About Updates and general Internet dismay.

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Nothing is perfect and access to E-mail and Internet is far from guaranteed.  For some weeks I received strange emails urging me to click on lots of links to avoid my posts not being sent, ending up either lost or unavailable for delivery. This all came pared with obvious fake internet lingo including numbers and quasi predictions of chaos, dire consequences. I ignored all and dumped them without clicking on any highlighted links.

However, out of nowhere my e-mail stopped arriving. First it was intermittently but increasing in shorter time frames. I contacted my mail server. This mail server is different from my internet and phone provider. As expected they blamed each other for the disruption but, in any case; ‘the engineers are working on it’, ‘please have some patience’ was their refrain.

I don’t know what the ‘engineers’ are doing to restore my e-mail? Do they put up ladders against those steel towers and screw tight some cables? Have they got an oil-squirter to lubricate squeaking parts of communication equipment? I don’t know, but suspect  they use impressive words to calm down irate customers ready to ditch their accounts and go elsewhere.

This is the real truth; despite all that technology and despite all those ‘updates’, the internet system is far from perfect. The recent spate of ‘outages’ and internet ‘downs’, is proof that the internet is unstable and remains unreliable. For the Government to insist that Centrelink issues such as vehicle registrations, pensions, sickness benefits, unemployment, and a host of other Government services and access is to be dealt with only by opening electronic accounts is ludicrous and far beyond most ordinary people with average internet knowledge and skills.  Especially older people might just give up. Perhaps that is what this government is aiming for. Fewer people by sheer attrition and internet resistance, getting the benefits they are entitled to.

Of course all the above pales into insignificance compared what refugees are coping with. Just read how cruel this Australia is getting.


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19 Responses to “About Updates and general Internet dismay.”

  1. berlioz1935 Says:

    IT and all the rest of the Internet are still in its infancy. I can’t even register for an E-tag for my car. Every time I fill all the required lines they tell me my address is incomplete. I should know where I live. If they know better where I live they should tell me.

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  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    We tried again to get back into the old age pension. For that we had to join MyGov Internet website. It took days to achieve that and in the process almost lost the will to go on. It was a nerve wrecking ordeal!

    And, even though my wife and I are already known by this government due to our Tax File Number and yearly tax returns, we had to give (again) detailed information of everything we owned, including the value of our car and furnishings, chairs, knives and forks etc. ( wedding ring)

    So far, our claims are still being processed and that was six weeks ago!

    We live in terrible times, Berlioz.


    • berlioz1935 Says:

      The times are indeed terrible, Gerard. Not only is the bureaucratic monster rampant now they want to restrict our freedoms. And this all in the name of national security. I know, there are a few nuts around but they can’t threaten our security.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Yes, only yesterday a bill was passed giving unlimted freedom to border control and security to investigate anything they fancy. We have lost our way and it used to be the vile North Korea and the Russians that were accused of abusing and taking away freedom.

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      • rangewriter Says:

        Meanwhile, Americans are blindly and happily handing over their privacy and security under the direction of the Great Orange Ape.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        The biggest threats come via the internet. Just now I received an email from Norton security they have been hacked and thousands of accounts are now subject to getting fleeced. It happened to me last year where within minutes my account had been taken for well over a thousand dollars. It was reimbursed but even so!.

        “Norton by Symantec .

        Ticketmaster Breach: Customers’ Personal Data & Information Possibly Stolen

        Dear Norton Customer,

        On Saturday, June 23, 2018, Ticketmaster UK identified malicious software on a customer support product hosted by Inbenta Technologies, an external third-party supplier to Ticketmaster¹. As a result, it was determined that there was a possibility that an unknown third-party had gained access to certain personal information of their customers.

        What information was compromised?
        According to the company, some of the personally identifiable information that may have been stolen includes: name, address, email address, telephone number, payment details and Ticketmaster login details.
        Norton by Symantec .”


  3. leggypeggy Says:

    Oh ugh. Hope the claim gets processed soon and your internet is back on its spindly legs.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      The internet came back a couple of days ago thanks to my good friend from the USA who has always been faschinated by computers and now the internet.

      ‘Outgoing’ mail had changed and had to be reset in the ‘connections dialogue box’.

      A comma instead of a full-stop can ruin your life now, it seems.

