A good sleep

IMG_0918 front garden August 2016

Is it true that the elderly sleep less? As much as I dislike starting an article about sleep, I wonder about it? So much depends on a good sleep. One of the first thing we ask each other; how was your sleep?  Or, how did you sleep? I know that if the answer is “terrible” we could be in for a torrid day. With the years piling up, more and more memories and life’s baggage gets stored. You wonder if losing a bit of memory is a blessing in disguise.

I have become more forgetful, especially names. It is something that worries some but not me. I have no trouble admitting I don’t know a single name of a recent Olympic champion. I remember Zatopek and Fanny Blankers Koen from the past. I don’t know the name of even a single rugby player of today.  Sport and I are Teflon coated. Water off a ducks back, and gladly so. I feel sorry for all those ex-champions having to cope with a future life without fame, all fading away into so much nothingness. Like all of us really. One ought to be thankful for lacking fame.

We have both keenly taken to a large memory calendar on which we write down future appointments. One of our first appointment will be getting quotes for air conditioning. Next, yearly check ups for doctors, poking around a bit here and there. A hearing check up. That’s all there is so far. I hope to get more interesting appointments written down soon. A date for a trip around the world on a large cruise-liner would be nice. Or, being interviewed about having won a literary competition. Oprah Winfrey talk show invitation?

So far this large desk-top calendar has just those few appointments. No dinner dates or meeting up with our PM Turnbull nor any undertaker. I wonder if he suffers sleepless nights? He isn’t a happy man anymore. Being at the mercy of the extreme charlatans of the right. He must have had a dream for change. Make Australia progressive. Pass legislation hurling Australia into the twenty first century. Even the same sex marriage bill, which most want, including our PM, is now slipping away. Why doesn’t he have the guts of his convictions and go for needed change? He might loose his Prime ministership, but he can say; I tried!

No appointment needed for the date with autumn. A few golden-auburn Liquid Amber (Liquidambar styraciflua)  leaves have arrived already. We can’t get to cooler weather soon enough. We are now troubled by having seen a very nice free-standing house opposite where we live. It has a beautiful garden and a workshop-cum extra little living space (for times during marital upheavals/differences/ enthusiastic outbursts.) It has its own men’s shed really!  I could finally make a rabbit hutch. The house itself has more space. Above all, it would allow us to get away from the Body corporate and its Strata witchcraft. No more stolen plants or bullying threats from ropable divorcées.

We really like living in this town-house. It is convenient and so much work  Helvi put in the garden. The problem is that old trees don’t easily get re-planted elsewhere. Are we old trees? While not saplings, we don’t feel like gnarled oaks. What do you reckon? Should we move? It would be rather painless moving across the road and being able to give the ‘finger-up’ to Body Corporate/Strata witches. Mind you, retaliation isn’t an answer to bullying.

What do youse reckon?


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36 Responses to “A good sleep”

  1. bkpyett Says:

    Sleep is essential for well being! Without it I’m irritable, to put it mildly! Gerard, I shall be interested to hear whether you decide to cross the road! It sounds as if you’d enjoy the extra space, but especially appreciate not having the Body Corporate telling you what you can and can’t do. Moving is such a massive task! Good luck if you choose to go ahead!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      We shall see, Barbara.

      Had a semi-good sleep. This possible house move and ghosts of the past still rummage around. I got up at 4am heated some milk and mixed a spoonful of honey in it.
      However, the milk and honey mix curdled and became very lumpy. I had to chuck it down the sink. It then would not go through the hole and I had to push it manually down. All this at 4am.
      I would not have liked to wake up later on dealing with this solidified mess.

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      • berlioz1935 Says:

        It is my experience that the milk curdles if you add it after the honey. If I get up at 4 am and make myself a drink I will never get to sleep again. I wish you a good sleep tonight.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        The milk would have been close to getting past its time, Berlioz. It is the first time this has happened. I drank the same milk afterwards and it tasted fine. The mix with honey was after I had warmed the milk.

