes by as well as compulsory crocheting doilies to cover the toilet seat.

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  3. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    All politicians should have to do a test. I think most of them would not pass.
    Yes, our vote, our voice, our feelings should be expressed at election time…and every day.
    Excellent post, Gerard.

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