The ‘running of the fools’! Stressing.

Our home

Our home

It used to be a popular expression, ” you are stressing me out.” It was often used to escape scrutiny by those that are intent on seeking the truth from those who are a bit shifty in coping with the truth. The twisting and turning finally surrenders to that expression. It gives relief for the escape artists in truth.

With the issue about our Strata Title management now in full swing I decided last week-end to get to the bottom of this strange quarrel. I approached the slasher owner and his committee secretary cohort while they were busy slashing. ” Could you show me in these minutes where and how you decided to spent forty thousand dollars on re-painting”, I asked? I put the two pages of the last AGM in front of the slasher. It would be a futile and useless exercise. In the past it was almost impossible to get coherence from him. His usual way in giving an answer would be by starting to walk away. He would use it effectively and might well have been his modus operandi during his entre life. I decided to reverse by walking with him while waving the minutes in front of him. “Where is any painting mentioned, I asked again.”

He increased his walking speed. So did I. I have a feeling that playing cricket might well have been his favourite sport. He walks ramrod straight. The walk of an Army General or a sports master at a girl’s exclusive high school. Of course in cricket, walking in when you are out or walking out when you are in, seems to be the essence of a sport I never got a handle on. In any case, on the news channels cricket is a sport shown where people whack at balls and walk a lot while wearing white uniforms and sloppy caps.

He had no chance of getting rid of me. I noticed the secretary woman cohort stopped her electric slashing tool. With the noise gone it turned all to seeing how this strange walk would turn out. Of course, if the walk would have continued it might well have ended in crossing the road, passing shopping centres with  perhaps finally ending up on the six lane expressway towards our capital, Sydney.

He abruptly stopped; “Look Gerard, your minutes are not the real minutes, there are other ‘special’ minutes on the AGM.” “Oh, I see!”  “Have you got a copy of those special minutes of that meeting”? “No, that’s why they are ‘special,’ he answered.” He was by now very nervous and stopped walking. The cohort started revving up her Electric slasher.

I would be amazed if the Department of Fair Trading that oversees Strata Title regulations would be impressed by ‘special’ minutes.

We shall see. I will keep you all informed.

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18 Responses to “The ‘running of the fools’! Stressing.”

  1. M-R Says:

    He must know what he’s doing is criminal …


  2. john de groote Says:

    Tracy Grimshaw rang. She has a position for you!


  3. Dorothy brett Says:

    Good For you Gerard, but just don’t let it cause you stress LOL. They must obviously take you for an idiot Gerard, and you are far from being one.
    Poor simp,e minded excuses for neighbours/ home owners etc etc.
    Love the way in which your story is written by the way.


  4. Dorothy brett Says:

    Sounds exactly those two blokes who do impersonations of two politicians talking or sometimes one being interviewed by the other, Clarke and somebody I think.
    What a ridiculous situation and exactly what those two chaps sound like.


  5. elizabeth2560 Says:

    It sounds an unbelievable situation. I hope that you can get it sorted.


  6. Forestwoodfolkart Says:

    What a mongrel he must be to just walk away from someone asking a legitimate question.


  7. nonsmokingladybug Says:

    Good for you….”Go Gerard” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Andrew Says:

    Go for it Gerard. He’s on thin ice and he knows it. Don’t back down.


  9. bkpyett Says:

    So good to hear you confronting this imbecile. I do hope Fair Work will help you sort out the ‘secret’ from the normal minutes, and put them in their place.


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