Muslims are terrorist…O Really!!! Müslümanlar Terörist Öyle Mi?

Food for thought.
Some of the numbers quoted are dubious to say the least, even so, the killings of innocent people are not only the domain of Muslims. Reading the ABC Drum today, one gets the impression from many of the racist intolerant responses that Islam is responsible for all our woes.

Remember that weird death cult when people were nailed to crosses? It started well over two thousand years ago and it does not seem to have abated since.


• Who started the 1st World War? Muslims?

• Birinci dünya savaşı’nı kim başlattı? Müslümanlar mı?

1. dunya savasi

• Who started the 2nd World War? Muslims?

• İkinci dünya savaşı’nı kim başlattı? Müslümanlar mı?
2. dunya savasi

•Who threw nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslims?

• Hiroşima ve Nagasaki’ye nükleer bombaları kim attı? Müslümanlar mı?

•Who kills approximately 20 million aborigins in Australia? Muslims?

• Avustralya’daki yaklaşık 20 milyon Aborjin’i kim öldürdü? Müslümanlar mı?

• Who kills more than 100 million red Indians in North America? Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? Muslims ?? 

• Kuzey ve Güney Amerika’da 150 milyon Kızılderili’yi kim öldürdü? Müslümanlar mı?

• Who took about 180 million Africans as slaves and kills 77% of them? Muslims?

•180 milyon Afrikalıyı köle yapıp, %77’sini öldüren kim? Müslümanlar mı?


• Who kills more than 5 million people in Vietnam ? Muslims?

• Vietnam’da 5 milyon kişiyi öldüren kim? Müslümanlar mı?

• Who kills more than…

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8 Responses to “Muslims are terrorist…O Really!!! Müslümanlar Terörist Öyle Mi?”

  1. la_lasciata Says:

    While to ‘like’ this is fairly strange, I can say that I like the sentiment behind it. The press are responsible for giving oxygen to the very small minority of radical troublemakers here in Sydney’s western suburbs, so that we have become, some of us, mindless about the entire following of this religion. Personally, I think one of the most important things to remember is that the term ‘muslim’ does not denote a race, but a religious group comprising people from many nations … Still, that doesn’t do anything to lessen the now-entrenched attitude of the ignorant …

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  2. gerard oosterman Says:

    A deranged mentally ill person is responsible for a dreadful nightmarish incident where three people are now dead including the gunman.

    I can’t imagine the terror the hostages have experienced.

    I can also not imagine the dreadful terror the boat people experienced first in their country of origin and now in detention camps.

    They have never been charged and have done no wrong. Yet, they and many children are kept in detention, held in limbo. Years on end.

    I see the people in churches, piously now chanting hymns and offering condolences to the two deceased and struggle with the contrasts. How do they keep this up?

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  3. Adrian Oosterman Says:

    Jesus Gerard I was really hoping you weren’t going there and was holding my breadth. Unfortunately you have done it.
    20 million aborigines ( please note the correct spelling ) ? There were never that amount of population in Australia !!
    There is time to speak and there is time to remain silent. For the time being it is better to say nothing at all and just pay homage to the victims.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      This is a re-blog brother Adrian. It allows a different perspective which I thought worthwhile. I pointed out the numbers being wrong.

      Does it matter if 50 000 were massacred instead of 10.000.000?

      I did pay homage to the victims but to stay silent against the racists comments coming from the media, especially The Daily Telegraph and many respondents on the ABC Drum would not be in my ‘mien’.

      Still, we were knife pullers, dagos, garlic smelling, coffee drinking reffos in the fifties with speaking in strange languages. Not much seems to have changed.

      Martin Bryant killed many in Tasmania and was deranged and mentally ill, yet not ever called a ( Christian) terrorist. It was a ‘crime’.


  4. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    Terrorists are any groups or individuals who kill civilians in a community (IRA, Red October, Boko Haram). They can came from any culture or religion, but as individuals they have decided their views justify killing. All communities are capable of breeding such dissidents, but most people in most communities and most religions would prefer to live in harmony with fellow humans.

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    • berlioz1935 Says:

      When I was very young, perhaps fifteen, I decided If one has to kill for one’s ideas, one is wrong!

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Some people seem to call acts of violence ‘terrorism’. In a way they are right. We are in terror of violence. The problem is that the term ‘terrorism’ seems to have been kidnapped by virtue of endless repetition, mainly by politicians, as being owned solely by the Islamic faith.

      Shout ‘Ali Baba,’ in the main street or buy ten kilos of Arabic coffee, and one could arouse suspicion.

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  5. gerard oosterman Says:

    The overriding factor that drove this case was the Arabic lettering on the shops window. The hostage holder himself was not seen in the Islamic community as having any credibility and was known as unstable and mentally ill. A lonely deranged man.

    By and large this was a case of an attention seeking delusional individual. The media, apart from the Murdoch rags, mainly avoided calling this an Islamic terrorist act and even the police avoided that term as well.

    Of course our PM Tony Abbott, with his popularity at an all time low, did exploit the situation by linking it to some form of ‘probable terrorism act’ with his usual blundering from bad to worse statements, trying to whip up xenophobia and a few more votes.

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