I don’t like to find pig’s ears between my Fox-gloves.



The ears are on special at Aldi’s. Ten pig’s ears for just $15.- They are good for dog’s teeth. Dog’s teeth are the latest target by veterinary interests propping up a booming industry. A doggy smell is most likely caused by your dog’s state of teeth. Have our clinic checked them for you!

Last time we had our dog ‘Milo’ in a boarding hotel his teeth were found in need of de-scaling. That was the beginning of his ‘journey’ of self discovery. An X-ray revealed he needed a tooth pulled as well. Never mind the state of my teeth! Milo sits on the console between us when we are driving and his breath was staggeringly overpowering at times. Mind you, his dietary habits are hardly savoury. He seems to forever find long-lost bones (much prey-loved) he buried in the garden some months back.

After Milo’s teeth were all fixed and paid for, we were advised to give Milo chewy food. The pig’s ears are ideal for that, nurse added, while handing over a chagrined looking Milo. He was clearly miffed about his missing tooth. Anyway, I bought the ten pig ears at Aldi on ‘special’. They were packed in a large yellow bag with a self sealing opening after cutting the top of the bag open. Pig’s ears are large. They were processed to a dried crispy but chewy state and double smoked. Your dog will find them irresistible and it helps to keep their teeth in good order, was writ on the yellow bag. I told Milo the good news.

I could hardly wait to give Milo his first pig’s ear. He sniffed at it, but wasn’t too impressed. I urged him on, ‘go on, this is for you Milo,’ I said pleadingly. He grabbed it and went promptly to the front door. I knew what he was going to do. He took his revenge. He walked towards Helvi’s new crop of the most stunning looking Fox-gloves and started digging a hole with his front legs and stuck the ear in it. He then neatly covered it with the dirt that he had dug up by deftly using his nose like a spade. Now, one would have thought he  understood when I lifted the ear out of that hole, that he would have the manner to start chewing it.  No, he promptly buried it again.

I told Helvi about this latest. She did not even know I had bought a bag full of pig’s ears. Yuk, she said when I showed her an ear. I held one ear up against the reading light; look, I said you can see the veins and bundled groups of ear muscles. The ears are totally translucent, I enthused further. She said yuk again. How awful, she added, get them out of the house. Where are they? Oh no, not next to the cartons of chicken stock! Out of my cupboard. Pardon; my cupboard? I thought it was ours! What’s wrong with pig’s ears? Get them out! At times like that I dislike her intensely.

I decided not to give Milo his beloved chicken neck in order to get him hungry enough to tackle the pig ear and told Helvi of this dastardly plan, also adding ‘it is for the good of his teeth too.’   How can you be so cruel? Of course he doesn’t eat ears. How awful. You  really are a bastard. Poor Milo. Those ears cost me $ 1.50 EACH, I said.

I stood firm and denied Milo his chicken neck. In the afternoon I opened the yellow bag and took out a fresh double smoked ear. Yum I said, looking direct in his eyes. He knew what was coming. I dropped it in his bowl, again murmuring an irresistible ‘yum’. He grabbed it totally resolute, and marched towards the door. He went outside and again went straight for the Fox gloves. He knew he was winning. He was teaching me a lesson. In between the Foxgloves the ear went. This was the third time. I had lost.

I told Helvi.

Get those pig’s ears away from my Foxgloves. Yuk!


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21 Responses to “I don’t like to find pig’s ears between my Fox-gloves.”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    “Thank you, but I find them highly resistible” says Milo.

    I house sat for some friends once. They had a lovely little dog who found freeze dried lungs (yuk) irresistible. There’s no accounting for taste it seems.


