A horse of clay

IMG_0047a horse

A Horse of clay

It was maintenance day yesterday at the Campbelltown Radiation clinic. We had a day off. The equipment needed to be checked, oiled, greased or whatever. Most of the equipment has ‘Philips’ on the name tags. It makes me so proud. The radiation has to be focussed with pin point accuracy. I see patients with head shields going in, or neck screens.

Today was normal and all equipment in good order. After arriving I checked the bookshelves. Bingo! My book had been taken again. I had a replacement ready. I quickly flicked it on the shelf. At one stage the man with prostate cancer got up and perused the books. He did not take mine, even though I had put it in the most prominent position.  He was hovering his hand over my book. I nearly told him to take it, but desisted.  Can’t wait to see if that has been taken tomorrow. Its title is ‘Oosterman Treats.’ I am so excited.

On the drive home at about 3PM we visited the sushi take away at the big shopping centre at Mittagong. We both always go for the ‘Binto special’. They are most generous with the little soya and wasabi sachets. I love squirting the wasabi on the lid of the box that the rice, salmon and sea-weed wrapped food comes in. We watch the people go by. There is a weight problem in Mittagong and they seem to congregate at shopping malls. If only they could resist KFC and the 2 litre Coke and go for the Sushi and plain water.

Sometimes we get the urge to go and look at second hand stuff at the Salvos in Bowral. It is a giant Salvos. A good thing is they don’t insist on converting me. It would be a waste of time.  I like religions who leave people in peace. I had to tell the two ‘sisters’ who live at our complex that I am not going to the Mormon cottage meetings but that I do like the choc-chip cookies that they keep making. One of the girls is from US Texas, the other from NZ. They are so nice and even gave us a little impromptu guitar and singing concert on the pavement in front of their place.

At the Salvos, Helvi wanted to try and buy a narrow set of shelves to put our potatoes and other vegies in underneath the stairs. It has a third toilet. The builder must have had a thing about toilets. I can cope with two, but three? Perhaps he suffered bowel problems. We both noticed a clay horse outside the Salvo shop. It spoke to us. It was only $ 10.-. I took the horse under my arms and went inside to pay for it. What a find. It is beautiful even without its tail and ears.

Helvi went on to look for the shelving and shoes. She likes nothing better than to find a $ 500.- pair of Italian shoes for just $20.-. I went straight for a comfortable chair to sink in with the horse on my lap. I immediately fell asleep. I was tapped on my shoulder. A middle aged woman looked me in the face. ‘Would you like a glass of water?’ I am always pleased when somebody talks to me. There is not enough contact between people. I told her I wasn’t thirsty and explained my wife was looking at shoes. She smiled. I think she understood. Women sometimes have common grounds and shoes might be one of them.

Afterwards I wondered why she thought I might like a drink of water. Was she testing me? Did she think I had passed away with that horse in my lap? It does happen. The horse was a fantastic find. Isn’t it beautiful? Helvi last night made a tail from rope which she plucked out. I will try and get some clay to make ears and bake it into the oven after which they will be glued onto its head.  It is now standing proudly near our front door outside. Milo was a bit suspicious.

I think this horse is beautiful.



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26 Responses to “A horse of clay”

  1. Carrie Rubin Says:

    I love that you leave your book there. I’ve never thought to do that. Maybe I’ll have to take one of my books on the next cruise I go on and slip it into their library. Then I’ll wander away, whistling innocently. 😁

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, I plan to leave my books now at many other places too. Doctor’s surgeries, horse races, St Vincent’s the Paul, Veterinaries’ waiting rooms, The Commonwealth Bank. In fact anywhere that sweetness and kindness might be appreciated.

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  2. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    Gez, I love your stories. In a world so full of avaricious dogs eating each other, the stories are a retreat to peace and kindness.

    Love to you and Helvi

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  3. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    … and Milo 🙂

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  4. janesmudgeegarden Says:

    He’s a very interesting horse despite his lack of ears. I wonder what his origins are?

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  5. pethan35 Says:

    And so I.

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  6. jennypellett Says:

    Yes, I love your horse too. He looks as if from a bygone age…Moghul, maybe? How did he end up at Salvos…he needs a story. 😊📚


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, indeed.
      I think he might have come from Indonesia. While Islam is the main religion there, it is fairly recent. Bali is almost 100% Hindu. On the other hand, perhaps it is Chinese.
      It would have been used as decoration. In any case it is a lovely horse, and I am sure it is happy to be sitting outdoors.

