The looming of Easter with foldable over toilet chair.

Picasso with Brigitte Bardot.

Picasso with Brigitte Bardot.

We were talking last night on how best to deal with next few days called Easter. People wish each other ‘happy Easter’, as if Easter has an inbuilt obligation for ‘happy’, that can only be fulfilled by wishing it to others. By and large I still enjoy my life. The stool culture report was glowing in its praise of my diligence and perseverance.All is well between navel and knee. Phew!  The engaging and thorough doctor now has more plans for my health, including Podiatrist and Imaging Xray departments. I think I have a caring and good doctor now but am somewhat anxious of his  zeal  that will see me going from appointment to appointment, each time confirming I am in good health. Whenever I mentioned a body part to the Doctor, he would get all excited, puckered up and frantically enter the item on computer. He would then swivel the screen towards me and share his delight in his prognosis of possible faulty ligaments, bones, muscles, tissues or other matters of  organs gone into old age or decay.

Just now we arrived back from Aldi which was packed with shoppers and Easter eggs. More and more Audi, Volvos and Mercedes’ are  now ever so coyly being parked with well coiffured blonde to the hair root ladies, gingerly checking the price of Spanish garlic or bottled preserved asparaguses.’  Yesterday I heard that the Government is trying its hardest to tone down the domination of the duopoly of the grocery market from Coles and Woolworth. A commentator on the ABC Drum said that Aldi is doing what the government lacked in creating;  giving more competition by limiting the giant hangar style size of the big ones pushing out the smaller groceries. Aldi is selling good products a lot cheaper.

An even more admirable and socially responsible marketing innovation is the Aldi’s consideration for the old. Have no fear for the over 65. Here is just a small overview I wrote down today of articles of health and benefits for the old and increasingly infirm;

1. Multiple use bed table that slides towards the well cushioned and upright elderly person keen on an early morning cupa tea and cracker.

2. Underarm crutches for those that are either infirm, a bit unsure of footing, or simply had an operation on either one or both legs.

3. Over the toilet foldable frame holding the infirm elevated and higher, therefore easier to get off the toilet after toiling is finished. It included a toilet seat as well.

4. Adjustable bath bench which slides towards the bather, again giving easy access to soap or cup-a with cheese cracker.

5. Modular bath step for easy access into bath or to step up to the foldable toilet seat.

6. A quad walking stick which has a 4 pronged ending giving some kind of reassuring balance when feeling giddy.

7. A robust looking man featured on the outside wrapping of nappies; called ‘ fit for real men!’

Last week they had a foldable wheelchair for $ 179.- They were all sold out!

We have so much to look forward to.

I am and have been miffed for some time that Aldi doesn’t sell condoms. Just because some of us are old doesn’t mean we have lost the art of wrapping it up.  What are we supposed to use; glad wrap- cling film or foil?

I don’t understand this because there are plenty of ‘feminine’ products for sale including a variety of intimate products.

Happy Easter.


28 Responses to “The looming of Easter with foldable over toilet chair.”

  1. Master of Something Yet Says:

    Aldi also have larger, easier-to-park-in parking spots. It didn’t occur to me before that it was a service to the elderly.
    I’m sure I saw condoms in our local Aldi. But then, I live in a rapidly expanding area of young families. Perhaps they want it to stop expanding.
    I am pleased your stool test was clear but I am concerned about your Dante’s Circle of Medical Appointments.


  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    I think the doctor is very good but is also coping with a somewhat sceptic patient. I am not keen on seeking problems on a voluntary basis and as a rule rarely ever see a doctor. However, I am dearly impressed and indebted by and to Helvi who does take good care of me, hence the stool test last week and other future medical investigations.


  3. Dorothy brett Says:

    Hi gerard , another classic, just love it. Dorothy

    Liked by 1 person

  4. rod Says:

    Your list of aids for the elderly and infirm makes me feel like walking out into the snow and not coming back.


  5. M-R Says:
    There you go ! – everything’s there … [grin]

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Silver in the Barn Says:

    “We have so much to look forward to.” Oh, Gerard, you never fail to make me laugh. Happy Easter!


  7. algernon1 Says:

    I wouldn’t have an easter egg in the bath Gerard it would melt and make the water brown. Happy Easter to you and Helvi


  8. bkpyett Says:

    Beautiful photo! I am impressed that Aldi are providing unusual extras for a supermarket. As you say, you have to be early to get the limited items, like wheel chairs. Love the way you incorporate these things into your posts. Have you written and asked Aldi to sell condoms? They could do a display with quite a variety, if they knew there was a need! 🙂


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, I am not sure the condom is much used nowadays. People are so busy with IPhones I think romance takes second place. Also IPhones are so multifunctional now I would not be surprsed many people have found sexual happiness on their Apps and Iphones.
      They can vibrate as a good and as passionately or even better than an experienced lover and alllows you to take a good nap afterwards without guilt.


  9. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    How lucky we are to have you to remind us of our shopping list for the infirm. I am checking items off as they come up. Hand rails around the house help too you forgot that one. I don’t need a stool I can still bend my knees, but I could use a few other things. Happy Easter to you both.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      A happy Easter to you both and Charley too. Keep Charley away from the Easter eggs. Milo, some years back, found the chocolate eggs we had hidden in the garden of our farm that the grandchildren had missed. There were all those silvery wrappings in between the bushes that gave the game away.


  10. Patti Kuche Says:

    I’m with Rod, walking out into the snow!


  11. auntyuta Says:

    You might perhaps like to look at this video, Gerard, how x number of kids (and their mothers!) go on a hunt to catch 500 Thousand Easter eggs! Somebody thought of this special treat for the kids in Sacramento, California, for the Guinness Book of Records!


  12. Big M Says:

    Gerard, Mrs M received the Aldi brochure, and was keen to make some purchases against our impending decrepitude. Imagine being able to sell so many aids cheaper than one can hire them from the hospital!

    I can empathise with your reluctance to get involved in too many medical investigations. My GP reckons the key to staying well as we age is to stay the hell away from the doctor!!

    Liked by 1 person

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