This fallacy of being ‘normal’.

Milo is 'normal'.

Milo is ‘normal’.

Here it is again. The co- pilot Andreas Lubitz  that now seems to have caused the Lufthansa tragedy was considered by many to be ‘normal’. He is described as being ‘a normal guy, a very friendly man. He was well liked, had a girl friend, was part of a group of friends, did jogging and was very friendly. There was nothing in his background that seemed to suggest he would ever do what he finally is alleged to have done; Murder 150 innocent people.

Perhaps we should be more weary when we hear people say that they think that there are ‘normal’ people. Yes, normal, but so was Churchill who gave a command during WW 1, sending thousands to their death on the coast of Turkey in the battle known as Gallipoli . We now have elevated this event to an almost unbelievable act of heroism. It was heroic but it was also  very foolish, well known to be doomed from the start.  It was a preventable tragedy.Gallipoli would fall to become the seventh bloodiest campaign of the war but at the time it had no peer in casualties. That was ‘normal’ too. Thousands of Australians will go to Turkey this Anzac day to commemorate that tragedy. They will stand there holding candles and remember ‘lest we forget’. Yet is was a foregone conclusion it would be a massacre on a terrible scale. Within a month of it Churchill was sacked from the war ministry.It is regarded as one of the biggest stains on the career of Churchill. Yet, the event is now elevated to a level that will surely excite Hollywood movie makers yet again.

And then there was Bush. Perfectly normal too. Thousands being send to death in the first war of Iraq all based on a known lie, there were no weapons of mass destruction. Bush knew that and so did our PM John Howard. Bush was ‘normal’. John Howard, sickeningly ‘normal’.

Look at how refugees are treated by our respectable government. Thousands of refugees locked up for years on end. This government has said ‘you will never end up living in Australia’. You can rot for ever, jump of roofs, go raving mad, but, no matter what you do, we will never allow you your human-ness or any dignity.

Yet, our government are peopled by very ‘normal’ people.

Perhaps even ‘normal’ people are very capable of doing abnormal abysmal deeds!

History seems to bear this out.


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23 Responses to “This fallacy of being ‘normal’.”

  1. auntyuta Says:

    Certain drugs or poisons can alter human and animal behaviour. Who is responsible for all the poisons and drugs we are bombarded with? Is it “normal” to stay normal in today’s world? How “normal” is it to torture people, deprive them of sleep and so on?
    To want to fight in wars. Is that “normal”. Are we more “peaceful” now than people have been in the past? Or can we say, nothing has changed? To go to war is maybe as natural for modern man as it has been for man all through the ages.
    So far we do not know yet the full story about this plane tragedy. We cannot say for sure yet whether this co-pilot was involved in a criminal act or not. Maybe he wanted to save the plane and for some reason was unable to do so. We do not know yet whether there were some underlying health problems that escaped detection by the airline authorities. Was he criminally minded? We have to wait and see what can be determined after more investigations.
    I agree with you, Gerard, that it “seems” that the co-pilot may have been the cause of the tragedy. Such a terrible loss of lives! Sure everyone would like to know how it happened.
    All air-lines for sure are going to work hard to learn from this tragedy and introduce changes in procedure to prevent future disasters like this one.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, we have to wait, but someone did put that plane on a downward trajectory. I was merely pointing out that so often people come out that everything was ‘normal’. Normality is not an exact proven science and even very normal people are capable at times of strange things.


  2. berlioz1935 Says:

    It was the second Iraq War you are talking about. The first was actually started by George Bush (father) to free Kuwait.

    The second Iraq War was started by George W Bush (the son) with the help of normal Blair and totally normal Howard.

    I don’t think Churchill was normal because he was an alcoholic.

    What Andreas Lubitz is supposed to have done is only assumed by the French prosecutor. I hope they find the other black box.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, you are right berlioz. I am getting my wars mixed up (apart from everything else) Even so, many are ‘normal’ and it is perhaps in everyone of us to have moments whereby things go badly awry.