  2. auntyuta Says:

    “An X-ray revealed he needed a tooth pulled as well. Never mind the state of my teeth!”
    That reminds me of the time when we never could afford a new car. We used to buy cars that were at least six years old. And after we had a six year old car for another six years or so, it usually needed a lot of repairs that did cost quite a bit. There always had to be money made available for car repairs. our dental needs etc. always took second place! 🙂

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      No wonder. Dental treatment can cost the same as a second hand car. Our casr have always been second hand. Never yet a new car. Our peugeot is a 2008 model, drives like a dream. My teeth are 1940 model but still able to chew but no pig’s ears.


  3. auntyuta Says:

    I think a single pig’s ear would have been sufficient for starters. Why do they have to sell them in bulk?
    You have a very smart dog. He probably found the best available spot for burying his treasure! 🙂
    I feel for Helvi. To find in the kitchen cupboard – without any kind of warning – ten of these ears, that had belonged to living creatures, must surely have been overwhelming!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      The problem with pig’s ears is that they look like ears. I mean a piece of steak looking like a calf would get the same reaction, or a chicken thigh with feathers still on them. Perhaps that is why some people are vegetarians.

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  4. Forestwoodfolkart Says:

    This is the first dog I know who has resusted a pig’s ear. My dog used to absolutely love them until she developed pancreatitis. Then the pigs ears along with bones are forbidden due to the high fat content. Perhaps Helvi and Milo would prefer the vegetarian option. Green/vege ears….

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  5. nonsmokingladybug Says:

    Too funny. Send them over here, our dogs love the pig ears. Sadly our Aldi doesn’t have them anymore. I got our dogs started on the green chewy bones (with the help of a little bit peanut butter at first) and now they love the. Try a chewy toy instead or a rawhide.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Milo has very low ‘boredom’ tolerance and any toy lasts just a few seconds. We throw him a tennis ball which he will chase just once or twice and then walks away looking for something a bit more animated, leaving it to us to retrieve the tennis ball. He loves chasing ducks, rabbit, even crows or magpies.

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      • nonsmokingladybug Says:

        I need to send you a “Kong”. It’s a little red rubber ball with an opening for a treat. The treat fits in there and is hard to get. The dog can smell it, wants it and has to work for it. It’s the hit with our puppy right now. Keeps her busy for hours.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Yes, we went to a large Pet shop and looked for something like that. He (Milo) once had a mouse that would run around the room sqeeking. It was fantastic and did not need any batteries. It must have had a lithium device. It would squeek, and make all sorts of turns and twists. When it hit an object it would roll-over and take off in a different direction. We found it on the street. Some baby must have chucked it out off the pram. we were so lucky and Milo was entertained for hours. It went on and on squeeking. It drove H mad. I suspect she finally chucked it out! I have been looking for something like that.


      • Rosie Says:

        I know you are probably aware that lithium batteries have killed small kids – would hate Milo to bust open a toy and consume the battery. How is his leg? And we need a new photo of him please. How they love chicken necks!


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        He now has a sqeeking rubber pig. It makes a sound when he bites it and it doesn’t involve any batteries. He loves it. Milo’s leg is better after we cut down his walks and also made them shorter. He still keeps burying the dried smoked pig’s ears. Perhaps he will tuck into them when they have rotted enough to his satisfaction. He has dreadful eating habits.


  6. greenwritingroom.com Says:

    Milo is enormously entertaining… at a distance!


  7. Curt Mekemson Says:

    So, maybe pig’s ears make good, natural fertilizer and Milo is doing his bit to make Helvi’s Foxglove grow. Or maybe the ears aren’t quite done yet and need to rot a while. (Imagine milo’s breath them.) On another note. We are big fans of foxglove. It is one of the few plants that the deer won’t eat. –Curt


  8. Intricate Knot Says:

    I couldn’t help but give a giggle while reading about your stubborn Milo. I’m afraid you’re quiet correct and Milo is winning this battle of wills. Maybe if you dip the pig’s ear in something chicken flavored?


  9. sedwith Says:

    I do believe we used pigs ear leaves as bush toilet paper for our longdrop – wondersoft! But maybe was something else…will investigate.


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