        When the demons wake me up, I often drink some milk. It helps and prefer this to taking any medication.
        I’ll have a good sleep tonight. Thanks for your wish, Peter.

        The storms have swept through here with a vengeance, clearing all in its path. Wonderful!


  2. Yvonne Says:

    I reckon you should seriously consider the move. Does that place have air conditioning and good insulation? If so, it’s a done deal. I’m a much older tree than you and Helvi and have transplanted very nicely.

    It’s staying unpleasantly warm-hot here in NE Victoria. It’s mighty hard to sleep well at night, and I look like a wreck every morning! 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      We just had another look, Yvonne. Helvi likes it even more. She was already figuring out where to put the robes and our old farm furniture. It is a good sign! I like the shed and spare room next to the garage.
      The bathrooms have little lights running vertically down on each sight of the mirror which Helvi doesn’t like at all. I told her they could easily be removed.
      Plenty of roof space for solar and Milo could bark his head off. ( so could I)
      Here is the house. What do you reckon?


      Good to hear you transplanted so nicely. The heat is horrendous again today.

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      • auntyuta Says:

        I just noticed the link, Gerard. Looks great! I wish you and Helvi luck with following your dream.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        We had another big talk and decided to let go. Our present set-up is very comfortable and a bigger house isn’t all that necessary.
        Autumn is on its way, and the garden that Helvi made over the last few years would be sorely missed.
        As for the Strata bitches. Who cares?


  3. auntyuta Says:

    To get away from “Body Corporate/Strata witches”, I’d say: Go for it!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Uta. We had another look and like it, we might have to give an offer and see what happens. At least we will know where we are without having to remember how to get to the street. 😉

      Moving is nerve wrecking though. The idea of the routine of socks, shoes and kitchen things being in different places again!


      • auntyuta Says:

        I am looking forward, Gerard, to hear what this place across the road has to offer apart from not being under Body Corporate/Strata rules and providing a men’s shed. For instance: How big is it really and how expensive? How much work in the garden would be involved?
        Whenever you end up having things in different places it shouldn’t take too long before you get used to it! 🙂

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Helvi is most impressed by what you are saying, Uta.

        She is worried about fitting all the furniture even though the house has more walls and is bigger. I try to convince her about the extra walls, but she has a mental image of how it would look. She looks at me with fiery eyes of defiance and I just crumble a bit.

        Logic doesn’t play a big role here, Uta.

        She told me; ‘ You won’t be able to sit down so much anymore. The garden needs much work.’ Are you up to that?

        The word ‘anymore’ really bugs me. I don’t sit a lot, but take naps.

        What’s going on here?


      • Christine Says:

        Good luck with this, Gerard. I hate to think you’ve been subjected to unpleasantness. (A tiny bit of ‘retaliation’ – not so bad). Moving across the way sounds good to me.

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  4. Yvonne Says:

    Yes, that looks excellent. If it feels right, you should make an offer.

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  5. Dorothy Brett Says:

    Gerard and Helvi, it sounds like an answer to all those horrible events you have to shoulder now and again.

    If I was you I would go for it, is it Ascot Road and I can try to find it on line.

    I’m excited for you.

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  6. gerard oosterman Says:

    Hi Dorothy,
    The link is higher up on this post. (12 Ascot Rd, Bowral.)
    We are excited.

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  7. lifecameos Says:

    This is a hard choice. Try to take the long view about what will make your happier in the end. Good luck.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I am sure, it will be a good move. Helvi is just deeply concerned about the implication of moving and the fitting of our furniture. Much of it has been with us for decades and the pieces are so much part of our life together. A history story really.

      Much of it from our previous life in Holland when our children were young.

      The travails of the bullying body corporate body did take its toll. Who would have thought people could be so callous?

      I thought with ageing a benevolence would settle on the elderly. Perhaps they went to ‘private schools’?

