The need to get drunk in Australia.

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Why does it seem so necessary to get pissed so often in Australia? Is life so boring?
And why do politicians feel that closing down venues or restricting alcohol venues will cure a societal problem?

Why do we keep thinking that punishment is the answer? Is Australia not all that it’s cracked up to be? Do we really think that treating young people, as in the above photo is an answer?

So many questions, but at least this night-mayor of Amsterdam seems to give one reasonable answer.

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15 Responses to “The need to get drunk in Australia.”

  1. Happy Go lucky Says:

    Why Is this system from the 19th century allowed to exist ??


  2. Happy Go lucky Says:

    Sorry meant to put under blog showing young man with hood in prison


  3. gerard oosterman Says:

    Can we now expect parents enrolling students in Kazakhstani schools to escape the ever falling standards of education in Australia?

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    • berlioz1935 Says:

      They could invite an educational expert from Kazakstan and advise us how to do it. But wait a minute, we are so racist that we ever only get experts from the USA or the UK. We don’t even trust our own experts. Perhaps for once they could invite an expert from, say, the Netherlands.

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  4. auntyuta Says:

    The night-mayor says: “We want [the hosts] to be non-aggressive, so they will help you when you’re in trouble, or maybe when you’ve have a little bit too much to drink they will try to get you into a taxi, to get you home.”

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  5. stuartbramhall Says:

    Surely New Zealand exceeds Australia in binge drinking. All our non-drinkers are working in Australia.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      The drinking to get drunk is also prevalent amongst Australians in Bali. They head to the nearest bar after landing. Many even think Bali is a country. Stupefied by drink they go through life infecting others. I do think it is a societal disease.

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  6. chris hunter Says:

    Unfortunately Australia is still getting over the six-o-clock swill – old habits die hard.

    Then there are the political wowsers who want to crack down, want to regulate, people who apparently have a personal relationship with God and know what’s good for the rest of us.

    Digressing – recently a mate of mine, a musical instrument maker, took his own life at the second attempt. He had serious health issues at 70 years of age and just wanted out, he’d had enough pain. His suicide was not a surprise.

    So in the SA parliament last week they voted euthanasia out for the fifteenth time, you gotta do it tough – right to the bitter end, it’s ‘God’s’ way apparently – Noel slit his wrists and jumped down his backyard well so he couldn’t be found – alive.

    Plenty of reasons to get pissed in OZ. Sorry to be so bleak, but I refuse to allow truth to be the casualty.

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  7. gerard oosterman Says:

    Yes, Chris, The God botherers are creepy. We improve your life chances so you can suffer longer. Of course, not everyone takes it lying down. In The Netherlands, even though they have Euthanasia approved, it still needs a fairly disciplined organisational skill to get it all in order.
    We talk a lot about the right to life but not so much about the right to die.
    How are you going, Chris? Hope all is well and reasonable ship-shape.


    • chris hunter Says:

      Hi Gerard, I’m battling away given that I’m pushing 69, hope you and Helvi are likewise OK.

      The Netherlands and the colder countries to its north always seem to be a step ahead when it comes to social reform.

      With regards euthanasia about 70% of the Australian population seem to want it to become a reality yet the politicians don’t think they should reflect this in legislation which infers that democracy is not democracy in this neck of the woods.

      We are being hijacked by those who think they know better, or what is better for us than our probable desires as a community. Really it’s just sheer arrogance and about as irreligious as things get.

      Australia has a lot to be ashamed about, a brutal colonisation process and an ongoing ruthless disregard for those who flee the countries it invades with its oil loving mates ie the US and others.

      ‘We’ created IS, nothing is surer, and both the Liberal and Labor parties finger prints are all over this, like East Timor whom we are seriously ripping off whilst pretending to be their liberators – yes, its utterly shameful.

      But our luck is running out and our international reputation is in tatters, my brother who has lived and worked in England all his life says that the general opinion of Australia is that it’s a basket case.

      Britain is turning its back on the multi-national nightmare and in this respect Donald Trump is doing us a favour by axing the TPP, a draconian formula designed ultimately to suppress freedom of expression and turn the world to grey.

      Glimmers of hope from an unexpected quarter, but many will disagree.

      OK, that’s my spray, Merry Xmas to all, may next year make more sense than the last.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        We are OK, Chris, considering all circumstances. The world seems to increasingly be in turmoil, endless wars with millions on the move. Victoria pops up considering giving choice to those on endless untreatable end of life agony. Keep fingers crossed!

        Hopefully, Christmas will be over soon. We both can’t stand the expectations and all that forced happiness.

        All our best wishes to you too, from Helvi and I.


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