The Australian Con of ‘Free range.’

The latest Government decision on ‘free range’  chickens allowing producers to brand eggs as ‘free range’ when the density is 10 000 chickens per hectare is still a cruel way to egg production.

In Europe the Union only allows the branding of eggs as ‘free range’ when the density of chickens per hectare of land is maximum of 2500 chickens, giving the chooks 4 sq. metres each, instead of in Australia just 1 sq. metre.

Some years ago I wrote about the plight of chickens. I thought of giving the article again.

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4 Responses to “The Australian Con of ‘Free range.’”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    I got educated on this particular issue about three years ago. The same scam was being perpetrated here. I can’t remember the density numbers, but the “free range” eggs I was buying had been granted that designation partly because the company that produced them left a door to their miserable hovel open: so they could go out “if they wanted to.”

    That was the end of grocery store eggs for me, even if they were labeled organic, free range, or laid by God himself. I get them from some wonderful farmers now, who have multiple breeds, and plenty of room. I looked to see if they had any photos of their chicks, and all I could find was this slide show, but it gives a sense of their operation.

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  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    We had our own chickens when we lived on the farm. We let them out roaming around the vegie garden, even had a pet Leghorn rooster. I laughed at, ‘or laid by God himself.’
    Aldi is still selling caged eggs in Australia. That seems so weird because in Europe they were first of the rank withdrawing all caged eggs.


  3. berlioz1935 Says:

    The crooks have won. Cheating has become the norm by law. “Free Range” meant, up to now, 1500 chicken per hectare. Even Aldi’s eggs came from 15, 000 chooks per hectare. When I lernt this I stopped buying them. Now we buy them from the green grocer and wait for the new classifications. They now have to tell on the carton how many chooks they have per hectare.

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  4. Big M Says:

    I had been foolishly buying free range for years, especially now that our post menopausal chooks just eat, drink and cackle away. This national standard is new in Australia with some states prviously dictating very low numbers per Ha, and others, 10000. It’s bloody ridiculous. The free range standard has gone backwards, I guess thanks to big $$


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