The G 20 and a nice Pasta.


It is getting all too much. Nerve wrecking terrorism fears, and Putin coming to Brisbane. What will the neighbours think? Who would have thought a Russian President would ever visit Brisbane? I just can’t imagine him sitting around with all those other world leaders trying to act as nonchalant as possible. Their eyes scanning around while sauntering through those doors of the big-top with its clowns of leaders and performing big bears. They always seem to look so very ‘above it.’

I would not be surprised if they never go to toilets or wear underpants. It somehow seems that all domesticity has been overcome by them. Their digestive system has been conquered with all those weighty world responsibilities. Have you ever watched those G20 leaders making decisions so fastidiously resolute and unquestioning? They shuffle papers while wearing headphones, translators versed in foreign languages murmuring into grotesque pink ears just sitting behind them. The enormity of it all. Of course they don’t suffer from intestinal rumblings or dietary upsets. They have overcome their humaneness. It is all a circus with clowns and jugglers, masters of voodoo economics. Shifters of profits and taxation avoiding shysters.


As one gets older, those events just seem to repeat themselves into nothingness. A circular event that repeats itself ever year, every decade. So much remains the same yet so much is different. A callousness of spirit and calcified souls have grounded themselves into a permanent headstone of disregards and victim searching. It is, as always, the Viet-Cong, the Hutus, the Arabs, the Nazis, the Japanese, the Nigerians, the Boat people, those Terrorists. The clock (as always) just ticks in seconds. We have developed precise needle point methods of extermination. Laser guided and drone enhanced. We kill in real time TV with a blast enlarged in black smoke heading towards us on our comfy cushion softened settee.

And yet, what would we live for if not the enjoyment of a Sunday cooked pasta? I will never get enough of life if the pasta keep-on-coming. We all know that the fresh made is the best. The noodles cooked al dente and the sauce as always to include the hot blue smoke deep fried mixture of the chopped up garlic, rosemary and anchovies. Forget G20. A lovely well cooked meal makes it all still worthwhile.

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25 Responses to “The G 20 and a nice Pasta.”

  1. Lottie Nevin Says:

    Since I am someone who lives for food, rather than eats to live, I will second this! Bueno appetito 😀


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Hello Lottie. How’s you paella cooking skill? Are you still in no meat mode?

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      • Lottie Nevin Says:

        I am indeed. 3 weeks ‘meat free’ – Farting like nobody’s business but happy to say that I’m in rude health. I’m pretty nifty with the old paella but having said that, I’m not overly fond of it. I’m more a potato girl than a rice girl so bubble and squeak is more my game 🙂


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        My goodness. Three weeks with farts as an extra bonus. What do the neighbours say? I bet Irish is over the moon. No I am not such a paella fan either.
        I wonder if the Scots are tucking into the haggis now that the No vote got in. ( and tossing cabers).


  2. roughseasinthemed Says:

    I tried making pasta once. I even repeated the mistake aka disaster to see if the first had been a one-off and my normal culinary expertise might resurface. No more fresh pasta attempts for me. Especially as we have found a good dried one.

    The problem with ageing is that one loses an interest in all self-serving politicians and leaders. The only ones who benefit from their inaction and their unsuccessful decisions and policies are them.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      You tried making fresh pasta once? I have never made it, always buy a ready made packet. I cook it and put the ingredients on top. That’s ‘freshly’ made for me. If any left over I put it in an oven dish, fill it with milk and a couple of beaten eggs and top it with cheese. Oven bake it for half and hour and pasta I mean basta.

      Yes, I too should give politics a miss. That’s always my intention at night, but… in the morning I am full of resolve to make a change and after a coffee or two am ready for battle full of fight. Can you believe that our male PM is minister for ‘women’? There are more women in the Government of Afghanistan.


      • roughseasinthemed Says:

        No I tried making it twice 😀 second time inspired by beautiful photos from an Aus friend in Blue Mountains (Leura). Hers looked gorgeous. I think mine looked so awful I put a photo on my blog – years ago.

        Back in my UK health service days, there was a drive to give women greater prominence, boards equally made of men and women, or rather at least half to be women. There was an Opportunity 2000 initiative to ‘do more’ for women. What did organisation do? Appoint a man. Nothing new under the sun. (I complained and got the job 🙂 )


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        I can’t wait for a woman to be appointed as minister for men. Have you still got this shot of your home made pasta?


  3. M-R Says:



  4. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Well written as always gerard. Your metaphors tickle my funny bone!
    We can do without all the troublemakers, but pasta? No way.

    Perhaps we have a smidgeon of a chance at a woman president here in future. Couldn’t be any worse than the men have done of late.


  5. Andrew Says:

    Pasta makes me think of Benny Hill. He said D’you want it pasteurized, coz pasteurized is best. She said Ernie I’ll be happy if it comes up to my chest.


  6. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    Pasta and a great soprano, perfect antidote, though the (soprano) swoops of yesteryear sound strange to the modern ear.


  7. stuartbramhall Says:

    Hopefully the Aussies will host a suitably sized protest to welcome the G20.


  8. petspeopleandlife Says:

    The politicians should all eat pasta. Maybe they’d all get fatter from all the starch and maybe then they’d all “let their hair down.”

    Is that for real that the b—— Putin is coming to Australia for the summit. I suppose he thinks he’ll be getting some sympathy. I surely hope not.

    Nice post that gave me some laughs as I read the comments.


  9. gerard oosterman Says:

    Well, Putin is tootn for a rootn coming to sunny Brisbane. The meat pies are on high alert. They are all the same. Putin bare topped, Abbott bare bottomed. All looks like chicken drumsticks to me. I’ve had enough of politicians porn.


  10. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Ah, ultimately, they all have the same problems we do, Gerard. That pained look you see on their faces is that they just farted and are pretending they didn’t. I’ll bet lots of them have a dog to go home to and are ever so glad to see a wagging tail. 🙂 –Curt


  11. chris hunter Says:

    If I ever pitch a tent near Bowral and smell that pasta, and start sleepwalking towards it… I promise to wear my pyjamas…

    Great work Gerard, love the humour, and yes, lucky Helvi to have such a fine chef in house.


  12. gerard oosterman Says:

    You would be very welcome Chris, and the pasta el dente with just a bit of chili.


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