The shivers down my spine.

Milo with Angels

Milo with Angels

Rain is forecast for today. This prediction might well be the cause of feelings of impending disaster. Just talking about the US election. When I hear intelligent normal people talking how they will vote for Trump one wonders if it is not time to regress a little historically and invoke Godwin’s Law factor. It is assumed that in any conversation, the longer it goes on the more likely the name of Hitler will pop up. The law of averages has proven that.

Prediction are that Clinton will win. She has a waver-thin lead over Trump, but the pull of the dissatisfied in today’s US seems eerily similar to the mood in pre-war Germany which led to the choice ‘by the people’ of a madman. Trump is mad, there can’t be any doubt. Yet, perfectly normal people are now considering throwing rational choice overboard and go for change, any change. They want so desperately to assuage their feelings and suspicions that the greatest nation of their beloved US is in a terminal decline. ‘We will make America great again’ is easier said than done. Yet, that is what Trump has used very effectively to attract the dissatisfied.

Remember the UK’s Brexit? The polls had Cameron clearly ahead. And look at the UK today. All the euphoria of the mad Right evaporated. Things are worse now. At least in the UK they don’t have a madman leading the country. But, there is time yet.

The waning of the might of the US and the waxing of China as the new top nation is what is happening. They forgot the ‘social’ aspect of humanity. Every dog for himself, with the rest of the world seen as a frontier to seduce and overcome.

Australia is also faced with an inability to Govern. It is all about staying in power. How could it have come to this? The children and adult refugees On Nauru and Manus are on the cusp of being re-settled somewhere else. A condition of resettling them elsewhere ( most have been given refugee status) will be that they will NEVER be allowed to enter or visit Australia. It has even been suggested they will be micro-chipped in order to ensure they will be detected at Australian airports.

I hope that the Bernie factor in the US will be a win for Hillary Clinton but I wish I was feeling more optimistic. We will know within a couple of days.

What was that again about Hitler?

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29 Responses to “The shivers down my spine.”

  1. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Great post here, Gerard. I totally agree with all that you have written. When Trump initially began his rhetoric when seducing the blind, I mentioned to several of my democrat friends that Trump was brain washing folks and that he seemed to be acting the way Hilter did when rousing up his fellow Germans. It was all about hate and to rile folks up. Trump probably could have told those folks to eat dirt and they would have. Many of his followers are racist and disgruntled.

    I’m very afraid that Trump will win but I sure as heck, hope and pray that he does not. If he gets in I think our country is in deep trouble.

    I can foresee him firing government people the way he fired people on his show. If anyone ticks him off, they are in for a hateful tirade and likely be fired. He is one big crook and then he deflects attention from himself to call Clinton, “crooked Hilary.”

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Great response Ivonne. (I hope that is your name)

      Voting has started already in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.
      It has only a population of twelve but I hold great hopes that this small clutch of voters will show it to be the bellwether of voting intentions for the rest of the US. I too fear that the unhappy and the normally sane, will vote for change and chaos. Anything to get things stirred up. They are swayed by hypnotic arm swaying voodoo emotions and incoherent brain waves spouting from the mouth of Trump. It doesn’t matter what he says; it is all believed and millions are in a trance. Many are chockers on Coke, Cadbury’s Violent Crumble and Big Macdonald’s quarter pounders before vomitting their vote.
      If Dixville Notch votes Democrats we will be safe.

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  2. Big M Says:

    As my boss said the other day. ” Can’t wait for this bloody election to be over, but I don’t want to know who wins.”

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I might stay up and watch the election on CNN if that is possible. The voting in earnest will start tonight about 11 AEST. |At least the same sex marriage plebiscite got defeated. Let’s see if the Government will now vote to have it passed.

      In the mean time this fruity Government is trying to broaden the laws on free speech so that we can abuse and vilify each other with greater abandon and freedom.

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  3. lifecameos Says:

    Milo definitely fits in with the angles.

