Words of sugar and spice.



“Don’t forget your appointment with the optician tomorrow Gerard.” “No, I won’t, how’s the coffee, did you sleep well?” “Yes, very good, only went once.” “How about you?” “Oh, I went at least three times, might as well put a mattress permanently in the toilet.” “Feel free! Did you brush your teeth last night or did you have a slice of smoked salmon again afterwards?” “Funny question, Helvi, but yes, I brushed my teeth and yes, I did have a slice of salmon.” I thought so, I could hear the fridge and smell your salmon.” You have strange dietary habits and even stranger methods of hygiene .” “When did you shower last?”

“Jesus Helvi, I made your coffee!” “Can we get a bit friendlier!” G.”Here, hear the latest on the news.” “A sixty seven year old woman on a pension verbally attacked the prime minister on the radio yesterday.” “She also told him she worked at a sex phone service to make ends meet.” Can you believe it?” H.”Trust you to come up with that kind of news.” G. ” Well, why not”? “Lots of lonely men want a bit more than just a coffee.” H. Well, go and give her a call, ha,ha,ha. G. ” Very funny , would you like a second coffee?” H. Ok, but stay away from the phone, ha,ha,ha.” G.” Its been a long time H and things don’t wane just because one get old.” H. “Go and make the coffee and don’t go on about waning. The smoked salmon is hardly an enticement for any nonsense or an aphrodisiac.” “How did the PM react? G. “He winked in a luring fashion.”

H. “Jeez, has he gone nuts?” G. “Oh, the whole media is in an absolute frenzy. I would not be surprised if the PM doesn’t use the sex phone.” “I reckon he’s been pull’n the pudd’n a bit lately, he looked so sweaty and pale last night.” H. “You seem to be a bit excited about all this as well. Go and get me the promised coffee.” G.” Give us cuddle first.” H.”Get fucked and brush your teeth.” G.”Now, you are friendly again, love you.” H. Me too.

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13 Responses to “Words of sugar and spice.”

  1. M-R Says:

    How does she feel about these domestic relevations ?


  2. Big M Says:

    Gez, what a prodigious output, words, but, probaby nocturnal urine, plus post ablution salmon!!

    As for Phoney, he knows how to get a girl on side.

    Thanks for the laugh.


  3. gerard oosterman Says:

    Let’s hope the clown will be gone soon. Hope all is well with the family.


  4. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Laughed… now get back to your salmon and brush your teeth, Gerard. –Curt


  5. petspeopleandlife Says:

    This post is hilarious. I laughed till I was holding my sides. Great bantering back and forth. Each of you have a wonderful sense of humor. It is a must for keeping a marriage intact.


  6. gerard oosterman Says:

    Glad you laughed. There can’t ever be enough of it. Enjoy the week-end.


  7. Red Hen Says:

    Oh, I love this! Found this blog from M-R’s recommendation. Following!


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