Dropping a bombshell.


When Cardinal Pell declared some years ago, that the health hazards of homosexuality were worse than that of smoking, he sure showed his cards. The fact that as a priest his anti gay stance drove young aspiring men to suicide did not seem to trouble him the least.

Pell will get his trial and no matter the outcome, the catholic church is receiving a king-hit right now. It cannot risk losing support from their own staunchly conservative anti-gay, anti same sex marriage of ‘true’ believers, nor from those that were hoping that this new Pope would finally steer the church into a more progressive direction. It is a real dilemma and a nightmare. One can just imagine the battles being fought between the younger progressive cardinals and the concreted conservatives. I would not be surprised it coming to fisticuffs with mitres flying about, littering the Vatican’s corridors.

I reckon the Pope would have been tossing and turning last night. A restless sleep. He needs all the advice that his most trusted cardinals can muster. The whole Vatican must now be seething with anxiety, lawyers getting copies of briefs, ready for the Melbourne procedures. It is clear that Pell’s TV appearance last night was already pointing out at great lengths that ‘character assassination’ and ‘media gossip’ will be used as one of his best modes of defence. It might be argued that his trial cannot possibly be fair when so many allegations of sexual abuse have already been ‘relentlessly’ aired and tried by the media. Against that is the belief that ‘no-one’ is above the law, not even the Pope.

My own parents gave it all a miss many years ago. Mum reckoned she would have used the pill if available in earlier years. She was a great supporter of her own children later on choosing the number of children they wished to have. It begs the question, if the pill would have been available in my parents time, some of us might now not be here to tell the tale! The bombshell when I announced my plan to travel to Finland to get married was received with total mayhem and utter despair. “You used to be such a nice young man, Gerard,” was what my still fervently believing catholic inspired mum told me. Dad was more understanding or just less orthodox. Either way, the idea of marrying a girl they never met, was  much less of an issue than the fact she wasn’t ‘catholic.’ It was one of the most irritating questions we were asked by mother, when dating a girl; Is she Catholic?

I would like to think that my trip to Finland might well have been the catalyst in their slide-down into becoming ex-Catholics or non-believers. It was slow in coming but gathered speed as the years went by. It had a liberating effect on my parents. The final knock-out blow to their Catholicism was delivered years later, when they watched a TV segment whereby their former ‘nice-boy Gerard’ was interviewed about his recent vasectomy. There could not have been a more enthusiastic supporter for the cut to the vas deferens, than my mother.

The surgeon was Barbara Simcock. I read years later that she performed thousands of vasectomies.  What she doesn’t know about testicles is just not worth writing about. The seventies was just the beginning. Vasectomies become so popular the term vasectomania was used. It still is the preferred method for male contraception. Just type in ‘vasectomy’ and one gets the most mouth watering invitation from dozens of clinics offering a host of very tempting procedures. One even offers a three-day trip on a luxury liner.


The mind boggles.


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22 Responses to “Dropping a bombshell.”

  1. Carrie Rubin Says:

    Snip, snip.

    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

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  2. bkpyett Says:

    It seems the whole country is holding its breath and hoping justice can be done! I do hope the media doesn’t give Pell the excuse to be let off the charges. Good to read your wise words, Gerard!

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  3. Robert Parker Teel Says:

    I missed the movie “Spotlight” when it came out two years ago, and just finally watched it. (This was based on the Boston Globe’s investigation of child sex abuse by priests). The next morning, the news was about Cardinal Pell. The institution seems incapable of policing itself, so the police will have to do it instead. I’m thinking not so much about a snip, as how many need the chop.

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  4. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    Fiddling with kiddies
    And sticking it in
    Is looking quite like
    A cardinal sin.
    How clever of Gez
    To be spreading the news
    About lads with snipped gonads
    Out on the high seas
    All taking a cruise.

    No thanks to my parents for
    Calling me “Mick”
    But thanks to the godess
    I’m sure not Cathlik

    I was safe from the paedos
    The priestly perv louts
    And my well informed Dad
    Kept me out of the scouts.

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  5. Christine Says:

    Gerard, you probably read about the surgeon who was felled by a “king hit” at a hospital entrance. He later died.

