The second book for Seniors has arrived.

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The second book has arrived and is now ready, able and willing to be read. ( and bought) It has come with less trouble than the first one. Some of the pictures had to be reduced. I kept getting messages that the images had to have a minimum of dots or digits. A mysterious image of a shifter-spanner also kept appearing in the returned proofs from Createspace. Apparently something to do with Microsoft Word and unprintable Headings and Footnotes. How people know those things is something that will always delude me. The title ‘Oosterman Treats’ is the only title in the whole arsenal of Amazon. At least that is unique!

The next phase will be to market it. Again I’ll try and go around the local bookshops after enough courage has been gleaned and stored. I notice that some people go and do Toastmasters’ course in public speaking. I am practising my approach to the shop manager in front of a mirror. ‘Hello, howz ye going? I am a local author and wonder if you could put up my title(s)in your shop?’

This is followed up by trying to stay as straight and upright as possible. An image of confidence has to now take over as I wait for a reply, unwavering and with enough fortitude not to crumble or show some dejection. Things haven’t been easy when it comes to present my author’s mien.

A confessed love for roof cavity inspections, no worries. A perusing of dogs and ducks, easy peasy. A raconteur with the Aldi’s cashier girls, brilliant verbal skirmishes. A critic of everything political, even people. Australia, Holland, The UK, the US, and everybody all come under his fire. He is verbosely loose, and banned from blogs, but awesomely inspiring.

The idea of self promoting my book has gained though. I now have two on offer. If a refuse comes with showing the first, I can, with a sweeping and magnificent flourish, whip out my latest, ‘Oosterman Treats.’ from my book satchel strapped on my back. The blurb ‘post my vasectomy’ should get some attention.

We shall wait and see. ( get your copy now, available Amazon paperback and kindle).

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15 Responses to “The second book for Seniors has arrived.”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Good on yez, Gez. πŸ™‚

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  2. shoreacres Says:

    While I was reading your post, the power went off. What that means, I don’t know — except that I have five minutes of computer power left, and no air conditioning. Well, and the opportunity to sit forever on hold while trying to report the outage.

    No outage with your effort- – or success. Congrats! I’d be mightily pleased with myself if I were you.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Oh, that’s bad news. Keep cool, Linda. No air-con? You might think about getting a small generator. Just enough power to keep a fan, fridge and computer going.
      Much appreciated you are spending precious time on my blog. If you had a ‘like’ button it would now show up under your name. πŸ˜‰


  3. roughseasinthemed Says:

    Another book? Already? You are on a roll.

    Hmmm. Post vasectomy. I could write a few words on that too. Although not a book. Not my vasectomy either. Obviously.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, another one. Hope I’ll get a few sales out of it. It is hard and nerve wrecking work. I mean the getting published ( impossible), even self-publishing and making sales is so hard. At the age I am in I can’t muck about.
      Did you know that the doctor Barbara Simcock has performed tens of thousands of vasectomies. What she doesn’t know about testes (balls) isn’t worth writing about. She was a true giant in the world of birth control.

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  4. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Wonderful news. Now you have become a prolific writer but you had better get busy and begin a new one real soon.


  5. Julia Lund Says:

    There’s no stopping you – good on ya!


  6. Big M Says:

    Crikey, soon we will all have the Collected Works of Gerard Oosterman, formerly of the Drum, lately of the Oosterman Treats Blog!


  7. elizabeth2560 Says:

    A second book … wow!


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