The ‘morality’ of Australia under our Prime Minister!

Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott says asylum seeker mothers attempting self-harm won’t influence Government’s border protection policy

Updated 11 minutes ago

Tony Abbott
Photo: Tony Abbott says Australians would not want him to “capitulate to moral blackmail”. (AAP: James Elsby. File photo.)
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Map: Australia

The Prime Minister says the Government will not be held “over a moral barrel” amid reports asylum seekers in detention are attempting suicide to ensure their children are settled in Australia.

Fairfax is reporting that a dozen mothers on Christmas Island have attempted to kill themselves so their children have a better chance of being accepted by immigration officials.

It comes as 153 Sri Lankan asylum seekers are held at sea while the High Court considers whether to hear a case on the legality of the Government’s actions.

Tony Abbott told Channel 9 that he would not comment on the specifics of the case but said the asylum seekers we safe.

When asked about the reports of mothers self-harm…

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12 Responses to “The ‘morality’ of Australia under our Prime Minister!”

  1. berlioz1935 Says:

    What Australia did was piracy and they holding people prisoners. The High Court of Australia should tell the government to bring those people to Australia for processing and release them into the community.

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  2. Andrew Says:

    He just keeps on digging, doesn’t he. The ultimate ‘man with no conscience’.

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  3. Patti Kuche Says:

    He’ll talk the talk for as long as necessary i.e. getting the votes in, then retire to become a humanitarian older statesman in the Malcom Fraser way of things. Politicians, the price we pay for their damaged childhoods!

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  4. gerard oosterman Says:

    Yes, an ex- Jesuit student and the consequences being played out. He left a pregnant girlfriend and walked out of his wedding. Still, in hindsight a blessing for the girl.

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  5. elizabeth2560 Says:

    Australia is being dragged back to the dark ages.

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  6. Hung One On Says:

    Abbott is truly an awful man

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  7. algernon1 Says:

    Abbott is unfit to be PM of this country. Happy to endorse piracy, in the pursuit of “protecting our borders”. Abetz managed to say in the senate that there were some minor incidences of self harm. What on earth is a minor incidence of self harm. There are some serious mental health issues here that need addressing. Treat them like humans.


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