Bali in Ubud.

Most people that visit Bali are young and seek adventure. Almost all stick to the coast, especially Kuta where Bali is all but gone. Endless strips of shops and bars where they all compete for the tourist dollar. The girls get the hair pleated and the boys a new tattoo. Beach surfing with motorized yet skies also feature and at night clubs do a roaring trade with ‘happy hours’ especially  finding favor with those that a good holiday  includes a solid hangover. Bali is also still finding favour for those seeking something different. For that one needs to go inland and face the mountains. Balinese don’t revere sea and look at the mountains and forests. They are a unigue and spiritual people. Last night we were taken inland and were treated to Balinese traditional dancing and an old 1920′ movie of Bali.  Much of their joyous way of live seems to be centered on their strong belief in reincarnation and our stay is really of permanent nature but in a different form. Well that remains to be seen, but it is nice to ponder about it. It seems a better and more positive belief than those that live in fear of hell and damnation or a heaven as a reward. I mean, what would you do there? Anyway, I think that Bali shows us things that are difficult to discover elsewhere. It is rather nice that all things have a spirit here. There are whole villages that do stone carvings or wood carvings. A village that makes funeral pyres. A funeral here is something to experience. One almost wishes for one good one only to return as a frog or turtle, a crane or pigeon. Sorry for the typos and lack of spaces or grammar. I would not like to be reincarnated as a tablet.


17 Responses to “Bali in Ubud.”

  1. Lonia Scholvinck Says:

    A tablet has no spirit.

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  2. David lister Says:

    Great To read of your experiences, have a great time. One day we will meet you in Ubud for a bintang or three…..

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  3. Master of Something Yet Says:

    I hate typing anything on the tablet and really hate writing blog posts in the WP app. That’s why I took the netbook to New York. And then I only wrote one post while we were there anyway. All good in theory.

    Doesn’t matter anyway. Your posts are still highly intelligible, intelligent and amusing. 🙂

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  4. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Always and forever a learning curve with new technology, Gerard. And with old technology… meaning something that has been around for more that six-months. I curse my laptop and its software at least twice a day. Ask Peggy. Speaking of Ubud, I am looking up from my writing chair at two paintings we bought there. I had two more but they went out the door with the Ex, which was fair. –Curt

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Hi Cur t, I knew you would have been toBali as well. It is harder to get original Balinese paintings. Many now portray surf and semi-Hawain stuff.
      I am getting better on the tablet since I discovered the button for spacing. Even so, sometimes and totally out of the blue, the whole page disappears, which forces me to practice Buddhist calm.

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  5. rod Says:

    I am useless at typing on a talet or phone, need rreal keys.
    Asd for heaven and what you do there, my spiritual advisor tells me I shall tune my harp,


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, tuning a harp seems nice but will that be enough? I think I would like to open a sate restaurant surrounded by a most with lots of lilies growing and goldfish swimming. (moat)


  6. sedwith Says:

    The reason my blog now consists of reposts and brief comments is using ‘smart phone’. The best thing about reincarnation is the reflective space between incarnations and the fact that time is meaningless. Sort of like your visit to Bali….great you’ve headed to the hills!


  7. bkpyett Says:

    The interweaving of the spiritual into Balinese life sounds healthy and worthwhile. Thanks for sharing these insights, Gerard.


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