‘Café Society,’ and ‘Girl on a Train.’

The ever shrinking Cornetto

The ever shrinking Cornetto

As an antidote to ponderings about stolen Cyclamen and the combative state of some of our Body Corporate residents, we went to see both above mentioned movies. Bowral, even though having a small population, has a movie complex housing four cinemas. They show movies not normally shown at other cinemas and include monthly presentations of ‘Art House Movies.’

We were told that even though ‘The Girl on a Train’ wasn’t as good as the book, it was still a very good and watchable movie. It’s main theme is about Domestic Violence, but for me it was more of a thriller. Most murder and mayhem are domestic related. We all live in a world whereby we are separated by a sixth degree. Remember the movie ‘Six Degrees of Separation?’ It showed that any two of us are separated by just six steps. Can you imagine that? I am reflecting on our present PM Malcolm Turnbull. The latest from him banning FOR LIFE those refugees that have arrived by boat trying to reach Australia. They will NEVER ‘for the term of their natural lives, be allowed to enter Australia. Is he separated by six degrees from me? Is he one of us?

Try and get your head around this little gem.

We thought that the movie ‘The Girl on the Train’ seemed a bit confused dealing with different time spans over which it ran. I also had difficulty with the two women whom I thought looked too much the same. In fact, I thought they were the same, till the latter half when the film started to make more sense. The acting was very good and we both thought it a good movie. The main girl in the movie grappling with alcohol and memory. She finally came through and it all fell into a satisfactory end. ***

‘Café Society’ is a better movie. Woody Allen’s movies of the last few years seemed to be getting a bit luke warm. However, this latest creation is one of the best again. Thoroughly enjoyable. Superb writing. He is a master of words and plots, uses with great skill, wit, pathos, satire, Jewish issues, the use of much reflection… New York City superbly used for much of the background. Hollywood, and its jewellery bedecked glitterati,  Family, gangsters, love-affairs, smoking, jazz music, the saxophone. It is Woody Allen’s work at his best.**** It is very funny.
He is 80!

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6 Responses to “‘Café Society,’ and ‘Girl on a Train.’”

  1. berlioz1935 Says:

    Thank you for your movie reviews. As I am a Woody Allen fan from way back, I hope we will be able to see his latest film.


  2. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    We have not seen either of these movies although I read the Girl on the Train. I found it confusing at first, and dropped it for a time before picking it up and finishing it. The murder was good and it all came good. Dr. A began it twice and was put off by the girl protagonist because she kept drinking booze out of a can. He never did finish it. I’m waiting for the movie All the Light We Cannot See but I don’t see them making it yet.


  3. shoreacres Says:

    Like you, I’ve found Woody Allen getting a little tedious of late, so I’m glad to hear he’s perked up a bit. On your recommendation, I may give “Café Society” a look.

    One of my all-time favorite quotations comes from the esteemed Mr. Allen. He once said, “The longest journeys begin with a single step. The best journeys start with a moment of temporary insanity.”

    Isn’t that just the truth?

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Thankfully, Allen did not feature himself in the movie even though he is the main star. His previous movies often featured a bleary and somewhat beady eyed Woody and it wasn’t always an attractive vision to behold. I am being a bit superficial here.


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