The Evil within



Grand dad Oosterman design of church window

A must read, especially considering the stance some of us take on Islam and Muslims. I do hope Pauline Hanson and her cohorts of ‘One Nation’ reads this before she start ranting  again about the evils of Islam or Sharia law. Even Geert Wilders in Holland should try and get a grip on what’s happenings around our own neck of the woods.

Here some excerpts of above article;

“Having listened to the testimony from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse I realise that I wasn’t the sort of boy the paedophiles were ever likely to be interested in: I wasn’t vulnerable enough. My mother asked too many questions.

In my 20s and 30s, I used to joke about surviving the full Catholic “catastrophe” (apologies to Zorba): strapped by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart until the age of nine, in 1974 I was handed-over to the Marist Brothers to be socialised and institutionalised through violence.”

“Many of the brothers were outright sadists. One comes immediately to mind. I well remember being hauled out in front of the other boys in Year 4 and repeatedly caned for submitting a piece of artwork which he had deemed inadequate.

The artwork in question was meant to be a bulldog, made from a discarded cotton spool and two bits of coloured cardboard. I was eight and the brother had determined that I should be made an example of.

There were many of his ilk — Brother Francis, Brother Casmir — grown men who thought nothing of using a leather strap or length of cane on a boy until the child not only cried, but occasionally pleaded in front of his classmates for the punishment to stop.”

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8 Responses to “The Evil within”

  1. lifecameos Says:

    A truly appalling story which must have been repeated in catholic populations in all countries around the world. Certainly the same type of revelations are being made here, Catholic brothers are being charged in courts of law when the police can get the survivors to find the strength to come forward.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      A grim story repeated all over the world. I wonder how the churches will survive this?
      My mother certainly was surprised to find out her children were assaulted and caned at the Catholic school back in 1956. When she protested, she was ignored.
      Many parents thought it was OK.
      Even today, Australia still has many single sex schools.

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      • lifecameos Says:

        Yet the Catholic church still has a vast membership around the world compared to other churches. I wonder if the church will continue to hide their paedophiles or continue to hide them ?

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      With all that I am surprised so little is being done. If those thousands of acts of abuse against children by the church would have been classified as terrorists acts, I am sure the cathedrals would by now have been bombed to smoking piles of rubble.

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  2. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    Grim reading. The nuns in my convent were rough (a great deal of slapping) and unkind, but nothing worse as far as I know.


  3. Says:

    Such massive sexual abuse by the Catholic Church did also take place especially in Ireland, more info here:

    I do not know similar grave stories related to the Protestant church which allows marriages a.s.o. for its priests.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      The abuse of children was world wide and systemic in catholic institutions. The English church wasn’t spared nor are some of the most exclusive private schools. In Australia the King’s College is now implicated. This is one of the most exclusive schools in Australia. Very ‘Private’ indeed.

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  4. Patti Fogarty Says:

    Oh my god if you get me started on this topic I’m afraid there will be no stopping.


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