The Hike back to Central Station from the State Library.

photoThe geranium

The sapping heat, a dreadful massacre in Melbourne plus the Inauguration of a new US President took its toll. Tweeting and Face Bookings took over. Some wondered if the US is now on the very precipice of a catastrophe. However, calm and serenity seems to have returned. . A sigh of relief washed over the entire US when Trump restrained himself enough not to grab anyone by the pussy during the inauguration. It was a moving performance!

We both also enjoyed a restorative sleep. It is odd how keen I used to be on sleeping in as a young man. Now that I can, it lost its appeal. Nothing worse than tossing around sleepless. They say, that the elderly often suffer from sleeplessness. Are we haunted by memories? Could we have done things differently? Many people, especially those that claim to be balanced, say that looking back is not for them. They bounce about and are forever jolly and welcoming what is yet to come. They never worry about events of the past and try and do things even better.

To me, it is irritating how some have this ability to for always show this abject positivity. They often lay claims and accept a non questioning and passive vision of a rosy world. The positivity is at times hard to swallow and it alarms me. Is it my age? According to Helvi it is not. “You have always been a complainer and an incurable Jeremiah. A prophet of doom. You have to cheer up and make the best of it.”

It is food for thought!

As was mentioned previously, after noticing a prostrate sleeping man in front of the State Library, I went inside to present my ten books. The man behind the desk wore a uniform with a cap on which ‘State Library’ was written. He was surprised and I informed him of the two Literary awards. He accepted my books and assured me they would be presented to the right people. The State Library is a huge institution and is about far more than lending books. A photographic exhibition was on show. I noticed a huge portrait of our PM, Malcolm Turnbull which made me feel a bit uneasy. He had just managed to cut our pension and those of thousands of others, thousands had their whole pension cut. So much for those that saved up for ‘a rainy day.’

We both strolled around this lovely building. A man with a Coke in one hand and some food in the other, mumbled something while pointing somewhere. He looked normal but wasn’t. A security guard came and took him  gently by the hand ushering him outside. The man tried to come back inside but the guard prevented him. The man was clearly disturbed  mumbling while looking sane. But I wondered what would happen to this man next?

We both were having pangs of hunger and after the walk decided to slowly make our way to a very nice and air-conditioned shop ‘Myers’. Helvi felt her shoes were pinching her feet. Myers  has a very good shoe section. “It’s on the second floor.” Helvi stated firmly yet also optimistically.

We glided up the escalator and I soon found myself seated watching hordes of women trying on shoes. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience. I watched women looking at themselves while trying on new shoes. It was as if the shoe would transform them into stars again. They turned this way and that way. There is something very endearing about women enjoying themselves. Is it something that I could perhaps learn from?

But, the hunger only grew keener.

To be continued!

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8 Responses to “The Hike back to Central Station from the State Library.”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    It occurs to me that I haven’t “gone shoe shopping” in many, many years. I wear dress shoes so infrequently they won’t ever wear out, and boat shoes are easy enough to purchase online, since I wear a common size and don’t particularly care about color. Still, we used to make a day of it — with a nice lunch to sustain ourselves, of course.

    Your geraniums are looking lovely. They’re one of my favorite flowers — but aren’t they drooping a bit in the heat? Around here, they don’t do well after things start heating up.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      The photo of the geranium is from my photo library and a year old. It was a magnificent geranium and flowered for a long time. With age they become more woody.
      The shoe event was very successful. A pair of colourful sandals with Velcro straps for easy access and exit.
      We finally did get something to eat. It was around 3.30 pm at the Queen Victoria building.

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  2. jennypellett Says:

    There’s nothing like a pair of new shoes to lift the spirits- although I’m not sure I’d trust the sizing during such a heatwave!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, the shoes were very welcome. Helvi is not at all a buyer of expensive shoes or clothes, mainly ferrets around Vinnies or Salvation Army. She knows what suits her and is amazing in her choice of suitable and fashionable clothes.

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  3. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Well Gerard, when trying on shoes a woman needs to turn her feet in every possible direction to make sure the shoe looks good from any angle. If is does not enhance your foot or your outfit then the shoe is not meant for the feet. That’s just a bit of my own perspective and I don’t own a fleet of shoes. Maybe 5 pair and I don’t buy shoes every year.

    I sure hope that you got something to eat. Sounds like the walk gave you an appetite.

    And yes, we now have Pres. D. Trump. How lucky can one country get to have a leader that seems to like tweeting more than being interested in running or maybe that is ruining the country. 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, I think you hit the truth there PPand L.
      There is a lot more to women buying shoes than is apparent. It is almost as if female shoe buyers are dancing when the shoes are tried on. A ritual steeped in antiquity.

      You are right, it is a way of life the same with men scrutinising buying a car or a power saw. A primitive call back to the jungle trying to attract a mate.

      We finally came to eat something but of that next time!

      I am so heartened by the millions of women marching around the world for their rights. Has their time come?

      A prediction; Michelle Obama the first black female US president in four years time.

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      • petspeopleandlife Says:

        If Trump screws up royally then Michelle has a chance but Gerard there is still so much racism in the US. It’s pretty bad and the damn police just won’t stop shooting blacks for having done nothing at all. I don’t understand the mentality of some police. They have a knee jerk reaction and apparently were not properly screened when hired as a police person.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Perhaps the training of police in the US might be somewhat similar to here whereby educational standards are low and therefore attract people who otherwise would be jobless or join the army.
        And those guns, those guns everywhere. When guns were banned in Australia the crime and murder rate when right down almost overnight.
        Michelle might well be tempted to try her hand at the Presidency. Trump is already cranking up his own demise. The man is unstable and bumbling. Not good credentials.


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