The deep fried squid was a bit fishy

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We had promised to try again a restaurant in Mittagong. Mittagong is next door to Bowral and has that Australian old town feeling. A couple of pubs with original fronts together with few mansions still indicating a former glory. Apart from that, our dog JRTerrier Milo has a bitter enemy but behind the safety of a solid glass shop front, inside which electrical globes and lights are sold. The dog behind the glass is menacingly black and huge. A large and formidable Labrador-German Shepherd mix. Milo is pulling maniacally in order to get as quickly as possible to the shop, ready for a blood curdling killing. Each time we visit Mittagong with Milo it follows the same ferocious procedure.

As he pulls us on his lead towards the shop with the monster dog you can sense the tension in Milo. He crawls flat tack hugging the street’s shop fronts till we arrive at the front-line of Milo’s enemy. He wants the attack to be a total surprise. Milo’s feet are scratching the footpath. He is so keen. The huge dog is peacefully unaware of what is to come and asleep behind the entrance when Milo arrives. Instantly all hell breaks loose. Pedestrians scatter into the kerbs. There follows about five seconds of a terrifying ferocious snarling. Teeth are bared and clatter against the glass. Hairs are upright. I am afraid the glass door will shatter. I drag Milo past the door and all is back to normal. The frightened pedestrians might say; ‘my goodness,’ resume their walk. Milo had his fun.


Milo contemplating biting a bit.


But, as we had a nice meal in that restaurant before we thought to give it another go. It is an unlicensed place and perhaps café might be a better description. It is unpretentious and no one greets you effusively or shows you a place to sit. There is a mishmash of different seating arrangements, including soft chairs but also hard benches with long tables. You can fill your glasses with water from a large bubbler on a table with selections of all sorts mustards and sauces. It serves food on ceramic plates. I think serving food on wooden boards might be on the way out. I am not sure about the Himalayan salt shakers. This world and its fashions is now so fast and becoming more and more incomprehensible. It is not surprising so many elderly people withdraw and retire on park benches having a private little sob before bravely continuing on.

I ordered the same dish. Deep fried squid on an Asian salad. Helvi had trouble choosing. The café prides itself on serving alpaca-meat dishes. The friendly waitress suggested to Helvi to try it. Helvi told her as an anecdote that we used to breed alpacas. ‘It would be like eating our own babies’ Helvi answered with her glorious smile. The waitress laughed and understood. I suggested to try a beef steak dish with chips and salad. But, as so often happens. New people were running it and the food wasn’t as good as expected. My squid smelled a bit fishy on arrival. The deep frying did not deter the squid from telling me it was well past its prime, and much to its credit gave me a fair warning. My hunger, as usual, wasn’t brave enough to leave the squid well alone.

Helvi’s steak was also not the best. A little sinewy and a bit teeth defying. The chips were fair and she shared them with me. That was nice. The salad was a bit mushy. The lingering on its own behind the counter for a couple of days did not enhance or make it any more Asian.
Anyway, we all had a good time. Milo greeted us with his usual welcoming wagging tail. I reckon his fight with the black dog always cheers him up.

He loves going to Mittagong.

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13 Responses to “The deep fried squid was a bit fishy”

  1. leggypeggy Says:

    Pity about the food, but thoroughly enjoyed the description of Milo on a mission. Sounds like he was channelling our Indi.

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  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    And, how is this for a happy story and how Canada welcomes refugees.

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  3. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Good dog Milo. Glad he had some fun. The cafe sounds unique. I will look it up if I visit Mittagong. But no alpaca meat. I have a good mental picture of the place. Good job of writing Gerard.

    Liked by 1 person

    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Thank you Kayti. 😉 I like praise.
      We are getting a different form of internet and for it to happen my internet will close down till it gets re-set to a National Broadband Network through an optic cable.
      It is all too complex and I fear the worst. I have chosen to self- connect in order to save connection and installation fees. I am going to be difficult to live with till this change happens.
      Milo will give good counsel.

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  4. roughseasinthemed Says:

    Ah dogs in shops 🙂
    I can’y understand the fad for eating off hunks of wood. I much prefer china. In fact, I’ve never been served a meal on wood. Fortunately.

    Liked by 1 person

    • gerard oosterman Says:

      That wooden plank fad is still hanging on. I rather pay a bit more and get normal plates.
      Another one of those things is to get little chocolates on the spoon when one orders a coffee. Of course, the standover tactics by the waiter hovering over a plate with a giant pepper grinder has long gone.
      I wonder what sort of food gets served on the Gib?


  5. lifecameos Says:

    Go Milo !

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Milo is fearless and would tackle a bevy of bull-pit terriers but when it comes to a trip to the groomer he becomes a real wimp. As for going to the kennel, we have given up. The trauma is just not worth it.
      He got us where he wants us; in total obedience and submission.

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  6. Patti Fogarty Says:

    Perhaps those wooden serving boards have soaked up more than a bit of dishes repast.


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