Go and figure this one out!


Most of the world knows about  refugees. Italy alone took in 180 000 during 2016. More than three years ago anyone trying to reach Australia by boat would from then on be locked up. Manus and Nauru were the places agreeing to house refugees. Australia vowed never to let those into Australia.There are  more than 1200 refugees still on those Islands. Most have been granted refugee status.

The cost in housing refugees has been in the billions. Private contractors are the main beneficiaries as well as New Guinea  and Nauru. The idea in not letting the refugees ever into Australia was that letting them in would result in an armada of refugees coming to Australia, clamber over our dunes, take our jobs or bludge of welfare! They would covet our  women and make cliterectomy compulsory for all.

The idea of locking the refugees up had to be seen as harsh enough to deter the so called ‘people smugglers.’ At present refugees trying to flee to either Europe or elsewhere in primitive boats have a chance of 1-100 in drowning. We know that many are desperate enough to take that gamble. The Australian Government knew that risk of drowning wasn’t enough a deterrent. The idea was born that the punishment for not drowning had to be far more severe. Teach the survivors a lesson they won’t forget. More importantly, the message would go out. “Don’t think of coming to Australia.”

That’s why the conditions for refugees locked up  indefinitely had to be far more stringent and better thought out. The refugees were not charged with any crimes. They just had to be kept locked and deprived of the most essential need of all. A future to look forward to. For children not to grow up in freedom and get an education. Teach them a lesson.  After several suicides and many incidents of self harm, even by children, the Government rejoiced and proudly stated that no boat had arrived. The prime minister Turnbull was jubilant; “We are the envy of the world dealing with refugees,.” he announced proudly.

It was decided that after the UNHCR, the UN, and Amnesty International had become vocal in condemnation that Australia tried to fop off the refugees elsewhere. Forty million dollars was spent to bribe Cambodia in taking just three refugees. Two have since left.

Now Trump and Turnbull ( Trumble) have locked themselves into horse -trading over allowing 1200 refugees from Manus and Nauru  into America. The vetting will be extreme. Americans are justly asking why Australia can’t take them in. It must be a mystery. Per capita Australia has far more space than the USA. So what about that deterrent?

If you dare to come to Australia you might go to America?

More importantly, what about those people? You know the people on Manus and Nauru?

Go and figure!

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31 Responses to “Go and figure this one out!”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    And, I don’t want our country to enter a deal with that Trump person and his cronies.

    Those poor refugees, caught in no-person’s land. I wish we could just welcome them into Australia.

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  2. Yvonne Says:

    Do you remember when Mr Turnbull took over from Tony Rabbit, he promised to allow about 26,000 refugees into Australia? (That number may be wrong, but it was far more than 1,250.)

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  3. jennypellett Says:

    How do these people ever get into office? Because the ill informed electorate put them there. It’s shocking. Britain is in this Brexit mess because by a small majority the electorate voted to leave…and most of those voted on the immigration ticket. Makes me ashamed to be English.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Jenny.
      The only answer is to speak up. America has not had a single incident related to terrorism caused by Isis or Islam since 9/11, yet Trump goes on about it totally demented.

      Australia is the same. One incident by a psycho in a chocolate café another a young man who was mentally disturbed.

      Each morning I receive numbers of domestic violence reported to police on my computer. By midday well over 200 reported incidents EACH DAY. ..

      In the USA, guns kill almost every second by the obsession of ‘freedom.’ to defend. How ‘free’ are those that have been killed?

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      • jennypellett Says:

        There was a protest march in central London yesterday, for the up coming Trump state visit. We don’t want him here. We don’t want the world to think we agree with ANY of his demented ideas. Believe me, I was at that march in spirit. If there’s another one, I will go.

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Curious to see how Trump will be received. Not a day goes buy without dramas and insults flying around from Trump. Women especially must scatter each time he turns up somewhere.


  4. gerard oosterman Says:

    Yes, I don’t know how many arrived, Yvonne. Not long ago it were a few hundred of the twenty seven thousand that were promised asylum in Australia. They were mainly Christian Syrians, I believe. Oh yes, religious bias rampant.

    The government keeps a tight lid on all the information and journos are not allowed into refugee camps or given numbers that were settled.

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  5. Julia Lund Says:

    So many people in such desperate plight. The world seems to be bubbling with turmoil, indifference and indecision on the one hand and with outrage and powerlessness on the other. And at the centre? Ruined lives that being leached of hope. I pray for an eruption of love and goodwill in action towards all, most especially the poor and downtrodden.

