Be quick now. Buy a book! A Happy Christmas to all.


We all know a book’s best friend is someone who buys it.
In the US, it is cold, freezing and some are snow-bound in their vehicles waiting to be rescued.

What better than to be inside, near a log fire, slippers on with a Shiraz or Pinot on the little table. The joy of reading a book makes the picture perfect.

You won’t be disappointed. Laughter and tears are guaranteed, or your money back.

They will be delivered in the US within three days.

Go on, spread the cheer and please go and buy a book. A perfect present too!

May I humbly suggest you buy these books. You have a choice of two, but one will be nice too.

Thank you,
Dank je
Vielen Dank
Terima Kasih

Gerard Oosterman (Author)

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3 Responses to “Be quick now. Buy a book! A Happy Christmas to all.”

  1. Happy Go lucky Says:

    I am lucky to have the two books. Go on they’re cheap and great reads, you won’t be disappointed 📙📙


  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    I did feel apprehensive about selling the books this way…but so far I have sold seven books since this was put up. Thank you whoever you are. You have made this all worthwhile.
    The enjoyment of writing might be foremost the reason, but for the books to get actually sold and read is so wonderful a feeling.

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  3. Happy Go lucky Says:

    I am proud of you. You feel like a brother to me. Keep it up pls.


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