A faltering Step.


As I took the empty cup back from the bedroom, I, for no good reason and totally unintentional, faltered and like sometimes seen during a weird religious procession, feebly took a step backwards. This step was not intentional or religiously motivated. I never felt that a belief in the Here-After would necessitate taking a step backwards. I meant to keep going forwards towards the kitchen-sink in a normal straight line. I wanted to rinse our first ‘coffee of the day’ cups, resolute in making the second one.I have done so for many years. There was nothing in this mornings procedures to indicate there was going to be a lapse in that.

Am I now on the cusp of an era whereby I will, and with increasing frequency, falter? Up till now I prided myself that no one would get up for me in the bus or train. I still jauntily would hop on and hang from a strap, pretending to have an IPhone, scrolling through important data.

My wife spoiled this illusion, of still being youthful, by pointing out that many elderly were also hanging from straps and in any case, the young now don’t get up anymore. That the world of consideration and respect on public transport has disappeared together with knitting, friendly conversations and reading newspapers. Stress is now the main catalyst in the lives of many, especially the young and the previous effervescent. It shows in the faces, all so puckered and tensely concentrated. There now exist a kind of restless concentration on public transport. I don’t really understand this as yet, but am getting close. I’ll let you know.

Ever since large families have disappeared, the young are now hooked on getting ‘likes’ and ‘face-book’ alerts on their 5G IPhone. They connect on dating sites and even have sex on line through vibrating messages on their Apple inside their pockets. No time for getting up on public transport. It would show up and be embarrassing.

I decide to keep a watch on future falter or other signs of decrepitude of which, so far I have not been bothered too much. Sure, my recall of names and facts are somewhat slower but I still remember my first books (Eric The Norseman) and loving dates, alas without vibrating IPhones in my pocket.
There is still so much to experience.

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13 Responses to “A faltering Step.”

  1. M-R Says:

    I’ve done this. It has something to do with losing concentration absolutely, Gerard – even of one’s own progress between one point and another. I think we have to take care not to let our minds wander TOO loosely, if you get my drift … 🙂


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes M-R. I am sure you are on something there. Our minds wonder and the the body might then take a step backwards.
      H reckons I ahve always faltered and lack resolute planning in a forward motion. I am not so relentless in forward and actually like to ponder and reflect, even taking steps back.
      If you see someone walking backwards in the park, give him symphathy and undetrstanding. he or she is merely reflecting.,


      • M-R Says:

        Or else someone has mistakenly given him a tranquilliser meant for his cat – that’s a common symptom in cats, when the go backwards after being tranquillised for a flight !!!

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  2. berlioz1935 Says:

    Don’t falter mate. I know the time left is getting shorter but as you said, “There is still so much (more) to experience.”

    I noticed there has been a shadow come over your writing lately.

    Don’t give up yet. If you want a seat on public transport move to Melbourne. They are a much friendlier lot down there.

    Those new electronic devises are attention killers. They are not looking around any more. That goes so far, that they are putting their own lives at risk.

    A step backwards at the right time could even be a good idea. (It is recommended to our government) Towards the end of our lives we stumble more, lose balance and are surprised we find ourselves in a room without remembering how we got there. It is all part of a life that wasn’t meant to be that long when we were born.

    And when you go to the doctor to find out what is ailing you he will say, “Nothing wrong with you. You are old, that is all.”

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    • gerard oosterman Says:

      Yes, you are right, the shadow is around and about but I will endeavour to lighten up. I have a strong physical constitutional background gene and most of us seem to go on regardless of circumstances.
      This shadow is an Oosterman curse but for my cheerful and positive partner I would be dark as an underground Woollies car park and sunk in gloom 24/7.
      To cheer me up I bought 4 meat pies yesterday from Woollies on special for $5.- I had one just now with tom sauce. It was horrible. H said;” why do you always fall for rubbish food”? What’s wrong with you? (she added)

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      • berlioz1935 Says:

        You should have driven to Robertson for a good pie. I think they are $4.50 each.


      • gerard oosterman Says:

        Yes Peter, it takes a wise man to know those things. I see too much in the pictures that surround rubbish food. I fall down each time. You know those crunchy photos of lovely brown and golden pies. The reality is a pale floury pasty limp lump of ghastly tasting food that seems to keep clinging to the upper inside of the mouth, (just above the tongue).
        Robertson pies are famous and each time we pass, there are many bikes outside. I think Hell’s angels must stock up on pies there as well. Next time I will try one there and make friends with a bikie.

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  3. Lottie Nevin Says:

    Oh Gerard! You do make me laugh. I now have visions of strangers on buses hanging on to, not bars or straps but erections caused by iphones – the world is turning in to a mad, mad place. You talk about a step backwards, well, the amount of people I have almost killed/run-over as they step forwards on to a zebra crossing whilst immersed in their mobile phones, truly is not funny. They don’t think to stop, look right then left etc because they are not concentrating – I have to slam on my brakes, the smell of burning rubber is horrible – fortunately for them i’m not texting or calling someone whilst driving, nor a vibrating iphone tucked inside my knickers……


  4. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    You have reminded me of a song I only have on a mixed tape my daughter gave me years ago… I went to listen to it again. I will try and put it in here, it’s rather good (though I prefer it without the visual)

    Rufus Wainwright, My phone’s in vibrate for you


  5. Charlotte Hoather Says:

    Internet yoga 🙂 it might cheer you up even if you can’t stand on one leg, check out yoga with Adrianne, I got my Nana doing it.


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