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  4. A very important story about my wife's family background Says:

    Brilliant article and responses. I am Lying here waking up with my notebook. Please tell me the democrats are in front ?
    Wish I was Milo and blissfully ignorant of politics.

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  5. gerard oosterman Says:

    at 10.45 am AEST 0.06% of votes have been counted.


  6. happy go lucky Says:

    Perhaps Milo is jealous of the angels ? He is on the chair while the angels are higher, on the table !

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  7. gerard oosterman Says:

    Trump leading Clinton. Australian market down over 100 points.

    “Shivers down my spine.”


  8. rakum8 Says:

    That is a great photo of Milo with the garden angels. I feel as if I know him and glad to know you three as much as this medium allows. In the United states -still too close to call say the more reputable sources. The Oz-ABC has gone down the FOX hole repeating Murdoch/Moloch lies. Hopefully this rigged election like the last rigged election in Australia will be the last rigged elections. But in the mean time, the disruptions required to get rid of the pluto-parasites may be quite severe. Let’s hope no nukes are detonated.

    Only the progressive culture is sustainable enough for humanity to survive and fascist barbarian reaction is headed for extinction in the Darwinian evolutionary struggle for life that they call culture war. All we can hope for is to minimize the carnage these subhumans will cause on their way to extinction.

    It ain’t easy waking up in paradise!!!!

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  9. happy go lucky Says:

    I wonder how much good could have been done with the tens if not hundreds of $ millions spent by the political candidates during the absolute foley of the past months.


  10. gerard oosterman Says:

    And…let us not forget that the US like Australia has a strange voting system. Hillary Clinton got the majority of people voting for Democrats but not the majority in ‘colleges.’
    If one had that sort of voting in Europe, heaven knows what clowns would get in . However, Europe too gets clowns. It is all so dicey now.


  11. rod Says:

    I don’t think Trump is mad. I do think he is a total narcissist.
    American citizens will only change who they vote for when they see Trump fail to make good on the promises which got him elected.
    Will he start advertising for bricklayers in Mexico? I doubt it.


  12. Mal Kukura Says:

    It occurs to me that Trump was carefully selected by the GOP power brokers to counteract the votes Bernie Sanders was recruited by the Democrats to bring to Hilary to overcome the taint of her Wall Street connections. The Trump junta is a continuation of the proto-fascist Tea Party movement. Hilary never had a real chance with the Citizens United funding and free media exposure FOX and other networks donated to the GOP campaign. The Sanders movement will survive his imminent succession by a younger leader and these are not Tea Party people but the young and the not so young who have been disadvantaged by the long war in Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria and the artificially engineered global financial cricis that began with the judicial coup d’etat of December 2000 that installed the illegitimate Bush/Cheney junta.

    A massive sustainable culture global reform movement will sweep these fascists away but it will take time. I might try being invisible but that wouldn’t be the right way to respond to a warm welcome. It is good to be among likeminded civilized humans and Jack Russells too. There are so few either human or canine.

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  13. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    And oh how desperately and miserably right you were. None of the Americans I know imagined this could happen.


  14. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    A High School teacher was suspended for comparing Trump to Hitler to her class. Facebook had recognized the signs long ago. I went to bed as he was creeping up in electoral votes, but never believing he could win. Surely we were all smarter than that. I got up at midnight 2 hours later and he had won in a landslide. I greatly fear for our country. He is indeed a madman. There is always impeachment I suppose.


  15. Says:

    As you probably know by now Trump won. It was a huge disappointment for some but now we can only wait and hope that something good comes of this. The middle class was being pushed for eight years, this election they pushed back. I hope the powers that be realize ‘We The People’ are tired of the antics of the greedy politicians and do what they are suppose to do for the good of all citizens in our country. :o)


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, it is terrible. Let’s see and wait for the re-count at W. It seems to gather speed.
      Whatever happens, the juggernaut of China and its unstoppable economy will probably soon rule as the new superpower.


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