Can’t decide who to hate more – ISIS or ISRAEL? Use this handy guide:

For those that are confused onto who to sheet home responsibility for all the world’s mayhem and murder, here is a handy guide.

Pride's Purge


Trying to decide whether to support ISRAEL, HAMAS, the US or ISIS? Check out our handy guide!

Having trouble deciding whether you hate ISIS or ISRAEL more?

Don’t worry – help is at hand.

You’re not alone in thinking that the responsibilities of choosing to support one side over the other can be overwhelming at times, but there are a variety of ways to learn about the process of choosing which one of the two brutal massacres of civilians you ignore – and which you are publicly appalled and shocked by.

If you are leaning toward hating either ISIS or ISRAEL more but can’t decide if it’s the right move to make now, then you may want to consult some professionals before you decide to support one or the other.

That’s why before you make such an important move as declaring your support of one side or the other on social media – it’s…

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9 Responses to “Can’t decide who to hate more – ISIS or ISRAEL? Use this handy guide:”

  1. elizabeth2560 Says:

    Excellent guide!


  2. M-R Says:

    Does no-one allow for the fact that it is Israel that has obeyed every ceasefire at the outset ?
    I do admit that the steps Israel takes are frequently appalling; but I cannot accept that it’s all one-sided.


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      That might be so but the blockade imposed on Gaza, including the access to sea by merchant vessels is seen by many as unsustainable and inhumane. Also water and electricity are controlled by Israel.

      “Concerning the restrictions on goods reaching Gaza via the land crossings the Palmer report stated that they were the main reason for an unsustainable and unacceptable humanitarian situation in Gaza.[24][25][26] However a Fact-Finding Mission for the UN Human Rights Council chaired by a former judge of the International Criminal Court concluded that the blockade constituted collective punishment of the population of Gaza and was therefore unlawful.[27] UN envoy Desmond Tutu, United Nations Human Rights Council head Navi Pillay, the International Committee of the Red Cross and some experts on international law[28] consider the blockade illegal.[29][30][31][32][33] Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson in August 2014 at the height of the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict called for a UN mandated lifting of the blockade.[34


      • M-R Says:

        To quote you, that might be so. What I know for a certain fact is that were the blockade to be lifted, it would not end. There will always be something causing whatever is the equivalent of mortar-fire out of Gaza.


  3. Andrew Says:

    It may be satire but it seems to work quite well.

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  4. Un Fortunato Says:

    Some “baddies” are more bad than others.


    • berlioz1935 Says:

      This was my response on the Pride’s Purge page:

      ISIS is an organisation that is not elected by anyone. They have no backing of any law. They say they are acting for their God. They are making it up. Their behaviour can be said to be criminal and they should be subject to the laws of the countries where they commit their crimes.
      Israel is an internationally recognised state which has obligation to the international community. They could be renounced as a rogue nation and their actions become criminal by international law.


  5. gerard oosterman Says:

    Oddly enough, aren’t the people that the west is backing against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime the same as those Isis now doing all the atrocities in Iraq?


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