Another day another adventure.

IMG_1087Milo 2017

Each day is an adventure that we have to make happen. It’s not just a matter of jumping jauntily out of bed and hope it might come about.

Last night was one of many evenings when we did not watch TV. The choice was somewhat bleak. A woman told her story of surviving a forty meter jump off a Brisbane bridge and why she did that. We had already read the preambles of her story. She had a problem with a new IT system introduced at her job which she felt she could not cope with. It did not sound very convincing.

This was soon to be followed by a program investigating the dismal failure of our recycling of  glass and bottles. It is used as landfill or being warehoused in huge sheds. To make things worse, some shifty middlemen wearing raincoats and fedora hats, made deals where in order to avoid dumping fees, the mountains of glass got railed or trucked interstate where dumping fees were not charged.

There we were, thinking Australia is finally doing something good by recycling glass while all the time they were importing new glass because it was cheaper. Thousands of tonnes of recycled glass is being dumped or warehoused. What about using the recycled glass into making new bottles even though it does cost more? I thought our ecology was important. We did not really want to watch that program either. It was my birthday after all.

It is hard to make each day an adventure when on top of all that, the Same Sex Marriage act is back into the doldrums. A compulsory plebiscite is on the agenda again. Remember,  in Australia we have compulsory voting! It means we MUST vote on the issue with the threat of punishment if we don’t. The Government in all its ‘non action wisdom’ is now considering if the compulsory plebiscite does not pass the Senate to introduce a postal vote on this SSM issue.

Poll after poll shows, that the choice in allowing all people regardless of sexual preferences of the sexes to marry is overwhelmingly accepted and wanted by the general population.  There is no problem and we can also rest in peace knowing marriage in whatever form or shape won’t be compulsory.

To make the day an adventure regardless of what we get so inundated with by negative news, I feel like going to Luna Park and go around on a great Ferris wheel or go for a ride in the tunnel of ghosts again. Whoop it up with some fairy floss, or just stay put and seek pleasure in the adventure of the daisies, birds and our dog Milo…

What do you think?

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28 Responses to “Another day another adventure.”

  1. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    Hi Gez.

    Sadness is voluntary and the triggers are both real and perceived. Happiness is also voluntary. The triggers are often manufactured but they do not work if one has a propensity to cling to sadness.

    The good news is that neither today or yesterday’s sadness nor happiness set the future in concrete.

    There is no day so crap that cannot be improved by walking the dog – and there is no dog walk that cannot be improved by taking a tennis ball 🙂

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  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    Indeed, Trouserzoff,

    Words of wisdom grown out of experiencing both the sadness and happiness. Could they be symbiotic?
    Each appreciated by experiencing the opposite.

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  3. DisandDat Says:

    We must think alike Gerard. Crap night for TV which on Mondays is usually a good experience. So depressing, bridge jumping for a obscure reason, so sad. Norway recycling plant running our of stuff to recycle while here it gets dumped and brown paper bag types get rich. I wasn’t going to chance it with Q&A possibly making me jump too. As it turned out, it was a extremely important programme. There is always iview. Good on Aunty and SBS, where would we be without them.

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    • berlioz1935 Says:

      I liked Q&A too last night. All participants of the panel were reasonable in their arguments. Our Aboriginals are no Black Panthers. They have been here for 65,000 years they have learnt to have patience especially with us white nutters.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        They sure have the patience, Berlioz. Will recognition in the constitution happen now seeing the reluctance to do anything at all by the Government, except being busy against everything?


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I don’t get the recycling problem eiher, DisandDat. How odd, especially when the State Governments seemed to be unaware of it. Can they sometimes look overseas how that is resolved?
      We missed out on Q&A and just talked about nothing much instead.


  4. leggypeggy Says:

    A walk with the dog sounds the ideal adventure. I know that because Milo told me so.