      Claiming anything through Centrelink has had a lot of criticism lately. In the past a friendly Centrelink man would help with filling in forms. This has been replaced with having to log onto MyGov.com. and follow prompts with a difficult internet language far too esoteric for agitated and dithering pensioner claimants such as myself.

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  4. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Along with everything else that is all people need. They say kids have to turn in work done on computer, but not all kids have computers. We have grown to depend on the internet. Too much I’m afraid. Hand in there.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      The internet is so fragile. The combination of usernames and passwords is the ruination of many peoples lives. Many now insist that the password has to have a combination of letters, both upper and lower, and numbers.

      To reset a password one is asked to copy a strangely twisted secret code that is sent to my iPhone.
      My iPhone gives off pings at the most inapprriate times and I am powerless to stop those pinging sounds.

      It used to be so simple.

      I do a lot of vacuuming now. It is good therapy and soothes the troubled/restless spirit.


  5. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    UGHS! 😦
    I hope it all gets straightened out soon, Gerard! 🙂
    It’s weird, too, how sometimes websites or e-mail set ups or our phones can just change things when they want to. Whether we agree to the changes or not. 😦
    Yes, the poor refugees. 😦 I feel I have NO problems when compared to what they are suffering through. 😦
    HUGS for all the UGHS!!! 🙂
    PATS for Milo and Horse!!! 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, while we are sleeping, many a criminal is up late at night trying to worm themselves into our private lives. The number of scams that keep on coming through the internet. All those updates!
      I was told by my email server that the account was ‘spooved’ whatever that means. I got my emails on the iPhone but not on the computer which suggested my password must have still been valid. Yet they told me to change it.
      We had an awful week with a marital hurricane whipping us into a frenzy of turmoil and deep sink-holes. We survived but are still limping a bit.


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  6. Big M Says:

    I received an email this week, after months of sub- par NBN, stating thatour ISP may have been deceived by the NBN by promising us fictitious internet speeds. Who knew? Prior to the NBN coming through we had a phone fault. The technician showed me the Telstra pit outside our home. The high tide Mark was well above the copper connections. ” Fibre to the ‘ ome would fix this!” He grumbled. I guess I will pay the cash for better service!!

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  7. gerard oosterman Says:

    Our ASDL was a bit quicker but now with NBN I am supposed able to watch more movies that get streamed hrough the WuFi.

    A dark melancholic man is often seated outside fiddling with the phone lines coming out of a round tower. During the rain he seats below a small tent.

    I suspect that our phone line gets tested by him as it often rings without anyone talking.

    Perhaps he dreams of his home country, perhaps Iraq, and misses his culture, the kebabs and the music.

    Instead he fiddles, day in day out with NBN, and phone optic cables. The horror of it all, Big M. If only we could get some fairy dust sprinkled over us, and make life more bearble. .

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  8. shoreacres Says:

    It is the proverbial rock and a hard place, isn’t it? On the one hand, we could avoid some of these troubles by staying away from the internet. But on the other hand (as you point out) there are so many agencies now demanding that we use the internet that choice is hard to come by.

    Well, at least you popped up in my inbox, and for that I’m glad. It seems that your travails may be harder to bear than Curt’s thousand mile trek through the wilderness — and I’m not joking about that. He was able to provision and prepare for his journey. What are we to do about ours?!

    If you were here, I’d give you an option to vacuuming. My apartment managers were willing to give me new flooring in my kitchen and bath, which is wonderful. But, the paint in the bathroom just wouldn’t do,given the color of the new floor. So, the ladder, the paint brushes and buckets, the drop cloths and such are all around. I have two walls done, and I’m thinking that I might finish up on our July 4 holiday, since rain is in the forecast. I rather enjoy painting. Fresh, new color always cheers me up.

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  9. gerard oosterman Says:

    Thanks, Linda. I feel optimistic today not least by your humorous reply. I painted the entire downstairs of our apartment a few years ago. Not difficult for someone who had a painting business for many years. My paint scraper from decades ago I still use to clean our barbeque.

    Curt’s trek through the magic of the US’ nature is amazing. Just the idea of sleeping rough on boulders or steep mountain sides fills me with angst.

    Mind you, we have done our share of trekking, camping and pulling off ticks and leeches.( Did you know a leech has a sucker end on each side of their bodies.) And I worry about the outgoing mail of the internet!

    Today we are going to buy a trekking device, that among many features, also counts the steps one takes on each given day. The advice generally is to try and do 10 000 steps daily. I can’t wait to do that.


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