    As a “king hit” is the coward’s punch, perhaps you didn’t mean to imply that the Roman Catholic church has received a deadly, unexpected blow.

    Let’s be compassionate non-believers
    and consider the families of those killed by cowardly punches,
    before casually using the violent term “king hit”.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Christine, the term ‘king-hit’ dates back to the seventies.

      Top Definition. King Hit.

      “A term widely used in Australia. A very hard punch, usually … King Hit. This phrase was made famous in Australia in the 1970’s-80’s.”

      It recently has been used to describe ‘one punch hits’ that in some cases tragically resulted in death.

      I did not imply that someone should be physically assaulted by a one punch hit. I am sorry that you construed it in that way.

      Colourful language perhaps, but certainly not a wish to kill someone nor disrespect for anyone tragically killed by a coward’s punch.

      What did you think of all the horrors of sexual assaults proven and perpetrated on children by so many priests or clergy of all denominations?

      Semantics; the study of language and changing of meanings.

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  6. Big M Says:

    It’s a pity Dr Simcock couldn’t have excised some priestly underparts some years back. Would have saved much suffering.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      The crisis is deepening, Big M.
      In the meantime, film scripts and books are feverishly being written as I write.

      The continuing allegations and attention of so many priests having sexually abused children or knowingly hidden the facts is not doing much good for faith in religion.

      Dr Simcock retired long ago. I hope she looked back with great satisfaction on the good work she did.


  7. elisabethm Says:

    En, ben je met een Finse getrouwd?

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  8. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Having inherited a wonderful pair of teenagers, I saw no reason to make my own and quickly submitted to the surgeon’s scapel, Gerard.
    “Snip, snip,” to quote Carrie.
    As for the Catholic priests, they have certainly taken their hits in the US for their wandering ways. And even worse than the crime, has been covering up of the crime and allowing it to continue. The Church deserves what it is getting for that.
    Maybe, the bottom line is that celibacy isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Allowing priests to marry or be openly gay might go a ways toward solving the problem. Or as St. Augustine noted, “Dear Lord, please make me chaste, but not yet.” –Curt

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      It had still some curiosity value, Curt, hence the TV interview about my vasectomy during 1972. Apart from the public, my mother and the local butcher had seen this segment as well. It is the closest I came to being a celebrity. 😉 The butcher of course made some disparaging remarks, connecting sausages and vasectomy.

      The TV interview was silly. It was made out as if I had climbed Mount Everest or invented the wheel.

      I had to give a ‘sample’ six weeks later at a pathologists’ practice in Sydney. It was a bleak experience. A nice girl behind the counter offered me a glass screw-top jar, and told me I had an hour in which to produce it. The room was carpeted and had some furniture including a reclining chair and some glamour magazines. It was so anti-erotic. I knew it was going to be difficult, not least because on the wall was a garishly green picture of an Egyptian Queen. The air in the room smelled strange, perhaps a mixture of talcum powder and stale perspiration.

      As the time ticked by I could not conjure up much in the way of an aid in depositing my (hopefully) sterile something inside the cold uninviting glass jar. Can you imagine my dilemma?
      The idea of men having sat in this same reclining chair before me put me right off my oats.
      I then thought of the girl behind the counter. I did not want to disappoint her.

      The magic of ‘mind over matter’ triumphed. I had twenty minutes left before the next patient. I even enjoyed a short post-coital shut-eye before I gave the girl behind the counter my sample.


      • Curt Mekemson Says:

        What a man! I had to go through the ordeal as well, Gerard. Fortunately, it was in the 90s. No media interest then. But there was the sterile room. I think that they had offered erotic magazines if needed. As I recall, I didn’t. Glad the girl behind the counter was inspiring. –Curt

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        It was a strange surreal experience. Afterwards in the lift down I wondered if people realised what I had been doing half an hour earlier.


  9. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    It seems a suitable time to insert the name of John Bobbitt.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Well researched, Kayti.

      I had forgotten about this event. The wife must have been so furious after all the abuse. I can’t help but think of all the police poking the grass trying to find husband’s penis thrown out of the car-window into a field by the wife.
      The ex-husband, John Bobbitt, some years later worked as a minister of a religeon and marriage celebrant. I wonder if he gave sage advice to the brides’ future husbands?


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