  3. rod Says:

    I don’t know what normal is, but I am often struck by the fact that some people first bump off others before turning the gun on themselves. I prefer to think these people are not normal, but whatever tag is added doesn’t alter the facts.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Normal has a wide range often subject to culture and countries. Murder is not normal but in war a young soldier killing the enemy is regarded as very normal. Was it Albert Camus who wrote a book about someone having a moment of sun in his eyes and as a result did something horribly abnormal.? I quote from a review of The plague, “emphasizes the ideas that we ultimately have no control, and irrationality of life is inevitable.”


  4. Patti Kuche Says:

    What to say . . . . ?


  5. nonsmokingladybug Says:

    Sadly “normal” depends sometimes on who wins the war. The co-pilot had a mental health problem, was on altering prescription drugs and didn’t report his problem (source

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  6. auntyuta Says:

    This is some new shocking news:
    Dr Hans-Werner Teichmüller, the president of the Deutsche Fliegerarztverband, an association of German doctors who carry out examinations on pilots and flight crew, expressed shock at the co-pilot’s alleged actions.

    “It’s horrible, it’s becoming more and more incomprehensible,” Teichmüller told the Guardian. “It’s utterly irresponsible that he flew even though he had a certificate saying he was not ready to work, and was therefore unfit to fly. Everything he did was highly criminal.”


  7. Charlotte Hoather Says:

    I watched Fury the war film recently, this brought this home to me, men, predominantly, are asked to do awful things often against their natural normal instincts, a mix of fear, survival and obligation.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      True, I mean the wonderful music of Wagner was often avoided being played for the association with Nazi Germany. Yet wonderful opera and music and a great composer.
      It is more complicated than normal or not normal.

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  8. M-R Says:

    I ENTIRELY agree with you, Gerard ! – on all counts. When you look at those people who made their hideous and short-sighted decisions, they were all people who think they have the right to do this because they are ‘special’, maybe even ‘entitled’. And that is true of our ghastly mob of pollies today, don’t you think ?
    Of course, why this bloke did what he did to a ‘plane full of innocent people is unknown and likely to remain so forever. But he must certainly have had some kind of superiority complex – like all the others – to take such a decision.


  9. algernon1 Says:

    That the man had a mental illness well so what 1:5 will be affected from time to time. His mental illness should not define his ability to do his job including flying. That he had a sick note which he failed to give his employer which allegedly covered the day of the flight is a different story. His actions were criminal and he took around 150 innocent people with him. Dreadful.

    Churchill suffered the black dog and was bipolar I understand a warmonger. 30 years ago I went to Gallipoli in June I think. In April that year Anzac cove officially became Anzac Cove Then nobody went there except the odd tourist bus every 10 days or so. The local wonderful friendly people. The war sites however had a profound affect as did many other war sites in Europe. Nowadays due to a former conservative PM its become the ultimate must visit lets get pissed place and especially on Anzac Day.


  10. petspeopleandlife Says:

    There you have it and so well written. In my humble opinion, Bush caused the Middle East to disintegrate by invading Iraq. He knew damned well that there were no weapons of mass destruction. If he could not believe the experts and yet he proceeded to initiate a war, then he is even dumber than Obama.

    It is a tragedy that we can not get a President with one lick of common sense and honesty. They talk about transparency. That is such a crock of doo-doo.

    There is no way to end what is going on in the Middle East. The Iraq war, simply put, created a breeding ground for religious extremists. And now, almost all of the Middle East is in war or turmoil.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, I do fear the rumbling between Yemen and Saudi Arabia with Iran poised to get involved. Yet, you see their leaders on TV, all arguing their cause very eloquently and coherently and then there is bloodshed by the tens of thousands getting killed. Gaunt faces of children traumatised yet playing in the mud and pleas by Medecins sans frontierre to give.
      The world has always been mad.

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  11. bkpyett Says:

    Apparently Churchill was bipolar, and this young pilot had problems Don’t get me on the subject of WAR, I am a pacifist!

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  12. stuartbramhall Says:

    An article which appeared today in the German magazine, PI-News, reports that during a six-month break from his job with Germanwings, co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, the man now accused of hijacking and crashing the 320 Airbus into the French Alps, killing all 150 aboard, converted to Islam:

    That sure adds a new twist to the story.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      My goodness. Abbott will be taken advantage of that. I can see it all. More security, and ramping up fear even though flying is safer now that driving a car or getting attacked by a crocodile while sitting in your bath.


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