A normal day with a solid ‘like.’

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Has anyone had a normal day lately? It seems to me that we are forever being whipped up by news. Yet, newspapers are going broke. When is the last time you bought a newspaper? I find it almost impossible to get to the news. My computer’s home page offers a constant stream of fake News. The latest ‘News’ offering was the promise of pictures of the Australian woman being held in Colombia’s Bogota jail accused of cocaine smuggling. It promised to be  pictures of her living in that jail. However, when I clicked on the item the only news-item shown were advertisements for shoes and perfume. You see,  the photo is just a lure to entice one buying things.  I suppose, if one persists the promised pictures might eventually appear. But by then I had lost interest.

We watch the National Broadcaster (ABC) for news. Even there, one has to trawl through a constant stream of advertisements before arriving at the news. The SBS channel is still watchable but only just and mainly because it does give you a wider range of international news and above all,  much less cricket and football. So, in summing up; with all the electronic instant-ness about everything, true news is lacking. Commerce has taken over news and perhaps it was always thus.

There is CNN, The Guardian and a few others where one can find some reliable news. It is getting harder though. There are wild allegations that Putin is throwing the spanner amongst countries’ elections for new heads of state. Hackers are stealing megabytes and distributing millions of e-mails everywhere. I too sometimes get mysterious e-mails that don’t make sense. Some that are putting ‘likes’ on my blog turn out to be selling something, or worse, allure to dalliances of which I am not keen. I have heard sad stories of  people getting involved in IT romantics that cost  them their live savings.  A while ago an experienced and savvy bank manager was interviewed on TV. A sad story unfolded whereby he got caught being fleeced by a Nigerian scam on the internet.  He thought it was true love. He told his story as a warning to others.

I very much doubt though that nerdy looking Russian hackers will ever feverishly go over my blog or trawl through my e-mails. No one seems to want to capitalise or exploit me. It makes one think of the insignificance of it all. I don’t even get the chance in saying; “I am deeply humbled by this occasion.” It seems to be the latest most popular answer from people in the lime-light or from those on a stage clutching a trophy or an award.

I was astonished to be offered a batch of three hundred ‘likes’ for a mere $490.-US. That’s right. One can buy blog ‘likes’ now the same as butter or a herring. A while ago, I read a post by someone I knew some years ago. He was always a bit Hollywood and very fond of driving around in expensive  cars with personalized car number plates. He planned a new job by charging people to help improve their ‘status.’  He set up a web-site and asked shamelessly for possible readers to put a ‘like’ on his web-site. He hoped this would help setting up the business.

I do appreciate likes on my own blog but I am pretty sure they are mainly genuine.  I would not remotely consider asking for a ‘like’. I know that people give ‘likes’ and hope for a return ‘like’ on own blogs. Perhaps, we should have a ‘dislike’ symbol as well. It is all so flimsy and silly. Even so, it would be less than honest to admit that I don’t enjoy getting a nice solid ‘like’.

It does perk one up during the day after all the fake ‘news.’

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37 Responses to “A normal day with a solid ‘like.’”

  1. lifecameos Says:

    I must say that I do not post my writing or anywhere outside WordPress, there is no knowing where it will end up or what will be done with it. I have also recently culled a few of my “follows’ as they were tedious or repetitive, and often lengthy as well. I am no longer surprised when I find someone starting to “follow” me is trying to sell something.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, that’s right. The world is awash with sales techniques and giving ‘likes’ sometimes is a plea to buy something. Also I noticed that when you google something like holidays or cars, one gets immediate advertisements from cruise liners or Japanese cars. They somehow get the wind that you might be gullible enough to part with your money.
      It’s spooky.

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  2. jennypellett Says:

    Well, it’s a big fat solid real ‘like’ from me. I can’t believe people would buy a like to increase perceived interest on their blog. How sad is that? They must be the sort of people who think they have a thousand ‘friends’ on Facebook. And you are so right…you get to recognise the weasels who visit our blogs, leave their ‘appreciation’ hoping that we’ll visit them and be lured into a purchase. I’d love to be able to press a ‘dislike’ button, it would make my day👍😉

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, some time ago I noticed batches of likes for sale. It’s a crazy world out there. Often very lonely. Still, the world of IT does provide contact with many good people which you would otherwise miss out on.
      I am glad to have met many through the internet.
      It’s odd that there is only the ‘like’ button but I expect if a dislike button was available waves of hate would well up. There is already a tsunami of internet trolls and bullying on-line available.

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  3. leggypeggy Says:

    Just recently I read that you could buy likes and followers. Geez, how needy are some people? I suppose it’s all chasing the advertising dollar.

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  4. yeahanotherblogger Says:

    Here’s a solid LIKE.
    Good essay.