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, the choice is not easy. At the moment the deal is off. We both got up at 4am again and had another thought about it. We talked and considered all of it again.

      The move and the work involved, even though only tiling in the lounge/dining area, with installing insulation and air conditioning is daunting us.

      Helvi feels overwhelmed and doesn’t really think it is worth it. The idea of shifting, even though just across the road but considering we are heading towards an even older age, we decided to let go.

      My enthusiasm for lawn-mowers and the lithium battery cordless vacuum-cleaner is getting less. It comes with age.

      The Body Corporate and its nasty Strata members we will ignore. Last time, about three weeks ago, I came close to kneeing (84y) one of them in the groin. Helvi warned me I could end up in jail and should not ever think of doing that. She is much better at totally ignoring them.

      So, that is the latest.

      Was this insight a timely epiphany?

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      • lifecameos Says:

        Good luck. I have turned 70 and even though I have moved house a number of times, and travelled overseas after putting much in storage, I just do not want to move ever again, even though I know exactly what to do. I hope you can make it work where you are.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Thank you. We will go forward with strength and fortitude. Just had a huge hail storm with golf ball sized hail stones belting our roof. There must be car damage everywhere.


  8. Big M Says:

    It is a pretty little house, and Bowral is a lovely town, even if the hedges are a tad too perfect. Bodies corporate can be like bloody bowling clubs, with matters raised at meetings related to inappropriate use of the cheese wheel at morning tea. Yes, get away from the (b) witches. Ill even drive down to help you move!!

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  9. happy go lucky Says:

    Go for it I say. The place looks wonderful. Would be great to give the thumbs down to those nasty divorcees with a gerimander of the Strata committee. Get Milo to drop them a parcel !! If the home is bigger and has more wall space, Helvi shouldn’t have a worry. The question is, will it be to Milo’s approval ! The actual move, normally a wretched event but will be a less tedious task to just moving across the road. Yes the beautiful garden will keep you busy. You can always get hired help with the big jobs.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, but as I wrote above. We have given up on it. The agent will be told our offer is now off the table. We just haven’t got the exuberance for moving again.
      We have a nice home as it is. Why the bother.?


  10. jennypellett Says:

    The house looks beautiful – I clicked through on the link above. Light and airy, lovely garden – and away from your current horrible neighbours. Hope it goes well for you 😉

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  11. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    I’m too far away to advise. Good luck!

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  12. shoreacres Says:

    I’m glad to read that after more consideration, you’ve decided to stay put. Moving is a terrible hassle, and part of the problem with this sort of move is that you’d be so close to your current digs, any little thing that wasn’t just right would remind you of where you were so happy — in a place that you would see on a regular basis.

    Not only that, learning to ignore the unpleasant people is a lot easier than moving. Well, at least it would be for me, but I’m pretty good at ignoring. I’m reminded of a marvelous comment by our writer, Flannery O’Connor, who said:

    “I suppose I divide people into two classes: the Irksome and the Non-Irksome without regard to sex. Yes and there are the Medium Irksome and the Rare Irksome.”

    I think you ran into some of the Rare Irksome. Leave them to their devices, and get on with enjoying life. And don’t you think you’ll sleep better when the weather moderates? Heat is hard on a person.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Linda. Helvi just said; ‘you are her kind of girl.’

      Thank you for being so positive. She created this garden from just a plain bit of lawn and some bay trees into a piece of paradise. It has secret little nooks where, despite Milo muzzling around, gives life to many lizards. We love sitting there.

      Perhaps the epiphany this morning ( not moving) was a result of seeing again a brilliant movie last night, ‘No country for old Men.’ Each time we see it, it hasn’t lessened the impact. There is so much in that film to discover.

      Right now we are having a great thunderstorm with the rain pelting on our metal roof. It sounds beautiful.

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  13. rod Says:

    I would be strongly tempted to move and get away from these people.


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