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  6. transmutation.me Says:

    My companion is just now teaching 2 refugees from the Middle-East in German language here at our home in Berlin for the final testing next week (well normally she does that at school, so this is exceptionally now at home), no problem at all in general, please tell this your government. Thank you.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, Germany has been an example on how foreigners and refugees can make a great country even greater. I know the extreme right is growing in Germany but your response shows that the majority still have heart and compassion.

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      • transmutation.me Says:

        Compared to Netherlands (Wilders) or France (Le Pen) the far right in Germany is not very strong: the AfD-party actually decreased to 10 %, while in the mentioned two neighbouring countries of Germany far rights parties led by Le Pen or Wilders now exceeded the 25 % according latest surveys. In all these countries will be national parliament elections in 2017 …


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Yes, Wilders is a worry for the Netherlands. Here in Australia the far right is gaining somewhat, not least by the present government ramping up xenophobia.
        Glad to hear that the AfD is losing ground in Germany. Remarkable really.


  7. Patti Fogarty Says:

    Always knew politics was a dirty business but this is downright dirty.

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  8. stuartbramhall Says:

    The only ultimate solution to the refugee problem is to end overt and covert US military efforts to destabilize the Middle East.

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  9. bkpyett Says:

    It is shameful what our government is proposing. Surely we have towns that would be revived by having these refugees to look after.
    It’s unimaginable what it’s been like for these displaced people.
    I’m sure the majority of Australians would welcome these people.
    Great post, Gerard!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      There were many Australians that were willing to house refugees. I don’t know what happened to those offers. You are right Barbara, and it gives me hope that the majority of people would welcome refugees.


    • Big M Says:

      Yes, some small towns have embraced refugees, and, in doing so, have gained (unknowingly) agricultural scientists, administrators, teachers,,nurses, etc. Some claim that four or five Somalians have ruined the town. Go figure.


  10. Happy Go lucky Says:

    The game of ping pong goes on and on with the desperate refugees being the ball. If they are given freedom to settle here, I would like to think that Turnbull would get majority support in the electorate and indeed around the world. Apart from the poor souls involved, Amnesty International, the Red Cross etc etc would no doubt be greatly relieved and grateful. And “Trumble” might just get a better nights sleep and a vote or two by the punters !


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I have not much hope Turnbull will compromise. His face is getting sterner as time goes by. You are right though, it might just restore some of our lost image of being a generous and welcoming country.


  11. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    As Henny Penny cried “The sky is falling! ” Where’s our umbrella?

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  12. marymtf Says:

    In the Telegraph seven days ago.: An Iranian man who was granted refugee protection under Labor’s open-door asylum policy has allegedly been caught smuggling drugs into Australia — from Iran.

    Despite claiming to be in fear of his life if he returned to Iran, Vahid Reza Azadpour Saleh, 31, spent more time in Iran than he did in Australia after he was granted a protection visa — including one seven-month stretch, immigration records show.

    Saleh had told immigration officials he would be harmed if he returned to his home country because he said he knew the Iranian authorities were “looking for him”, the District Court has been told.

    On one trip back to Iran he even got married.

    Just because you’re not reading or hearing about it on your favorite sites, doesn’t mean that Saleh was an exception to the refugee rule.

    Deliberately setting off on a leaky boat, without documents, from Indonesia (where you need to show documents when you arrive) doesn’t necessarily make you a refugee. I don’t get the hysteria. Trump wanted time (was it three months?) to check whether people coming from some countries were going to be a danger to his country.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes Marymtf,

      You wrote right from the start you read it in the Telegraph! What can anyone say after that?

      Have you ever read anything in the Telegraph even slightly sympathetic to the plights of refugees.

      Do you really think people ‘deliberately’ go on leaky boats risking their lives just for the heck of it?

      You are talking A. Bolt and P Hanson speak.


      • marymtf Says:

        I don’t read the Telegraph. But am more interested in facts than sympathy. Either this man is a deg runner or not; either he’s depend a chunk of his time on a country he claimed was unsafe or not; either he had the time to get married while there or not. That he has been caught and is facing trial is not in dispute.


    • gerard oosterman Says:


      You do claim the information from The Telegraph.

      This case dates back to New Year’s Eve 2015 when it is alleged he was caught with drugs while entering Australia. In his first trial there was a hung jury. The case is being tried again.

      I don’t think we should bring this up as a case of ‘guilty’ when this hasn’t been dealt with.

      This article deals with Australia’s inhumane treatment of refugees as confirmed by all the international bodies dealing with refugees, including the UN, The UNHCR and Amnesty International.

      I would rather be on their side that those who seek to demonise and generalise about the plight of refugees based on newspapers articles, especially The Telegraph.

      How about you?


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