Breathe easy.


John D. Gartner, a psychotherapist who teaches at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, told US News that he believes Trump has “malignant narcissism,” which is incurable, and different from narcissistic personality disorder. Gartner violated the “Goldwater Rule” of the psychology profession, in which a diagnosis of a public figure without personally examining them, and without their consent, is considered unethical.

“Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president,” Gartner said, citing his movements and behavior, pointing out the president’s tendency for grandiosity, sadism, aggressiveness, paranoia, and anti-social behavioral patterns.

“We’ve seen enough public behavior by Donald Trump now that we can make this diagnosis indisputably,” Gartner added.

Indeed, the diagnosis fits the bill of Psychology Today’s definition of malignant narcissism, which, when described, sounds like Donald Trump almost to the letter. Carrie Barron, M.D., who wrote the magazine’s blog on Malignant Narcissism, says the disorder “renders these individuals scary, dangerous, and ruthless.”

Malignant Narcissists will go to great lengths to achieve their aim.  They can be intelligent, high functioning (hold an important job for example) soft-spoken, charming, tearful/seemingly emotional, gracious, well mannered, kind and have the ability to form relationships. They may lie, falsely accuse, dramatize, smear, cheat, steal, manipulate, accuse, blame or twist to get what they want and feel justified in doing so. Because they are entitled, egocentric and desperate, they do not experience it as wrong. They are determined to gratify their wishes and furious if thwarted. Their desire can be so consuming that there is little comprehension of, respect for or ability to empathize with the other.  They lack guilt or remorse and tend to feel or pronounce that it is they who have been mistreated.

President Trump’s aides previously reported that their boss watches an excessive amount of television, mostly out  of obsession for how he is perceived by the media. Salon’s Matthew Rosza compared the timestamps of Trump’s tweets about topics in the news and found that they coincided with the airing of various network news programs talking about those same subjects.”



15 Responses to “Breathe easy.”

  1. Therese Trouserzoff Says:

    Brilliant urine extraction ! You have to laugh – to avoid that nasty in-shower crying with every new Trump mindf&*k.

    What’s next ? Koran burning ?

    There was a comment in the Guardian, Gez where somebody suggested that rebirth of ethical democracy – is like escape from addiction – voting for arsehats requires one to reach rock bottom before beginning the climb out.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I found this one on Facebook. A great laugh alright. I wonder if US Disneyland will suffer. I mean, I can’t see too many tourists lining up now. Any dodgy surname and you could be detained.

      I suppose even Therese- terror- Trousers-Mustafa. Be careful now!

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  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    Drink easy. “Water.”

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  3. lifecameos Says:

    I am sure Donald Trump would find this useful !


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Trump is too self absorbed to understand irony. And that is so true.

      A beautiful poem here by Lifecameos;


      A joyous spread of dolls and toys
      blockades the living room floor.
      The dining table in mellow light
      is sheltered by tall curtains.

      Two little sisters Chloe and Claire sit at
      each and of the table. Margaret and Tom sit at
      the centre and occasionally eat,
      in between feeding their offspring.

      The middle aged couple quietly chat,
      smiling at childish rejoicing.
      It’s sausages and chips for tea tonight.
      tomato sauce paints little faces.

      So long they had craved
      partners and family
      love and companionship
      friendship and home.

      After dead end starts
      they have found each other
      and brought forth children
      into a home with –

      a kitchen with a pantry cornucopia
      a living room scattered with jumbled toys
      a playroom carpeted with sharp blocks
      a doll’s stroller full of black and white cat
      two beds crowded with teddy bears,

      and days crowned with children’s tea time.

      Originally posted 28 February 2016

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  4. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Funniest thing that I’ve seen in a while. Somebody made a bit of money producing this video. Breathe easy- hilarious indeed. This is a good one, Gerard.


  5. Says:

    Very funny, just forwarded the video to my companion, she is doing integration courses for refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, etc. everyday (mainly focused on learning German language, etc. pp.).


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, it is funny. The acting was so good. I suppose learning German by refugees would be an advantage seeing Germany has been welcoming refuges more than any other country.

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      • Says:

        Yes, a lot of refugees have come to Germany, but this has turned out to be quite difficult when a lot of other countries are not doing the same or at least something more than now, but instead telling you that this is completely wrong and a danger for European civilization like the Polish or Czech governments?! And countries like Great Britain or the USA who did commence this useless and stupid war in Iraq do very little (or now nearly nothing) in this regard …

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        This world has gone crazy on threats of terrorism. We are much more likely to get eaten by a crocodile while taking our Friday evening bath, or winning a major lottery than being killed by a so called terrorist.
        Even being in relationships is 1000’s times more dangerous than phantasy terrorists.


  6. hilarycustancegreen Says:


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  7. twoifbycharm Says:

    Interesting satire! Back in August I posted a long-read on this topic, and hope you might take a look at it. More and more writings are surfacing with conclusions in the same ball park. Thanks.


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