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  7. Dorot Brett Says:

    Fyou authors should be proud of your efforts, and don’t you think your lovely horse complete with ears and a beautiful tail needs to be stuck down with super glue, or a note saying “beware, I kick”.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, that is the only thing that worries me. I still think it was a very hostile act to steal the cyclamen not just once but twice. And then to top it off by suggesting we should move!
      It is their problem to live by, not ours.
      Helvi made the tail and I am going to try and find some clay to restore its ears.

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  8. Julia Lund Says:

    I think it’s lovely. A great find. Long may you both love it.

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  9. Robert Parker Says:

    It’s very nice! looks a bit like the horses from that “Terracotta Army” they dug up in China, I saw some of them on tour.
    Maybe the lady thought you were “feeling faint” No, no water, thank you, “whiskey for me, and beer for my horse.” (that’s from an old cowboy movie “Bite the Bullet”)

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, indeed Robert.

      Its not everyday that one finds a horse at the Salvos. The lady might well have thought that I was unwell and seeing that horse in my lap must have triggered some alarm or aroused her curiosity. I explained my wife was looking at shoes while automatically looking down her blouse. You know how it is. Men are on the look-out for cleavage and women for shoes.

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  10. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    Ha! You make me laugh out loud, Gerard! 😀

    Yes, your new horse IS wonderful! A treasure! If I saw such a horse, I would buy him! I’m so glad you gave him a good home! I love that Helvi made him a new tail and you will make him some ears! 🙂 He reminds me of happy childhood memories of riding the carousel horses! 🙂

    OH, and Milo will get used to Horse eventually. 🙂 (Will you give Horse a name?!)

    OOH! I am so excited about your books being read!!! Keep sharing your books!!! 🙂

    I get all smile-y when I see husbands waiting on wives while wives are shopping. I think they are so sweet to wait so patiently. 🙂

    HUGS for you and Helvi! 🙂
    Gentle PATS for Milo and Horse! 🙂


  11. Yvonne Says:

    I always perk up when I find a new post from you. You make an every day event come so alive. Cheers!

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  12. Curt Mekemson Says:

    It’s a lovely horse, Gerard, regardless of Milo’s suspicion. And a new tail and ears… woohoo! Laughed about your book placement. –Curt

    Liked by 1 person

    • gerard oosterman Says:

      There are lots of places I can leave my books, Curt. For years a man used to write ‘eternity’ on the footpaths of Sydney.
      Many wondered who did this. Many also pondered about its message.
      Finally it was discovered that a reformed alcoholic and returned soldier wrote that message.


      • Curt Mekemson Says:

        An interesting man, Gerard. It’s good to have goals and a passion! 🙂 Leaving books seems like a more worthy plan that writing ‘eternity,’ but who knows? I’ll get back to you on this one in a thousand or so years. –Curt


  13. shoreacres Says:

    That horse is wonderful. Certain elements of its style reminded me of things we find here that come from Mexico, but the colors are too subtle — almost Mediterranean. With a tail and ears, it’s going to give Milo something to ponder. I’m anxious to see it.

    I love your book placements. I have a friend who does something in the same vein. She belongs to a group that writes little poems and tucks them in strange places: like among the cans of beans in the grocery store, or pinned to a garment in a clothing store. Eventually, they’re sure someone will find them, and be amazed at poetry sneaking into commerce.

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  14. gerard oosterman Says:

    There is a tree near our river that has little poems hanging from its branches. I think children are doing it. Perhaps they live in the house adjacent to the tree and near the river. In any case, it is a joy to behold.

    I have almost finished making the tail by encasing Helvi’s yellow string with plaster-cement, narrowing it in size and more in style of the horse. The ears will be next.
    I looked up Mexican horses and you are right. There is a semblance. Perhaps they are smaller in size.


  15. Big M Says:

    A great find. We went to Albury, last week, which meant a visit to a brewery and various wineries. We also took in some junk…..I mean, antique shops. Mrs M got ten dollars off a cast iron pot with lid. We saw one for twice the price the next day. One has to spend money to make money, I guess.

    Yes, keep up the book promos. Almost there would be an enjoyable read for an anxious partner while they wait.


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