Romantic notions in vain.

Gustav Aschenbach

Gustav Aschenbach

I have been fortunate that a Jack Russell attracts the attention more than I. It leaves me free to enjoy in observing the people squatting down while patting Milo. I would be lying in denying that at times I also get drawn into looking at attractive ladies. The drawing down includes, especially in summer, a peek inside their blouse. What sort of etiquette would be expected to be observed? What can I do? Should I glance at the passing traffic or upwards towards the sun, start reading a good book? No, I feign compassion towards Milo as well and partake in making comments about his age and other general chit chat.

In fact, last week I lamented again to a nice lady that a dog gets patted so much…and left the obvious answer ..why not the owner?; to be contemplated by the patter. She just gave me a lovely smile and I knew she took the hint. She understood, which was nice. It doesn’t take a lot to get a friendly exchange. Thank you Milo, you make an old man happy.

I have always thought ‘happiness’ was over-rated. Mainly by the west and especially by the US. Many make millions by writing books about how to attain ‘happiness’. Advertisers really know and understand the dichotomy of the aim for happiness and the reality of life’s struggles and pain. They cleverly exploit this endless and utterly futile aim by linking happiness with a product. We queue up to buy the product because we seek ‘happy’.

I do like tranquillity and I suppose it is really a balance between both happiness and sadness. They are like the ocean’s waves. They come and go. It is like breathing and the reason for our existence.

Would endless ‘happy’ not be very boring? I like experiencing and growing towards finding some truth or reason why we live. That includes a lot of joy including laughter and a lot of pain or sadness which includes tears.

In my new resolution to seek more tranquillity and joy than pain (and save money) I decided to cancel my teeth implants. It wasn’t that difficult. Those graphic photos of jaws being drilled into with screws inserted in the holes was all the incentive needed to cancel the appointment. The secretary was somewhat miffed. It was still over a week for the appointment and I fibbed in telling her I was going overseas. I always had trouble cancelling promises. It must date to childhood. I so much wanted to please my parents, especially my mother. Kids are different now. They say ‘get fucked’ easily to their peers, including even their parents.

My vanity in providing a better smile to the public bending to pat Milo is now taking a step back, I know. But in my seventies, and considering the missing two teeth are downstairs in my lower jaw and generally not visible when smiling with lips closed, I am willing to forego the perceived uptick in my visual public persona.

I so remember Gustav Aschenbach ( Gustav Mahler) in Thomas Mann’s filmed version of ‘Death in Venice’ dyeing his hair black in his pityfull attempt to still be found attractive to the young Polish boy Tadzio. That scene on the beach with the dying Aschenbach, sunk in his deckchair, while Tadzio, wading in the water with his hand raised, as if to say goodbye. Unforgettable scene. His blackened hair finally did not help or save him.

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14 Responses to “Romantic notions in vain.”

  1. Hung One On Says:

    The pancakes still look really good Gerard


  2. Adrian Oosterman Says:

    Don’t be a wooz, get your teeth fixed and you may get some pats.


  3. Big M Says:

    Who wouldn’t want a sneak peek down a pretty girls blouse!


  4. auntyuta Says:

    Missing two teeth downstairs in your lower jaw? Gee, you are so lucky it’s ‘only’ two teeth!
    Your choice of music is excellent again, speaking of tranquillity –
    Life is beautiful with music like this. 🙂


  5. Andrew Says:

    Death in Venice was my introduction to Mahler and magnificent it was too. I had read the book as part of my uni studies and so we went to see the film. DB was splendid as v. Aschenbach. NOw come on Gerard, don’t be a wimp. I had implants done about 6 years ago. An absolute doddle (ish). Cost a fortune but better than seeing the gums shrink and collapse. Take Milo along for company. Is his Bach worse than his Beeth-oven?


    • gerard oosterman Says:

      His Bach is better than his Beet-oven. Very witty! No, getting a quote for dentures now. The photos of all those ‘posts and screws’ together with ‘seeding’ bone to the jaw from other parts of my body and waiting for it to grow around the implants was too far out.
      I know I was getting quotes a third from Kathmandu but even so…Just imagine with my new implants but the bus gets hit by a landslide from the Himalayas.!


  6. Curt Mekemson Says:

    Can only think it’s important to take your pleasures where you find them. Life’s short, as they say. My experience in life has been the greatest pleasures are either free or very inexpensive. That includes a pleasant walk and a pretty woman. 🙂 –Curt


  7. kaytisweetlandrasmussen83 Says:

    Another great port Gerard. Yes, JRTs do attract attention. Dr. Advice learned that during a visit from our granddog Buddy. It probably cinched his desire to see what one of his own could do in attracting attention. Charlie doesn’t disappoint. Get your teeth fixed. It only hurts for a little while.


  8. hilarycustancegreen Says:

    Lovely post, and Mahler (I’m an addict) as well.


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