A hot day, but all is still fairly normal.

Milo contemplating biting a bit.

Milo contemplating biting a bit.

After emptying the contents of the shopping trolley into the boot I noticed the car’s outside temperature was 39C. We decided against walking Milo around. He was keen, but we were not. Instead took him with us in the car. We took his water dish and water bottle. Both are kept in his own little bag. We always tie him up in the shade with his water dish. Within minutes he gets surrounded by admirers who queue up to pet him.

Isle Nr 5 at Aldi in Bowral is the one that has the liquor license. That’s right, one can buy butter and Whisky all at the same counter, and at the same time, and from the same cash register and no questions asked. How we have progressed. I reckon, eventually all the registers will be so bold and allow the sale of alcohol. It just takes time. Easy does it, especially in Australia where you can sit in a train, have a nap and on awakening still see the same cows outside your window.

Since Milo’s limping with a possible tendon problem we have to lift him in the car. He now also doesn’t jump on his chair anymore. He is wise to his problem and knows his limits.  Soon after Milo’s trouble, I developed an excruciatingly painful back. We are now in a kind of symbiosis where before, one were the strong and large with the other being small and agile. I barely am capable of lifting Milo in the car. He is small but surprisingly heavy. I know how to lift him and even go through a preliminary exercise where I ,ever so gently tell him, ” wait a moment, just wait a moment”, before gently lifting him in the car’s back-seat. I bend my knees as advised by hospital’s doctor. He gave me very strong tablets and they do help but are addictive, so I only take them sparingly or not at all.  I don’t want to end up mugging old ladies while wearing a hoody, kicking them in the groin, and stealing their Panadol Forte.

Milo allows me to lift him in the car. He does look a bit embarrassed but what can you do? He refuses to let Helvi lift him and bites her instead. Not seriously, but he is letting her know he is not happy with her doing it. We find it hilarious. The reason is that Helvi is action woman. She grabs and just does it. A no nonsense woman. Milo always refuses to do anything he is asked. In fact, often does the opposite. That’s why he is so lovable. He doesn’t like being grabbed suddenly and from above,  probably thinks another dog is biting him.

I told Helvi to calmly approach Milo and stroke him a bit first, gently lift him whilst whispering soothing words in his small ears. “Get f*&cked,” she told both of us. I am rather chuffed Milo doesn’t bite me and prefers Helvi. And yet, it is Helvi who makes sure he gets everything he might possibly want and much  more. He gets his wants far in excess of his needs. No wonder the world is in disarray.

This post seems to lack cohesion. The binder of what makes things stick together has gone watery. It must be the heat. 41C now.

But apart from that the day is turning out ‘normal’.

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21 Responses to “A hot day, but all is still fairly normal.”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Your Helvi is a woman of subtlety, it seems! I hope you and Milo got the message? 41 degrees can also do what Helvi said. 🙂


  2. M-R Says:

    Only normal in Geraldic terms …

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  3. berlioz1935 Says:

    “No wonder the world is in disarray.”

    It only appears that way. If you are familiar with the “Chaos Theory” you will know, that even in chaos there are the recognisable pattern that repeat themselves.

    The day, ‘apart from everything’, appears normal because you recognise the pattern.


  4. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Typical JRT behavior. There is a new song on the radio “I Want It My Way”. Charlie arranges himself on our bed (I know, dogs should stay in their own beds) and when I want in, he give low grumpy growls. Me means nothing violent, just telling me to F- off.
    I’m sorry for both you and Milo for your discomfort. It is the payoff for having lived a good life I think.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Milo has taken to, whenever a whim takes him to rouse me out of a deep slumber, to whimper pityfully on my side of the bed. I get up and let him out. I know the rule. He bolts out, not a hint of tendon problems. and goes on possum watch. All that at 2am!

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  5. Intricate Knot Says:

    Milo sounds like my kind of pet: has his own mind and does his own thing, regardless of form. Good for him! Made me smile. Thanks, Gerard!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      When I lift him in the car, he lets me. When Helvi tries to do the same, he bites her, not seriously, but none the less he lets her know and wants me to do it. Then at night he rouses me from a deep sleep. I might end up a mess, all tense anticipating him waking me.

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  6. Big M Says:

    I’m unable to sleep, having just been woken by two West Highland Terriers who also like to bark at possums. Our old bloke, Fergus, also has sore knees, so doesn’t jump, or sprint. He has been teaching our newsih puppy, Skye, the finer points on possum protection, you know, what tone to bark, the right pitch, loudness etc.

    We survived the hottest day by hunkering down in one quadrant of the house, air con running, and frequent bowls of cold water for the dogs. Mrs M has various new cuttings and seedlings which required fairly frequent watering. I wonder what the early settlers would have done??

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      We survived the hottest day only to start heating again even since. This morning was 16c inside and outside 12C/ Right now 15C/
      Yet, yesterday we were in Goulburn where it was 28C.

      Milo knows not to bark on possum watch. His dream is more to do with killing them. He hopes to catch them in mid-flight jumping from one tree to the other. His knee is better but still doesn’t jump around much.

      Gave him my T-bone remnants from the Goulburn workers club. I told him sternly not to wake me up anymore at 2am (but 6am is alright!)

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  7. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    Normal… where’s that?


  8. Patti Kuche Says:

    Big hello to Helvi for me Gerard, she has great style!


  9. Andrew Says:

    Ah poor Milo. Lulu is the other way around. Let’s Shirley pick her up but is unpredictable with me. Bad backs are awful. They can linger for ages. Take Gerard. BTW do you really own a hoodie? I’m impressed.


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