Sipping out of Napoleon Brandy Balloons for Seniors.

Old Turku, Finland

Old Turku, Finland

With the world’s volatility at fever pitch, one could be forgiven in taking out of the lockable glass door cabinet, the special festive balloons. I don’t mean the blow up types. In the past, people used the brandy snifter as an art form, especially those who read Somerset Maugham’s novels, with being on polite coughing terms with members of the House of Lords or those who went through Cambridge and became professors. I am not aware if that art ever became common in the US’s Harvard. I have heard in American movies the expression, ‘he is an old Harvard boy, you know.’ It (the art) might have gone trans Atlantic seeing John Harvard was an alumnus from Cambridge. Sniffing out of balloons might well have travelled with him.

The Oostermans never managed to reach that elevated level. I wonder why? It just seems so nice to read about it. Napoleon Brandy conjures up a world of its own. Plush, deeply buttoned leather chairs. The Lords revelled the absence of women. The smoking room and clubs for the privileged! Remember a few weeks ago, a bowling club was disqualified and their license taken away for refusing women as members. Was it in Queensland again? Pauline Hanson with her anti-Islam and Halal certification got 4% of the National vote. Now likely to have three seats in the Senate.

How on earth did clubs came about refusing women? I know that in the past women and children were not allowed in public bars. There was the ‘Lady lounge.’ A room of sherry and shandy sipping, blue tinted hair and rouged cheeks. Back in 1956, my dad, who was an astute observer, noticed this separation of the sexes. It was another one of those features in our new country. It would now be called ‘a challenge’ or finding ‘a solution.’ Today, of course, we all mellow together. Now we would not know what sex people belong to anymore. There is a bewildering variety of choices and sexes out there. You would not know what to find after a romantic evening out, and the question, ‘your place or mine?’ It might be wise to keep the light on very diffused and both hands around the brandy balloon.

The balloon glasses were used so that it would allow hands around it to warm up the brandy. It then released, ever so subtly its mouth-watering aged burnished aromas. Some brandy sniffing enthusiasts used to draw up the brandy through their nostrils, hence the name taking ‘a snifter.'(sniffing) This resulted sometimes in coughing. That’s why in those excusive men’s clubs in England and India, even still today, the polite form of men acknowledging each other was through a well practised cough behind the left hand while holding the balloon behind the back in the right hand. It would be considered bad manners to cough over the balloon. Eye brows would be raised ever so perceptively.

All this apropos to the world being in such turmoil. Countries are exiting long held alliances. Here they are still counting votes. No one is sure anymore and small groups are talking in hushed tones on street corners. In the US, assault weapons are selling like lamingtons here. The Bahamas have issued travel warnings for the US. Some say, if people had more weapons the likelihood of getting shot would be less. One would shoot first. But the last two killings were done by police who thought they were reaching for a gun. Which one is it?

The world would be a better place if more people went for a good bout of polite coughing, and taking a snifter of Napoleon Brandy instead. Of course, in our case it might well be a couple of herrings and a drink of buttermilk.

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11 Responses to “Sipping out of Napoleon Brandy Balloons for Seniors.”

  1. Master of Something Yet Says:

    The other advantage of the balloon is that it is very large. With the world going to hell in a handbasket, a very large glass of anything will be needed.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Another nice pastime during turmoil and difficulties is to go ballroom dancing instead of balloon sniffing.
      Young people, especially boys, now wear pants that have plenty of room down below. Ideal for ballroom dancing.


  2. Dorothy brett Says:

    Gerard again using your great writing skills, i love the way you put things.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Thank you, Dorothy. I am on the cusp of getting the second book of philosophical snippets together. I had it edited in England. Now all that remains is implementing all the suggested changes of grammar and syntax. And then, the biggest challenge of them all, the formatting.

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  3. shoreacres Says:

    I never think of brandy snifters without thinking of Christmas — not because of any fine cognac, but because my mother favored table decorations that involved a huge snifter filled with glass baubles, or a candle and pine cones. There was a time, in the 1960s, when that sort of thing was considered quite chi-chi.

    I once was gifted a fine bottle of cognac. Since it didn’t seem quite right to drink it from a simple wine glass, I did the only reasonable thing: went off to the Goodwill store and picked up a pair of lovely crystal snifters for $2.

    I see that your election’s finally over. Perhaps both sides (or is that every side?) could use a snifter of something about now.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      We too try and stick to making Christmas a festive occasion. Always a fresh spruce or using just something from the garden with nice table settings. Helvi is the expert in décor and creating beauty. She can’t help it. It is part of her Finnish gene.

      Yes, the election is over but the counting keeps going, ever so slowly. There might even be a re-count knowing the finicky way our elections are conducted.

      There must be hundreds of scrutineers out there. After a hard day scrutineering, they wearily make their way back home. Their partners might well ask,’ did you have a good counting today dear?’ I wonder if they still count sheep jumping over the gate when they have trouble falling asleep?

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  4. rodhart (@roderick_hart) Says:

    In the US, if a gunman massacred a class of three-year-olds, a spokesman for the NRA would suggest that it wouldn’t have happened if the three-year-olds had been armed.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I’ll find it hard to understand this constitutional right to go around killing each other with guns, even assault weapons. It is a scary world out there.
      I put out a petition some years ago for the US to incorporate reversible gun technology in the weapons freely available to American citizens, whereby the bullet would simply come out the other way towards the shooter. It did not get many signatures and it did not gain much support.

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  5. stuartbramhall Says:

    Intestinal bacteria love fermented foods like herrings and buttermilk. That’s what my German grandfather used to have for practice. We’ve made a big mistake departing from that pattern of eating.

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  6. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Buttermilk in the old days was so fresh and delicious, ice cold and with a bit of salt. Today’s variety is not as good, but still good for cooking with.


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