Vale Bob Ellis.

“Legendary Australian author, journalist and playwright Bob Ellis has died from liver cancer.

Ellis started work as a political writer outraged by the Vietnam War, and went on to write speeches for political figures including Kim Beazley, Bob Carr, Bob Brown and former South Australian premier Mike Rann.

He also worked as a satirist and reviewer at the ABC, and went on to pen stage plays and films.

A provocative figure and as unashamedly left-wing as they came, Ellis had a somewhat fall from grace in 1998, when his book Goodbye Jerusalem was pulped because he defamed the Abbotts and the Costellos.”

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Ellis High School Reference




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8 Responses to “Vale Bob Ellis.”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    I’m glad for the information. I’d seen him mentioned by a fellow I follow on Twitter (who lives in Sydney) but I hadn’t taken the time to look him up. Now, I have a better sense of the man.

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  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    He was a giant of a man, Linda. A great writer and an inspiration to all who fought for the ‘working man.’ He never diverted from his aim to make the world more just and fair. He was cantankerous, brave, foolish, a great wit and so much more. Almost nice.
    His funeral will be this Saturday.


  3. berlioz1935 Says:

    We met Bob Ellis at one of his book launches. He was very witty and entertaining. He hated the establishment. He was right to do so as the latest revelation of those tax dodgers proves. A was a great Australian and he will be greatly missed.

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  4. gerard oosterman Says:


  5. chris hunter Says:

    Gerard, no secret to you and Helvi my ‘affair’ with the Ellis (TT) blog. He was a gifted writer and from an early age his destiny was set, making home movies at a young age and progressing to edit the NSW Uni mag pretty much from his first day out of Lismore, where he grew up.

    He was fiercely loyal, to a fault I believe, and indeed I received a one week ban on Table Talk for thinking (out loud) slippery thoughts about Bill Shorten when Labor backed the Syrian bombing campaign and subsequently, with the Liberals, rushed through overkill anti terror laws, in my opinion throwing the baby out with the bathwater. When personal freedoms are legislated against it becomes almost impossible to retract from this position, and so the erosion of liberty continues.

    He will be sorely missed, his type of (official) larrikin resistance is melting into the landscape, and vanilla is now the only ‘flavour’ available, no more chocolate chip, no more rocky road, just vanilla wherever you look, a total journalistic whiteout, well almost, sad.

    Vale Bob Ellis.

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  6. gerard oosterman Says:

    Thank you, Chris, for reminding that you too were banned. I had forgotten. I thought it a funny thing when that happened even to the best of his supporters. I think Bob himself must have got a kick out of this.
    We will miss him.


    • chris hunter Says:

      I cannot imagine you were ever banned by Ellis, Gerard?

      Yes, I understand you were run out of town by the ‘dispossessed,’ whose serial hallmark was a lack of humour and a mob instinct.

      To me, you were the funny guy who fried fish in the toaster and flipped crepes on an upturned iron, apparently I was just a lunatic, hallucinating in my isolation, the thin of lip could never quite ‘get me’.

      I’m still moved to laughter when I think about our shared jokes.


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