wives waiting for their fishermen husbands at Scheveningen

wives waiting for their fishermen husbands at Scheveningen

Can someone explain why internal and overseas postage is so exorbitantly expensive in Australia?

I get charged between US$4.60 and US$3.20 per book sent by Air from the US to here in Australia, depending on numbers. Yet, to post a book within our own State of NSW cost A$7.40! But, it gets worse, a single book sent to Holland from Australia cost me A$33.40!

What’s up with Australian Post? No wonder local retailers are complaining that on-line shopping by people from overseas is too expensive due to the charges by Aus. post.

There is nothing more purgative than a good whinge. I just came back from the local post office with our Jack Russell ‘Milo’ sitting in his usual spot on the console with his cadaver smell just inches away from my nostrils. I looked at him crankily. He just returned the look by nuzzling my ear. A calmative action he knows will work. Now that he is getting older we suspect he likes the drive much more than the walk. We prefer the walk as many stop to pat and say sweet words to Milo.

Of late, it provides most of our social intercourse. It is amazing how many people know about the Jack Russell. It seems a never-ending subject for discussions. With some clever manoeuvring however; mainly by Helvi, the conversation can go off at a tangent and we get into the more interesting aspects of a pavement discourse. Last week the subject of the writer Albert Camus came up. I think (but am not sure) the man mentioned France, and how the terriers are used to catch rats there. This was a propos his own Jack Russell having caught a rat around his shed here in Bowral. I followed this up by mentioning a type of terrier used to kill rats in the Spanish wine cellars. He returned by mentioning that rats caused the big plague in bygone centuries. I then threw in my bit about a book being titled ‘The Plague.’.He seemed to remember having read the book also. His wife helped him out by mentioning Albert Camus.

We are now at 2pm and the temperature in my car sits steadily at 10C. It is a bitter wind that comes straight from the snowy mountains, where the first of the skiers will soon be arriving. On a Friday afternoon one notices the cars with skis strapped on the rooftop. Of course, now-a-days most hire the skis and all that goes with it, on arrival at the resort. For many the carting of skis and boots is a thing of the past. In any case, with the climate warming up, the skiing has not been all that crass hot and snow is now made by huge machines that try and fill up with snow where nature has been scant. They make snow and spew it on the side of the mountains. I have skied in the past but not lately, or to be more precise, not over the last fifty years. I am not sure I would enjoy it on man-made snow. A bit like looking at artificial flowers. No matter how realistic they are now. It just doesn’t cut the butter.


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16 Responses to “Postage.”

  1. leggypeggy Says:

    I paid $48 to snd a book to Barcelona. Argh! But the US does have what they call a book rate, which is ever so much cheaper.

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  2. Yvonne Says:

    I laughed out loud at Milo’s cadaver breath. I could imagine it exactly. Dogs …

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  3. Big M Says:

    Yes, Gerard, Australia Post has the highest paid postal CEO in the world, yet he wants to cut deliveries to three days a week, and charge nine dollars to pick up undelivered parcels from the local Post Office. I guess they will blame the unions and the poorest workers.

    Terriers seem to be the source of great frustration and joy. I slept for three hours this morning after a night shift, with one old dog snoring and farting under the bed, and the little pup on the bed, snuggled in like a baby.

    The transition from Ebook to proper flesh and blood book must be very rewarding, Gerald. Will email you an order!!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      There is now a $ 9.- charge for some kind of ‘special’ security for all items sent overseas. If you google Aus. Post there are lots of very cranky customers about.
      Fortunately the fart and foul- breath combo has so far not emerged from Milo.
      He seems to have reasonable intestinal habits in tact. He buries his food that is too fresh and waits for it to reach a certain bouquet before consuming. Of course, that then expresses itself in his breath on the car’s console, inches away from Helvi and I.
      Thanks so much for all your encouragement re the book and so much more.

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      • Big M Says:

        Getting a young puppy, Skye, has made Fergus chew on all of the various chew toys around the house, hence his dental hygiene has improved.

        What’s the easiest way to pay for a copy of your book, from your perspective?

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      • gerard oosterman Says:

        So, has the Big M family now got three dogs?

        The easiest way to pay for the book is by direct deposit to the nominated account or by cheque. (I would be so pleased.) I’ll post the book pronto to any address. It is $17.- for one or $30.- for two books. here again is my e-mail address.


      • Big M Says:

        No, Skye, the little girl who rekindled Milo’ s romantic tendencies is still our little pup.


  4. Julia Lund Says:

    I’ve never been skiing – I have enough trouble balancing when I walk …

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  5. GP Cox Says:

    It’s expensive everywhere. I tried to buy a blogger’s book from NZ – the price was reasonable, but the postage attached was more than the book!! I didn’t think it possible, so I tried another venue, but received the same answer.

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  6. shoreacres Says:

    Though not the most important, a contributing factor to my ceasing my trade in antique and vintage china was the increase in US shipping costs. Granted, weight was more of a factor with those items, but when shipping equals item cost, people don’t buy.

    We have occasional fun with artificial snow here in Houston. They bring in the big machines to create piles of the stuff, generally at grade schools, or for Christmas celebrations. There’s no skiing, but plenty of snowmen, forts, snowball fights, and so on. It’s great fun.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      How interesting and innovative a woman you are, Linda. Varnishing boats and trading in China. It makes me think of Leonard Cohen’s song of ‘ oranges all the way from China.


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