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  5. Carrie Rubin Says:

    People can buy ‘likes’ now? 😳 I thought buying Amazon reviews was bad enough. This takes it to a whole new level.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Carrie.
      It’s something when one has reached a level of social interaction when the need to bolster the self-image by being in the market to buy ‘likes.’
      But, look at all those taking selfies. Totally unself-consciously they stick up the IPhone and take a picture of themselves . How weird is that?
      Can’t they go home and look in the mirror?

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  6. beautifulbarbadosblog Says:

    Life is one big STORE dear. Anyway, here is a genuine ‘like’. Have a normal day!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, normality is so in at the moment. It used to be boring but now people are on the streets looking for ‘normal.’ It’s not easy.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        I met a man just this morning. He was sitting in the park adjacent to a small creek that runs at the back of our place. He looked so sad. I sat down and he told me he lost his only ‘like’.

        His wife had destroyed this only ‘like’ because he hadn’t put the lid back on the biscuit jar. “The Arnott’s biscuits had gone a bit soggy overnight,” he said.

        I consoled him, adding “what a brutal act of marital revenge”. “But in marriage you have to always live in the kitchen of give and take.” I said sagely and with experience.

        I always carry some likes with me in an attaché case. I offered to share one. It made his day. He was happy. I detected a glint of a tear in the corner of his eye. ” I’ll go home and apologize,” he said bravely. “She does make the best rissoles,” he added.

        I wished him all the best.

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  7. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Here’s a solid”like” with my compliments on a great job!

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  8. excellence Says:

    Here’s a solid LIKE.
    Good Post.


  9. thetinypotager Says:

    I agree … and just as you say, I hope that if my site does get a like, it meant that person has genuinely read and enjoyed the post 🙂


  10. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    I’m real!


  11. shoreacres Says:

    It’s funny to watch the “likes” appear when I first post. Particularly on “The Task at Hand,” there’s no way someone could have read the post before liking — even skimming would be impossible in under a minute. So it goes. I added a “like” button to my new photo blog, where it seems appropriate. Otherwise, I delight in comments, and would rather leave a comment than a “like.” Just my little quirk.

    I heard a sad tale today of a woman who lost US $131,000 to some guy who claimed to be with the Army or Marines or some service branch in Afghanistan. He told her every story in the book, apparently: including not having money to get home. I don’t understand people who empty their bank accounts for strangers-with-a-story, but it happens frequently.

    As for buying “likes,” it’s been going on for some time. The same thing happens on Twitter. You can buy Twitter followers 25,000 at a time. What it costs, I’m not sure.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, that seems to happen regularly here too. Some people are totally mesmerized when it comes to possible romance. Loneliness plays a role in that, I feel.

      A bank manager was brave enough to talk on TV about his large financial losses given to some shyster he met through the internet. Not just once but transferring large amounts on a regular bases.

      Another case was a woman who police tried to stop at the airport from travelling to meet her lover in Amsterdam. She could not be stopped even though the police knew it was a scam.
      She was murdered after arrival and all her possessions stolen.

      With ‘likes’ on articles, I do not have any wish to disable ‘likes’. It works both ways. If the giver and the receiver of likes get some satisfaction out of it. It might relieve isolation and could give the feeling of a connection.

      It comes free after all.


  12. mirandavoice Says:

    I have shared your veiws on my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MyOfficialDiary

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  13. Don White Says:

    hahaha … normal day .. what is that ?

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  14. shoreacres Says:

    You know what I like, Gerard? TimTams! I was happily cruising down the grocery store aisle, and there they were. I had no idea why the name seemed familiar, but when I saw they were from Australia, I figured you had written about them. Anyway, I brought a package home and had one. Two. Well, ok. Three. I have them hidden now, so I don’t eat the whole package. But of course I know where they are.

    And….. speaking of Australia, I haven’t made it there yet, and don’t expect to, but my credit card did. When I got my statement yesterday, there were Netflix charges from Australia — not to mention the foreign transaction fee. They were from Melbourne. Crazy.
    Of course the card is cancelled, and likewise the charges — I must say, being able to straighten out such a thing on a Sunday afternoon (in five minutes) is remarkable.

    Anyway, my day has turned into a think-of-Australia day. That’s not a normal day, but it’s a solid like!

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  15. gerard oosterman Says:

    Oh, TimTams, Linda?
    They are a National Institution together with vegemite here in Australia.
    To have found those in Texas is a sign of an extraordinary non-normal day.

    Have no fear and take four TimTams, Linda. Tell them gerard approved!

    Hope you were not taken by an Australian scam. Good you managed to fix that so quickly.

    Normal days are so rare now.


  16. Big M Says:

    Yes, a colleague and I were sharing how much we enjoy a normal day, just vacuuming or getting yhrough the mulching pile without have to bail out adult offspring, or trouble shoot the wifi modem. One like each.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Big M.
      Bailing out off spring is now the norm. I was hoping to get bailed out by them but it will be a long time coming.
      We used to do it with my parents.
      Still, I am determent to have a normal day today. By hook or by crook.


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