  5. Amy P Says:

    I just enjoyed a camping trip where I chose to stay away from the news. It was disconcerting for a while but then very refreshing! Maybe we need to get off the grid now and then…

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  6. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    A good JRT will always give you an adventure, that’s their job. Milo looks like he is ready to take you for a walk-


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  7. lifecameos Says:

    I am sure Milo wouldl ove to go to the park, and he could show you how to have a good time there.

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  8. doesitevenmatter3 Says:

    I agree! 🙂

    Aw, Milo is a cutie! 🙂
    My dog’s name is Cooper. He is 8 years old. I got him when he was less than 6 weeks old. He’s a Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix. He loves to play, take walks, nap, eat, and snuggle. 🙂

    Yes, we must find the fun and adventure each day…and if we can’t find any we should create some! 🙂

    I rather get out and about, and in nature, than watch TV, especially the news.

    I say, Go ride that ferris wheel, Gerard! 🙂
    Carolyn 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I remember going in the ghost tunnel and a ferris wheel when in my teens, Carolyn. There also used to be a kind of camera machine that, for a penny, showed you a girl in a swimming costume looking a bit provocative by some kind of flicking photographs mechanism imitating she was actually moving about.
      In those days it was the very heights of eroticism for teenage boys.

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      • doesitevenmatter3 Says:

        I love hearing about this, Gerard! My, how things have changed in the past 50+ years! 😮 🙂
        I remember looking in National Geographic or Photography magazines to see some skin. 😮 😀


  9. Robert Parker Teel Says:

    Had to look up “fairy floss” – – I was visualizing some sort of festive tooth-cleaning experience. Here (New York) they call it “cotton candy” and I’ve been places where it’s “dragon’s beard”. These are important things to know.
    I don’t know where you live, but I saw a video of a “zipline” roller coaster near Sydney, in a forest, that looks like a good ride to shake the news off and clear the mind.

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  10. stuartbramhall Says:

    Recycling bottles is a scam perpetuated by the soft drink and beer industry to try to dissuade local jurisdictions from implementing a deposit on returnable bottles – that’s the only guaranteed way bottles will be recycled. The only really important product to recycle – food waste – comprises nearly half the waste stream and most jurisdictions don’t recycle it. It’s mainly food waste that leads to methane release by landfills and increases global warming.

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  11. Big M Says:

    I always take these reports about ‘recycling is impossible’ with a pinch of salt, I mean, when you look at a whole bunch of products from building insulation to reusable shopping bags, they’re all made, in their millions, from recycled glass, PET bottles, plastics and paper. I could be wrong.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, put a deposit on all containers and stop kids asking for pocket money all the time.
      I am waiting for the days when my grandkids will support Opa and Oma in their frighteningly predicable decline

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      • Big M Says:

        Yes, Opa and Oma deserve some ( financial) succour in their retirement. It could mean the difference between Shiraz and tap water!


  12. shoreacres Says:

    Collecting bottles for the nickel deposit was big business when I was growing up. It wasn’t easy pickings, either. A nickel was a big deal for a kid, and not negligible for an adult, so you had to be sharp-eyed and fast to get even a quarter’s worth. Personally, I’d like to see some values recycled: perseverance; honesty; graciousness; kindness. Oh — and fun. There’s nothing wrong with a little fun now and then. Milo’s there to help out with that.

    You certainly slipped mention of your birthday in quietly. So, it would have been on the 6th? Felicitations! I was trying to think of a nice gift for you, and I decided this would be good. Doc’s as American as it gets, and who doesn’t like a day that’s “Windy and Warm”?

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      That was a lovely gift with felicitations. Thank you ,Linda.
      I liked “windy and Warm”.

      As kids we also collected waste-paper, especially old newspapers. We had an old pram that we lugged the newspapers in to the collection centre which would pay us in cash and all according to weight. I remember taking the coins out of my pockets and counting them.

      It was a marvellous feeling to earn money by getting to do the rounds on the streets asking for old newspapers.
      After a while we got to know people as well. An extra bonus.

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