Brkon turned a new Feather/Leaf

etching by G O

etching by G O

Brkon’s Recovery from Vice with a Proposal for an opportunity in Bratislava during my teen-age years. As dug up from the bowels of the internet.

As most of you might still remember Brkon, I thought it might be time to let you know how I fared. Suffice to say that things are looking up! The plight of Bratislava’s male youth is a common story of many having survived years surrounded by so many mouth-wateringly beautiful Slovakian women. Many fall for their beauty and as the years go by love takes its toll and many are left to their deeply ingrained vices, end up wandering the streets, impoverished and looking unshaven. You might see them hanging around the Bratislavan market places, scrounging for alms with a nostalgic wish to return those earlier times steeped in love and seductions. They so desperately remain in search of ‘happy’, but as the years relentlessly marches they pay a heavy price. They are now the outcasts, the societal flotsam washed up like the so may sullied and used condoms along the banks of the Danube River, carelessly thrown overboard by the Rhine- Danube River crowds drunk with cruising for love. The lot for so many tortured tourist’s souls.

This is what happened to this Brkon. They say the first step to recovery is to admit one’s compulsive habits. If you still remember my adventures with the lovely Svetlana so many years ago including my first youthfully bursting experiences on the silken smooth valley of the svelte Lilianes, you might also recall how my dear old Nana had a nice little earner going with her sly-grog slivovitz operation inside the cow-shed. The combination of so much of my Nana’s duty-free slivovitz and so many warm thighs made me a debauched and lost soul sadly wandering the Danube’s river bank. In vain I searched for the anchor that would hold me steady. I knew there had to be something more to life than sex and booze. It does. Listen carefully.

Late one night, I was again listlessly wandering along the Danube River’s bank. The distant sparkling lights of Bratislava once again beckoning me. I knew that surrender to yet another night of loneliness and despair had become such hopeless course. It was an endless routine, falling again for a whore’s bloated blue veined listless limbs aided by Nana’s slivovitz. I had reached rock bottom.

I kicked a bottle shimmering in the light of the Danube’s ghoulish moon. I noticed something inside it. I pulled the cork off and shook the contents into my hand. It was indeed a message that for extra protection was wrapped inside a condom. The silver foil had “drsny jazdec kondom” printed on it. I knew enough English that it was a popular condom sometimes colloquially known as ‘rough riders’. The message had just two words, “breed Leghorns”. How odd. Little did I know it would set into action a most fortuitous chain of events that would lead me once again back on the virtuous path of wholesome decency and survival.

Keep eyes peeled.

15 Responses to “Brkon turned a new Feather/Leaf”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Oh, a cliff-hanger …


  2. Andrew Says:

    I am all agog!


  3. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    Uh? I only know the Danube from a canoe… this sounds a little different.


  4. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    We need to cling hard to those memories Gerard! Don’t let them get away.


  5. Curt Mekemson Says:

    “They are now the outcasts, the societal flotsam washed up like the so may sullied and used condoms along the banks of the Danube River,”
    Wow, Gerard, what a description. Like the rest of your readers I want to know more. –Curt


  6. Silver in the Barn Says:

    I await the next chapter! Will Milo feature?


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I am not sure. It depends on the words yet to be written. I seemed to have gone off at a tangent.


      • Silver in the Barn Says:

        Gerard, I feel a bit behind on things being brand new to your blog. Is there an ‘About’ page or a post that you would recommend that will “catch me up?” Bratislava, etc. has me a confused!


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Thank you for asking, but I don’t have an about page.

        Some 7/8 years ago I started writing and have written over 600 pieces since (and a book of memories, called Frank’s story) Some of those pieces under the synonym called ‘Brkon’, a fictional character.

        The remains of Brkon are buried deep inside the bowels of this blog. I think Brkon’s adventures were somewhat ad hoc. He was a confused individual and possibly still is.

        I started writing when I was asked to do some for our National Broadcaster, the ABC. back in 2008

        I am really Gerard Oosterman, born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands but have lived in Australia since 1956.

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  7. chris hunter Says:

    You are really “Gerald Oosterman”, born in Rotterdam?” I have little doubt that once upon a time a certain person was born there, called that name.

    Hey Brkon! Remember, we played together, near the dockyards, we were never really afraid of the Germans but we were respectful. Occasionally they would give us things, alms if you will, even tobacco, you remember me Brkon, you must remember me…?”


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