Can Australia help Holland out in closing down their prisons?

While here and in the UK, plans are under way to build more prisons, Holland is closing them. They even asked Norway to send a thousand criminals, to at least fill some of the empty cells and keep employing guards.



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5 Responses to “Can Australia help Holland out in closing down their prisons?”

  1. gerard oosterman Says:

    Holland is actively looking for prisoners. Every little bit would help fill empty cells in Holland., even paedophile bishops, clergy, headmasters, or politicians, sport crooks.
    Please, help!

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  2. lifecameos Says:

    The paedophile churchmen are staying away, I see. Will the Vatican extradite them ?

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  3. stuartbramhall Says:

    Police and prisons have only ever existed to protect property. Before Europe started enclosing the commons (and deprived our ancestors to the means of subsistence) in the 16th century, there was no need for police or prisons.

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