Australian Liberals; A Broad Church?

NSW….43 premiers
QLD….38 premiers
SA…..45 premiers
TAS….45 premiers
VIC….36 premiers
WA…..29 premiers

236 premiers.
Not one female Liberal premier… ever…
Clearly a boys club denying females the same status.

etching 'couple'

etching ‘couple’



5 Responses to “Australian Liberals; A Broad Church?”

  1. gerard oosterman Says:

    From the ABC The Drum;

    17 Apr 2014 4:56:30pm

    When Abbott says a “broad church” he probably means the opposite. Not a church for broads, but a church for blokes. So, a “blokes’ church”. A bit like his own Catholic church.”


  2. paul walter Says:

    What self respecting woman would be a politician?


  3. gerard oosterman Says:

    That’s what I was mulling over as well. Not only self respecting woman but what caring woman would be a politician but above all a Liberal politician?


  4. petspeopleandlife Says:

    Well that’s the way the world rocks or rotates now. Women would like to have a say in what matters or maybe not. I for one, would not like to be in a spot where there is a constant tirade about what the people view as all of one’s short comings. Being an honest politician is not easy and besides one needs to be good at serving the people. 🙂


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      I think an embargo on male politicians might give women a better chance. Perhaps just for three or 4 years.
      Australian States have had over two hundred Premiers with a few being females coming from the Labor party. However never a female Premier from the Liberals. (Republicans in the US)


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