Does Australia attract ‘hard-line’ diplomats now?

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The appointment by America of Harry Harris as the ambassador for Australia is hardly something I would normally pay much attention to. Of late, community nurses and lymphatic drainage has been much more part of our world. Not a day goes by without a medical event. Even so, we try and keep up with the ‘real’ world. This morning we discovered through Barry Cassidy Insider program,  that the appointment of the Ambassador was welcomed with open arms by both the Libs and Labor. A warm bosom awaits Harry in ‘hard-line’ Australia.

Harry is known for his ‘hard-line’ approach to China. I would have thought that a ‘diplomat’ and ‘hard-line’ were a bit of a contradiction. But, not anymore it seems.  ‘Hard-line’ is very much in and with the Jim Molan as a new senator, also known for fondness of ‘hard-line’, many politicians are scrambling to be at the forefront of ‘hard-liners’. I fear the day both Harry and Jim will meet up. Can we expect more wars and pyrotechnical devices raining down on hapless populations in sandy regions? I think Harry had something to say about China’s sandy diplomacy referring to islands being used by China to build airfields. Not an unreasonable response seeing Asia is surrounded by the US military might.

I don’t know where this fondness for allowing extremism into our political arena comes from. I do admit not knowing anything about both those men. They might well be very nice and honourable. On our ABC ‘The Drum’ I once experienced Jim Molan giving vent to his rather harsh opinion of refugees, especially the survivors of boat people now locked in indefinite detention on Manus and Nauru. He seemed to have a very ruthless and, in my mind, a cold and heartless view, on how to deal with refugees. Recently he posted extreme right anti Islam videos on his blog. It all went through without too much upheaval. I reckon Dutton was heartened by it all. He too is a hard liner.

I so wish Australia would be kinder to China. I don’t notice the Chinese are trying to culturally impose on us. I don’t see the Chinese equivalent of KFC, or Big Quarter Pounder MacDonald’s plastered all over the place. Instead I notice that sometimes the top HSC students often feature students from Eastern backgrounds.

On top of that, I prefer a nice Chop Suey over a foot long Subway.

Read here about Harry. China’s Foe, Australia’s friend.



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16 Responses to “Does Australia attract ‘hard-line’ diplomats now?”

  1. DisandDat Says:

    Molan and Harris, they are both highly decorated hard line war mongerers. Will Oz ever learn and “grow up” a little ? As for China building sand islands. If Oz is so concerned, why are we so stupid by selling them the port of Darwin ??

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      The 99 year lease of the Port of Darwin to a Chinese held company is a much preferred option than allowing the US military stations in Australia. Pine Gap comes to mind.
      Yes, I do agree that a top military leader and commander morphing into an Ambassador seems odd. Has he repented or had a change of heart? Will he have soothing words for Kim Yong- Il ,bring gifts of almonds and myrrh?
      We shall see.

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      • DisandDat Says:

        Couldn’t agree more Gerard but it just shows the big contradiction. Perhaps Oz has a humongous inferiority complex to be constantly sniffing at the rear end of US and getting involved in wars that Oz and the US should keep their noses out of. Pine gap would be a huge target in any large scale brawl. New Zealand has much better policy regarding relations with US not to mention a much better PM.

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      • pethan35 Says:

        This is not so odd and been in fact practiced by Ancient Rome. They sent often generals as their agents in charge of the colonies. This Admiral can put pressure on the Australian government in case we think China is more important to us than the USA. He will not allow any weakness in our defence spending and he will point out how bad and dangerous the Chinese are.

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  2. auntyuta Says:

    You say, Gerard, that you would have thought “that a ‘diplomat’ and ‘hard-line’ were a bit of a contradiction.”
    This is exactly what I would have thought too!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, I thought it strange and never heard of Army Admirals getting to be employed into the diplomatic corps. I thought a more ‘give and take’ mentality would be required. Military men are told never to give up or go back. ‘Fight till the end’ is often the trademark of a good soldier.
      We shall see but I am afraid when it comes to choosing to be friends with the Chinese, Mr Harris might well raise an eyebrow.

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  3. leggypeggy Says:

    ‘Diplomat’ and ‘hard-liner’ are a long way apart.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      That is what I thought. I reckon his appointment reflects Trump’s ideas on where Australia should be heading to. A dated pro US and anti China.
      Of course, history marches on and will prove China to be moving forward, destined to be the new world leader but hopefully without the murderous intent to militarily dominate the world.

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  4. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that chop suey is an American coco toon in the vein of sweet and sour chicken Maryland which legend has it was created in Temora.

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  5. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    So many things in our world are changing…and too many not for the better. 😦
    Thank you for the link. I will go and read it.
    HUGS for you and Helvi! She is still in my thoughts for healing and recovery. ❤


  6. Curt Mekemson Says:

    The only thing you are more likely to experience with Trump appointees beyond right wing credentials, is lack of qualifications…


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