Putin for President?

untitledPutin and Oliver Stone

Last night’s TV watching is what I could do with every night. Forget about all those Master Chefs or Building UK modern houses, or even those new  incomprehensible English crime shows, which are so lost in loud music and serious and significant sideway cast glances by  main actors, that any attention the viewer had intended to give, is soon surrendered over to despair. The Putin- Oliver Stone interview was rivetingly watchable. Not a stir-fry in sight nor a double glazed window. A different kettle of fish.

Of course, Oliver Stone is not known for loving the Republican side of US politics. His keen-eyed  movies and scripts never fail to impress those who are  inclined to be cynical about much of what the US is purporting to stand for. i.e. ” US style  Democracy.” A short version of which is, ‘if you are not with us you are against us,’ and we will hunt/bomb you down mercilessly, and find ways to fill up more of our privately run prisons. I suspect that Oliver Stone might well have been put under scrutiny in the US more than once.

There is a bit of a story attached to Oliver Stone. We actually met him many years ago. Our daughter was working for RoadShow which at the time of the mid eighties promoted and featured upcoming movies. Our daughter, Susanna, was charged with people associated with a particular upcoming movie, to be looked after. This often included booking accommodation for interstate or overseas people associated with a newly released movie. It was a demanding job but she was very good at it. During the mid eighties, one of those overseas guests was Oliver Stone who had just finished making ‘El Salvador.’

We had already seen  Midnight Express of which the script was written by Oliver Stone in the late seventies. At the time that movie was already controversial and even banned in Turkey. With the arrival of El Salvador in 1986, his skill as both scriptwriting and film producer were already well established. We we were not al all familiar with many films but we did go to movies occasionally. Our daughter managed to sometimes get free tickets and so it was with the  showing of El Salvador at a theatre in Paddington, of which I have forgotten it’s name. Perhaps it was called The Dandy, or some similar silly name. Both our daughter and us decided to see that movie on a weekday. A normal day.

As we queued up for the tickets, Susanna was poked in the ribs by someone behind her. When she turned around, her gaze was met by Oliver Stone whom she apparently had me at the Roadshow office several times already.  She laughed and after a bit of a talk with him, introduced us to  him. “These are my parents, Helvi and Gerard”, she must have said. The exact details of word order might well have been a bit different.  It could just as easily have been; “This is Oliver Stone, these are my parents.” It has been so many years ago! We shook hands, he had large hands.

Anyway, we sauntered in. ( ‘sauntering in,’ is what people do, slowly entering cinemas or church services but not train carriages. We ‘enter or push into’ rail carriages. The movie was very terrifying of how things can go so badly wrong from one moment to the other. We exited the cinema in a haze of incredulity. How could that have happened?  We did not see Oliver Stone ever again, except through his movies. He must have got out earlier. He perhaps wanted to find out how his movie was received in Australia with a different audience.

The interview with Putin is what really made me ponder the pity of it all. Why not have a Putin for US president? Such erudite reasoning. Oh, those direct answers. No aggrandisement nor pursing of lips. And above all, his understanding of the US. At one stage seemingly knowing more about US trade deficits than even Oliver Stone.

On the other hand, Oliver Stone does enjoy the freedom of critical  exposing the US in his movies. We know so little about Russia, much of it mangled by US propaganda. I was in Russia for a short period and loved it.

Even so,  a Putin for US president would be a way forward compared with the present one.

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11 Responses to “Putin for President?”

  1. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    Yeah, it was an incredibly interesting exchange. The thing that troubles me is that he seemed like such a decent leader, well in touch and smart as a whip, but the burial locations of people who have opposed him are many – something of a Russian tradition.

    I was intrigued by his detailed economics knowledge and …. the fact that he took to the ice. Can you imagine playing opposite ? Not me man, no way am I going to block him and put the boot in to Putin.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Therese.
      He took to ice-skating/hockey. He swims every day but sleeps a steady 7 hours each night. No philandering that I know of nor surrounds himself with blondes that flick hair to the side. His hands are always above the table and things appear above board at all times.
      He is a Trouserzon at all times.


  2. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Very interesting post. Yes Putin at this point knows more about the US than the present Model T. Our government is in shambles because now Russia has made some inroads and the GOP doesn’t want to admit that we have a bummer as president. There are so many fingers in the pie that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing or saying. Its pitiful. I can’t watch the news anymore- it was making me ill.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I doubt Trump will see the year out. I do hope things will improve. Life has a way of balancing things out. However, accidents do happen too. It was interesting to hear Putin’s theory on Nato which he regards as an organisation that seeks to find adversaries that they can then wage war against.
      Has there ever been a time when the US with allies did not wage war somewhere? Australia has just decided to send more troops to Syria. The madhouse continues.
      I like cooking.

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  3. stuartbramhall Says:

    I had no idea Oliver Stone directed Midnight Express. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time.

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  4. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    We did not see the interview, but it is apparent that Putin knows more about our government than the Trumpian crew. Putin is an enigma. On one side, a calm intelligent leader, but the death toll in his wake is a little disturbing. I believe there are s number of interviews in the offing, so it will be interesting. Oliver Stone is a brave man! (grin)


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, his calmness impressed us. He never winced or evaded the question, often outdoing Mr Stone on historical details. A straight talker, calm and collected.

      He has popular support, but also a side whereby opponents claim mysterious disappearances of enemies., but who knows?

      Cloak and daggers everywhere. It is best to stick to growing daisies and coffee sipping, Kayti.

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  5. DisandDat Says:

    Putin is like eye fillet steak compared to sausage mince Trump and our own sinking ship’s captain here in Australia.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Putin seems like the man next door. No blaring trumpets or blowing of bugle. We of course know nothing about him except that what we are fed by the ‘media.’ So, trying to get close to the man, the interview by Oliver Stone is as good as anything to try and get a grip on Putin as a man.


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