A twenty minute of fame;”a beheading video” .

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Don’t get me wrong, I would not welcome a beheading nor a shark attack or a Thai hoe attack. But the beat up about the first has now reached apocalyptical proportions. Helicopters flying over-head. Serious looking police in riot gear being interviewed , a neighbour vouching she knew the people next door being immigrants. One wonders how secret all this was when the media was all dossed out with all the right gear and journalists focussing on doors being smashed down. People with pixelated faces herded up. Hapless victims being seen on the suburban grass verge, looking as if they had been woken up from a nightmare. We now cower under our doonas.

How surprising is it that with a 14% youth unemployment we get some foolish enough to answer the call to fight for a cause, (any cause really) and fooled into believing that joining a fight against the ‘evil West’ is somehow a better option that languishing in one of our deadly suburbs? Many are totally disillusioned with their present situation, a life devoid of a welcoming, all embracing, closely knitted environment that al least would give them the opportunity and dignity to work and earn a living. Alas, we now have a form of freedom and capitalism that makes its obscene profits from employing economic scientists/gurus feverishly working on how to employ the minimum number of people.

All those arrested yesterday were Australian born citizens. Yet, the medium, including Government representatives, were howling about ‘those Afghans, the Middle Eastern swarthy looking, hinting at ‘refugees and Islamic riff raff. Ramping up the ‘marketing’ of phantom fears. Yes, their parents or their grandparents might originate from middle east, so what? Most of us have a link to some other place. The only true Australians are the indigenous and they too can vouch for a somewhat ‘disillusioned’ acceptance by us, the true invading Euro terrorists. We still have not passed that bit in our constitution accepting them as ‘the first Australians’. How can we hope to impress our young when the in(un)justice of so much prevails still in our own domain and society?

It seems to be so attractive for our political leaders to exploit easy targets, whip up fears and get the so important votes.

We cower under our doonas. I cower out of fear of Abbott and his cohorts.

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13 Responses to “A twenty minute of fame;”a beheading video” .”

  1. Jim Crowe Says:

    You cower under your doona out of fear of abott? I dont believe you.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I really meant we have more to fear from Abbott leading us into more violence, ramping up unnecessary fear. I mean how many have been killed by terrorists in Australia compared with, oh, lets say, domestic murders or by playing football?

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  2. auntyuta Says:

    I agree with you, Gerard. We have everything to fear all these changes in our society.


  3. Curt Mekemson Says:

    And now, most of those arrested have been turned loose.


  4. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    There’s a good poster at the above site. It starts with the words: “Your car is German.” It ends with the words: “Your numbers are Arabic. Your letters are Latin. And you complain that your neighbour is an immigrant? Pull yourself together.”

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  5. gerard oosterman Says:

    Hilary. Post of the year.

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  6. stuartbramhall Says:

    Abbott seems to think if he terrifies Australians enough they’ll give him another term.

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, we are having a tulip festival here in Bowral. The street is lined with people, bombers flying overhead leaving ominous white trails. A nervous tension grips the grandmothers pushing prams, and Jack Russell are whimpering. Yellow tulips are being inspected for hidden explosives. Someone coughs and people turn around.
      It will never be the same again.

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  7. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Love the poster that Hilary put in her comment. Interesting post here, Gerard. So true.


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