Australia needs to pay more tax.




Listening to our politicians one ends up feeling we are paying too much tax. The figures from those whose job it is to come up with clear facts tell a different story. Our Prime Minister is forever ramping up the idea that if we only lower tax, Australia will boom like never before. The slightest hint that already now, with the present level of taxation, we are struggling to keep our hospitals and schools going is met with howls of derision.

We seem to be doing the Fox Trot in tandum with the US where the people are also told the furphy that if only  tax would be lowered, fortunes are there for the taking. Boom times lay ahead for those that will accept taxation lowering, especially for the large Corporations. Now, like a bolt from the sky, canny journalists have discovered that most large Corporations in fact don’t pay any tax. Giving them tax cuts makes little sense.

No, if we would only look at countries that have much better and stronger economies including generous welfare,   pensions, unemployment money, sickness benefits  etc., we would be following the Scandinavian countries, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and many more. All the above countries have much higher overall taxation regimes, including a social tax that pays for welfare.

The opposite can also be shown that lowering tax rates go hand in hand with increasing poverty, decrease quality health services, underfunded education , infrastructure decay, public transport creaking, and much more.

Of course, the lure of lowering tax rates is music to the ears of Corporations and the rich but inevitably will show up with an increase in rough sleeping, social crumbling, and more misery. If you look at low taxation paying countries you will also see increase in incarceration, crime, shootings and  poverty.

Don’t fall for it.


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5 Responses to “Australia needs to pay more tax.”

  1. Tulipels Says:

    So true. Had a business acquaintance over a few months ago from the Netherlands, also a tulip grower. Discussed worldwide politics he made this comment eventually ” I am glad to live in the Netherlands, I pay a lot of tax but at least in general the people well less off, the unemployed and the elderly are reasonably taken care off. Also the education system and healthcare. Not perfect but at least it covers most.

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  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    Some years ago during an election in Sweden a government was chosen on the promise they would NOT lower taxation.

    “But for most Swedes paying high taxes is a benefit, not a problem. ‘I am very happy to pay high taxes because I know I am getting value for the money later on,’ says Valentina Valestany, a 39-year-old legal adviser. She is especially pleased with the school her daughters Westa, 15, and Anastasia, 13, attend. ‘Lunches are free, it was no problem getting in. My daughters receive a very good education and they have great teachers.’ ”

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  3. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    You are so right, Gerard.

    And it’s heartbreaking when schools, hospitals, those who work in helping professions (law enforcement, firefighters, caregivers), etc., are the areas that are cut and caused to suffer…which in turns hurts many citizens…especially those who need those services most. 😦

    1001 followers! Wow! Congratulations! 🙂

    Your garden photo brings such warmth and joy to me on this cold winter night! Thank you! 🙂

    HUGS!!! for you and Helvi!!! 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, the future appears bleak for Australia. Like the US, with each tax cut there will be less revenue going around to pay for the essentials in direct proportion to homelessness, groaning hospital wards, poorly paid pensioners, crumbling infrastructure.

      You are right, Caroline.

      We are fortunate to have our beautiful garden. A haven to withdraw into amidst all the noise and upheavals. This is Helvi’s untiring work. She has a good feeling for what looks nice, especially gardens. Yet, most of what she created is from small cuttings taken from gardens which we pass on our walks.

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  4. rangewriter Says:

    Oh geez. Same silly story over here. People don’t understand all that their tax money provides them with.


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